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PaperCut Quota - print control, net charging and net quota

Print Control is a must for many organisations. PaperCut is a cost effective solution.
PaperCut is a hardcopy vending and internet bandwidth control utility

  • runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP print & proxy servers/gateway.
  • For the internet charging, all major proxy servers are supported including MS ISA Server, MS Proxy Server, Squid and Wingate.
  • PaperCut is a useful print charging system for the education environment. It is ideal for schools, universities and other acidemia organizations where a user-pays network setup is required. For example a "computer lab".
  • The Internet charging feature of PaperCut is also appropriate for a user-pays system, and allows administrators to charge or quota based on either time used to data downloaded.
  • The print quota infrastructure also includes customisable reports utilizing Microsoft Access 2000 or higher.
  • The system works by monitoring print jobs, logging auditing and charging all user activity on the Windows Domain.
  • Installation and configuration is simple with set-up wizards managing the hard work.
  • The logging is far more detailed than the NT or system event logger. It also provides logging of page counts in a useful and flexible format. PaperCut is your total hardcopy management solution offering pay-as-you-print and pay-as-your-surf mechanisms. Integrates with the Windows spooler, EMF, margin, detects duplex, saves toner.
  • The software is compatible with a vast array of print drivers and languages, including PCL, Adobe Postscript, ESC/P2, and limited Epson, Canon, Brother, QMS, KYOCERA, HP, and Xerox support. It does not use the Windows event log.

PaperCut ChargeBack (prevously known as PaperCut Enterprise) - a print charger, print quota, paper tracking, auditing and cost recovery

PaperCut is an advanced print monitoring system that allows your organization to implement:

  • print charging so you can charge users, departments, clients for printing costs
  • print job tracking and allocation so each job can be assigned against an account, client, department, job number
  • print cost recovery through the invoice report so you can easily invoice clients for printing
  • print auditing through reports, quotas
  • print quotas and logging
  • print job logging so each print job is viewable through reports

PaperCut Enterprise was designed to manage printing costs for businesses and organisations that need to pass on costs to their clients. Consulting, real estate, legal, accounting and IT firms can benefit from PaperCut Enterprise's print cost allocation and reporting features.

PaperCut - Print and Internet Quota and Tracking
PaperCut Logo
PaperCut™ is the leading solution to monitor, quota and report network printing and internet use. PaperCut is renowned for its combination of powerful features and ease-of-use.

PaperCut is now tracking the printing of over a million users in more than 60 countries worldwide.

  • Print Quotas
  • Printer Monitoring and Reporting
  • Internet Quotas and Usage Tracking
  • Free 40-day unrestricted trial

What product is right for you?

PaperCut NG™ is our next generation product to monitor, report and quota network printing. It's is a premium solution integrating the latest software technologies, innovative ideas and best features. It's a cross-platform solution designed for networks of all sizes, from smaller schools to the largest universities and businesses. (more...)

PaperCut Quota™ implements a user-pays charging or quota system for printing and/or internet usage. It's ideal for smaller schools or organizations looking for a cost effective solution to monitor IT resource use on a user-login basis. (more...)

PaperCut ChargeBack™ is designed specifically for the needs of legal, accounting and engineering firms. It actively requests users, via a popup window, to allocate print jobs to accounts, project or job numbers. It allows business to track printing expenditure at the document level and recover costs from clients or projects. (more...)

Product feature chart ...

Feature NG Quota ChargeBack
Differential print charging and control
Automated quota allocation system
Remote web administration
Active Directory integration
Detailed reports and charts
Automatic new user management
Print job filtering and restrictions
TopUp Cards™ / PrePaid Cards  
Monitoring of local printers    
Shared accounts    
Linux, Unix and Mac support    
Clustered Windows print server support    
Scalability to 20,000+ users    
External database support    
LDAP directory support    
Internet bandwidth or time charging    
Advanced popup client    
Advanced business reports    

Product Information: PaperCut NG™, Product Tour, Fact Sheet (PDF),
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