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The complete range of Mandriva products

*   Corporate Server 3.0
Corporate Box

The corporate Server 3.0 provides enterprises with critical server functions, plus Mandriva's famous "user friendly" touch.
A comprehensive set of support and services options is included with Corporate Server.


*   Corporate Desktop
Corporate Box

Mandriva brings to the enterprise its renowned expertise in Desktop Linux. Now, for Office productivity, Business of all sizes can rely on ease of use, streamlined and intuitively organized software package, as well as leading applications of their kind in every field.


*   Multi Network Firewall
Multi Network Firewall

MNF is a feature-rich firewall product. MNF is based on Linux 2.4 "kernel secure" to provide multi-VPN (Virtual Private Network) as well as multi-DMZ (de-militarized zone) functionalities. With high throughput IPSec encryption, Multi Network Firewall integrates seamlessly into existing networks and works with a wide variety of operating systems, including MicroSoft® Windows®.
This high performance security solution offers superior economics by eliminating add-on costs such as 3DES VPN licenses and VPN clients. MNF supports an unlimited number of VPN clients.


*   Mandriva Clustering
Clustering icon

Mandriva Linux Clustering is a clustering solution based on research project CLIC. It's been designed to offer organizations and research laboratories an affordable, fast to deploy, easy to use, heavy-calculation system based on Clustering.
Typical applications include : crash simulations, acoustics, seismic modeling, MonteCarlo simulations, risk analysis etc..


*   Discovery 10.1
Discovery box

The Discovery Pack lets you adopt Linux with the shortest learning curve. Discovery has been designed to provide all the essentials in a simplified package, thanks to an automated installation procedure and hand-picked selection of applications. Discovery also includes popular commercial applications and plugins such as Macromedia Flash™, Adobe Acrobat Reader™, and RealPlayer™.
Includes: 2 CDs, 1 Manual, 30-day Web support, one month Mandriva Club membership, plus one month Mandrivaonline subscription.


*   PowerPack 10.1
PowerPack box

With thousands of commercial and Open Source applications, from office to software development, the Powerpack gives you the most powerful Desktop that you could imagine. Additionally, one free month of Mandrivaonline membership provides everything needed to stay current with software and security updates. This pack provides multimedia software such as DVD players, Realplayer™, Flash™-plugin, plus many other favorites. Includes: 6 CDs, 2 manuals, 60-day Web support, one month Mandriva Club Membership plus 3-month MandrivaOnline subscription.


*   10.1 for x86-64
10.1 for x86-64 icon

Mandriva Linux 10.1 for x86-64 combines the strengths of the 10.1 distribution and the latest technology from AMD and Intel® processors. 64-bit technology doubles the number and the size of processor registers, as well as the size of memory one can use. Furthermore, Mandrivalinux 10.1 for x86-64 allows a perfect compatibility with all 32-bit applications. Includes: 1 DVD.

*   PowerPack+10.1
PowerPack+ box

PowerPack+ is the ideal solution for creating and managing small to medium sized networks. It offers a full-featured Desktop, plus all the world-class server tools you'll need to build a powerful network or handle Internet development projects. This package is the only one to integrate a full-featured client & server groupware solution in its default installation.

Includes: 8 CDs + 1 DVDs, 2 manuals, Phone and Web suppport, as well as 1-month Mandriva Club Membership and 3-month Mandrivaonline subscription.

*   Move
PowerPack box

MandrivaMove lets you bring your Mandriva Linux system wherever you go, all on a single disc, so that you can connect to the Internet, create & edit Office documents, listen to music, watch movies, and just about anything you can imagine from wherever you happen to be!


Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore