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SmartBear Software -tuoteperhe

SmartBear Software (formerly AutomatedQA) develop award–winning tools for automated software testing, profiling, development and code review. SmartBear Software's tools are used by more than 100,000 developers world-wide to produce a wide range of software applications.
ALMComplete boxshot.

ALMComplete gives organisations everything they need to manage all components of the software development lifecycle, including managing customer requirements, project deliverables, test cases, defects, and support tickets. Coupled with collaborative features like document sharing, team calendars, interactive dashboards, knowledge bases, and threaded discussions, your teams will deliver solutions quickly and with higher quality.

With ALMComplete, you can start with a requirement and create more discrete tasks that are easier to estimate. You can also learn from prior releases by comparing your estimates to actual, allowing you to buffer your estimates for better accuracy.

AQtime boxshot.AQtime Pro is an award-winning performance profiling and memory and resource debugging toolset for 32 and 64-bit Windows, .NET and Java applications as well as VBScript and JScript code. AQtime Pro helps you completely understand how your program performs during execution. It includes a vast array of profilers and panels that help you easily isolate and eliminate performance issues and memory and resource leaks in your code. AQtime Pro can run as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio or Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder) which gives you the power to optimise your code without leaving these IDEs.
Automated Build Studio boxshot.

Automated Build Studio is a powerful build and release management system that provides an easy way to automate the software development build, test and release processes. Its intuitive interface and unprecedented flexibility allows even inexperienced users to create complex visual macros which can automate repetitive or day-to-day tasks with the single click of a button.

Macro runs can be scheduled for automatic execution with the built-in Task Scheduler. This makes Automated Build Studio the ultimate solution to create reliable automatic daily builds of your software. Automated Build Studio lets you automate each step of the build process: from retrieving files from a version control system, to building installation packages, running automated tests and deploying the latest release of your software projects.

CodeCollaborator boxshot.

CodeCollaborator is a powerful, enterprise-level peer code review tool. CodeCollaborator is a Web based tool that can help you review any coding language in an efficient, informal manner. It features convenient, online, real-time communications options - right in the same window as the file you're reviewing, it links comments directly to the correct lines in the code and it helps ensure reviews happen and bugs are fixed through customised workflow options.

CodeCollaborator builds on the functionality of the cost-effective CodeReviewer product and adds enterprise-level features including LDAP/Active Directory integration, URL reviews, document reviews, multiple workflow configurations, review deadlines, metrics collection, server-side triggers and support for a wider variety of version control systems and database back-ends.

CodeReviewer boxshot.

CodeReviewer is a powerful, online code review tool to aid you in the peer code review process. A slimmed down, cost-effective edition of CodeCollaborator, it is ideally suited for smaller teams on a budget. It supports a range of version control systems, features an Eclipse plugin, customisable reports, comes complete with technical support and much more.

For enterprise level features including product/group-based workflows, custom fields, metrics, custom reports, and LDAP/ActiveDirectory integration, consider CodeCollaborator.

DevComplete boxshot.

DevComplete helps you improve your software quality by clearly defining project requirements and tracking progress of developments tasks. It helps you spot and correct project slippage by inspecting burn down and task progress. And it analyses defects and task variances to ensure your team delivers a quality release.

The software supports the goals of project management (scope, schedule, and budget), by knowing your status, effort (such as the time to implement a low-priority requirement), and cost (what does it take to implement requirements?). It’s suited to anyone in the development team, not just a project manager, since really, you’re all responsible for creating “shippable” software at the end of a sprint or development cycle.

QAComplete boxshot.

Take the guess work out of the software delivery lifecycle. Provide your QA and development teams with the power to collaborate, track project progress, and report on requirements, test cases, and defects.

QAComplete allows you to take a strategic approach to testing by prioritising key test functions, accounting for risk, planning for coverage, and controlling test execution. Employing effective test case management helps you ensure you’re running the right tests, and thus avoid releasing an application that is not customer-ready.

TestComplete boxshot.

TestComplete is an automated testing tool that makes it easy for anyone to create automated tests for software. TestComplete's new script-free keyword testing, ease of use enhancements and centralised Start Page make learning automated testing a snap for new users. TestComplete's flexibility and extensive feature list ensure power users always have a solution to testing challenges.

Use TestComplete to automate your tests and you can run them anytime, day or night as your automated tests work round the clock. TestComplete can perform tests to verify your business logic, measure software and server performance, analyse databases and assess user experience.

TestComplete is highly flexible and you can run a variety of different test types: Functional testing, Load testing, Performance testing, Client/Server testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and Data-driven testing.

TestExecute boxshot.

TestExecute is a light-weight resource-friendly utility that is used to run TestComplete test projects and log results on the computers that do not have TestComplete installed. TestExecute gives QA departments the ability to test applications in real life user environments - like customer sites - without the need to install TestComplete on the target machine.

TestExecute is built upon TestComplete technology and supports all TestComplete’s features that concern test playtest types (keyword tests, scripts, manual tests and so on) and scripting objects (Log, Sys, Regions, Options, Objects, and others). It uses the same object model as TestComplete, supports the same applications, and can use TestComplete plug-ins and script extensions during test runs. Like TestComplete, TestExecute stores its results in XML and HTML files.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore