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The MailMeter product family provides solutions for several sets of common business problems. All solutions are based on our high-performance archiving architecture, our robust and flexible reporting platform, and our customer focused, easy-to-use interface.

MailMeter securely stores all incoming, outgoing, and intra-company emails, header information, subject lines, domains sent to/from, file size, folder names, attachments and even body text, in an archive for easy and fast search and retrieval.

MailMeter Forensic

MailMeter Forensic can help your organization address all of these issues. At the core of the system is the email capture process, which stores every email, the advanced search capabilities, and the easy-to-use, yet powerful drill-down reports. The ease and power of the system means IT can dramatically reduce the time taken to search for keywords in emails and attachments. And if desired, IT can delegate to business managers direct access to their employees' email history.

MailMeter Insight

MailMeter Insight is our powerful reporting platform that provides management with never-before-seen intelligence into corporate email activity, usage patterns and trends. Managers can view high-level reports with drill-down capability to become better aware of how email is used by their staff, where it poses a risk to the organization, and what action to take to avoid liabilities.

This product is perfect for managing compliance, enforcing policies, and can be used to monitor employee non-business emails to improve productivity. You will be surprised at how much exposure there is floating in your email system right now. With MailMeter Insight, you can see exactly who needs to clean up their act.

MailMeter MBA (MailBox Analysis)

MailMeter MBA is our email storage management and reporting solution that provides mailbox reporting, attachment categorization and overall corporate email statistics for management. This is the first product that many companies install when they want to get an idea of the overall email usage picture for their company. It is also very useful when planning email migrations, or for identifying email policy breaches and taking corrective action.

Why Email Management?

Email is the most widely used communications medium of the information age. This “killer app” has transformed the way the world communicates with a simple-to-use, yet powerful tool.

The tool is so powerful, however, that a single employee can send his thoughts to thousands of other employees, or even thousands of customers with a few clicks of the mouse. Have you ever considered the following possibilities?

  • What if your employee sent some confidential financial information to his friend at a competitor?
  • What if your employee sent a questionable image as an attachment to his friend at another company?
  • What if your employee sent unauthorized intellectual property to a prospective customer?
  • What if your employee sent out a Spam for his side business using his work email address?

In all of these situations, the company and its shareholders are put in a vulnerable position. Has your company done everything they can to control the usage and security of financial data within your corporate applications and network as Sarbanes-Oxley demands?

Just by the simple act of not implementing a preventative solution to these liabilities, can create personal liability for the executive management at your company.

What is Email Management?rong>

Definition: Email Management

Email Management is the ability for a company to archive all incoming, outgoing and intra-company message meta data, transaction usage and patterns; to identify patterns, profiles and trends using the gathered data; to perform analyses and draw conclusions; to enable detailed searching on meta data and actual email content; and to provide instant summary and drill-down capable reports to management personnel on a real-time basis. 

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