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CADopia develops and distributes IntelliCAD ™ and related Computer-Aided- Design (CAD) and multimedia products around the globe. CADopia(Based on IntelliCAD Technology) is a powerful Computer-Aided-Design software for engineers, architects, designers and drafters -- virtually anyone who creates, edits, or views professional drawings.

CADopia Professional Services can help you maximize the returns on your investment in the IntelliCAD technology. CADopia provides upfront consulting services, custom application development, staff training, technical support, and project outsourcing solutions.

CADopia 8 (Based on IntelliCAD Technology) is the perfect CAD tool for engineers, architects, designers, drafters, educators, and students -- virtually anyone who creates or uses CAD drawings. The Standard Edition is adequate if your needs are limited to basic drafting, dimensioning and annotation. If you do not require Advanced Features such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), photorealistic rendering, raster image capability, and Visual Basic utilities, Standard Edition is the right product for you.

Compatibility with popular CAD products
CADopia's native file format is .DWG. It allows you to open and save any existing Autodesk AutoCAD file (V2.5 through 2008) and there is no file conversion or data loss. CADopia also provides a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, menu files, scripts, as well as with AutoLISP and Autodesk ADS. If you regularly receive files from clients that are in one format and you need to convert them to another format, CADopia can do that too.

Exceptional Productivity
CADopia offers smooth Microsoft Windows integration plus many unique product features, including the ability to open multiple drawings at once. CADopia Explorer(TM) lets you review and exchange drawing content with a drag-and-drop ease. You can graphically customize menus and toolbars as well as use visual tools, which will enhance your productivity, to manage your drawings.

CADopia is a powerful CAD tool available at a very affordable price. The Professional edition includes advanced licensed components such as Columbus Document Manager, ability to export PDF files, ability import and export DWG and SVG files, Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), LightWorks photorealistic rendering and Raster Image Enabler, all at an affordable price.

What's new in CADopia 8
CADopia 8 supports key features such as:

  • AutoCAD 2.5-2008 DWG files.
  • Export to PDF files (Pro Edition only).
  • Enhanced Raster Image Support (Pro and Premium Editions only).
  • Import DWF & SVG files.
  • Export DWF & SVG files (Pro edition only).
  • Updated Columbus Document Manager.
  • Template Files.
  • Xref Manager.
  • Draw Order Improvements.
  • Solid Modeling Improvements.
  • Enhanced Network License management including floating network license support.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or VISTA.
  • Intel Pentium processor (minimum) or greater (recommended).
  • 256 MB of RAM (recommended).
  • 150 MB of free hard-disk space for installation.
  • High speed Internet access for product downloads and technical support.

Work with DWG 2007 filesss
CADopia supports opening, editing, saving, and printing of drawings in DWG 2007 format. The DWG 2007 format is now the default format in which CADopia drawings are saved.

CADopia 8 supports the updated DWG 2007 file format, including 2008 object support. It can read, display, and save drawings in the latest DWG file format, which includes several new entity types, such as annotations, and many new system variables.
Work with images
CADopia Professional version includes enhanced imaging features to help you work with raster images in your drawings. You can use features in the image menu to attach, and manipulate raster images within a drawing.
Export to 3D DWF and PDF format
You can export drawings to DWF and PDF formats:
  • 3D DWF You can now export your drawings from CADopia to three dimensional Autodesk DWF files. These files can be viewed in a Web browser if Autodesk® DWF Viewer is installed.
  • PDF Portable Document Format files allow you to distribute your drawing to others for viewing with Adobe® Acrobat Reader for viewing and editing purposes within Adobe® Acrobat environment.
Drawing preview
Now you can view thumbnail (preview) images of drawing files. When you browse drawing files in any folder, the preview of the drawing (if saved in a previous session) appears, allowing you to visually search for the correct drawing file.
Multi-language character set support
CADopia allows you to manage the character set that is assigned to a drawing. This feature can be very helpful when sharing or distributing drawings in geographic regions where several languages are used that require different character sets to display the text properly.

Layout Viewport
New features in layout viewports include:
  • Snap to model space entities from paper space.
  • Lock layout viewports to lock the model space view while panning or zooming in paper space.
  • Assign a unique UCS to a layout viewport.

Wipeout entity
Wipeout entity can be used to hide specific areas of your drawing. They display with the current background color, so the details behind the wipeout do not display or print. This feature is fully supported only in the CADopia Professional edition.


Color books
Now you can create and edit color books to organize collections of colors, right from within CADopia software.
  • True colors You can choose from more than 16 million true colors to create the perfect drawing.
  • Color books You can organize your color schemes using a color book. Color books are user defined lists of colors applicable to a specific project.

Text formatting
New formatting features are available for multi-line text in CADopia. You can specify the text color, first line indents, paragraph indents, right indents, and tabs.

Entity snap enhancements and fixes
Problems in snapping to entities from a previous version have been fixed now. In addition you can now snap to:
  • Middle points and end points of hatch pattern lines.
  • The nearest point and perpendicular point on a hatch pattern line.
  • Intersection or apparent intersection point where the pattern line intersects with other entities that are supported by entity snaps.
When using the extension option with Intersection snap and Apparent Intersection snap, CADopia draws dashed extension lines to help guide you as you use the extension snap option.
Audio notes
CADopia provides the ability to record audio notes as sound clips attached to entities. The sound clips can be played back at any time. For example, you can attach detailed audio notes if you are collaborating with a number of engineers on a large project. You can also create audio notes from existing .wav files. Audio notes created from an existing .wav file are saved with the drawing file.
Command line
The command bar and Prompt History window includes enhanced text editing options for cutting, copying, and pasting text. You can also copy the entire command history or a single command and repeat a previously executed command.
Modeling enhancements
In addition to slicing and sectioning solids, you can now slice regions and ACIS solid bodies.

New and enhanced system variables. Many new system variables have been added to allow you to tailor the behavior of the software to your specific needs.
New and enhanced system variables
Many new system variables have been added to allow you to tailor the behavior of the software to your specific needs.

Features CADopia Professional CADopia Premium CADopia Standard
ACIS solid modeling Y N N
Export to Adobe Acrobat PDF file Y Y Y
Raster Image support Y Y N
Microsoft VBA Y Y N
Photorealistic rendering Y Y N
Express Tools Y Y N
Native DWG support Y Y Y
AutoCAD v2.5-2008 dwg support Y Y Y
FlexLM License Manager Y Y Y
AutoCAD command line support Y Y Y
Support for AutoCAD 3D Surface Y Y Y
Multiple paperspace layouts Y Y Y
Import & Export DWF files Y Y Y
AutoLisp Support (Including DCL) Y Y Y
Autodesk Development System Y Y Y
AutoCAD menu and script file Y Y Y
Truetype font support Y Y Y
Visual menu customization Y Y Y
Mtext editor Y Y Y
Multiple open drawings Y Y Y
Explorer for managing layers Y Y Y
Microsoft ActiveX support Y Y Y
Script recorder Y Y Y
Graphical block preview Y Y Y
Right mouse click menu support Y Y Y
Boundary hatch Y Y Y
Features CADopia 8 Pro Edition AutoCAD 2008 AutoCAD R14 AutoCAD LT 2008
Native DWG support Y Y Y Y
AutoCAD v2.5 to 2008 dwg support Y N N N
Export to Adobe Acrobat PDF File Y N N N
AutoCAD command line support Y Y Y Y
Support for AutoCAD 3D Surface commands Y Y Y N
ACIS solid modeling Y N Y N
Multiple paperspace layouts Y Y Y Y
AutoLisp Support (Including DCL) Y Y Y N
Autodesk Development System support Y N Y N
Object ARX support N Y Y N
AutoCAD menu and script file support Y Y Y Y
Truetype font support Y Y Y Y
Raster Image support Y Y Y N
Mtext editor Y Y Y Y
Multiple open drawings Y Y N Y
Explorer for managing layers, blocks, linetypes, and more Y Y N Y
Microsoft ActiveX support including support for in-place editing Y Y Y N
Microsoft VBA Y Y Y N
Script recorder Y N N N
Graphical block preview Y Y N N
Visual menu customization Y Y Y Y
Right mouse click menu support Y Y N Y
Photorealistic rendering Y Y Y Y
Boundary hatch Y Y Y N
Express Tools Y Y N Y
DWF support Y Y Y N

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore