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CurrentWare BrowseReporter

Business Values
  • Keep our products simple to use with a user friendly interface – but not at the cost of limited functionality.
  • The customer is the foundation of our solutions, we are totally focused on providing excellent customer support and we value their feedback for product improvements.
  • We are driven by innovation, which is critical for our continued success of delivering solutions that are not only highly reliable that but are also cost-effective.
  • At CurrentWare we strive to provide 100% of the functionality of the big corporations, for half a fraction of the cost.

Our locations

We have offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. We have a master distributor in the UK that distributes our products to the European, Middle-East and African Markets. We are focused to meet the diverse needs of today’s technology demands globally.

Employee Monitoring Software - Track Employees Website Activities

BrowseReporter is a powerful employee monitoring software that enables companies to track your employees internet activities.

BrowseReporter captures the websites your employees visited. It includes a powerful reporting utility for generating tabular and graphical websites visited reports. It runs in stealth mode.
  • Track Internet Activities
  • Automated Email Reports
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Record Application Usage
  • Remote Screen Capture


Monitor Employee Activities
Real-time Internet monitoring

BrowseReporter can record the websites visited by your employees.

Monitoring website browsing history can help identify employees that are wasting time on social media sites like Facebook. It can also protect your network by highlighting users that are browsing to malicious websites.

BrowseReporter tracks Internet by computer or by user. If an employee/student uses multiple computers, BrowseReporter will track the browsing activity of this user on all the corresponding computers.

Detailed Internet Activity Reports
Easy to Understand

BrowseReporter provides an easy to use reporting utility that generates comprehensive reports. URL data, time of surfing and duration of each site visited can be presented at both the detail and summary levels.

Reports can be generated at the user or computer level for various time intervals.

Active vs Total Browsing Time
Accurate time tracking

To track employee productivity more effectively, BrowseReporter offers a more refined measurement of recording URL visits by: “Active Time” vs. “Total Time”. Managers can clearly differentiate between URLs that are left idle and those URLs where active browsing is occurring.

Active Time: the most accurate way to track time spent. It tracks the time that the browser/application window is active. If a browser loses focus or is minimized, tracking will be paused until the window returns to focus.

Total Time: measures the total time a URL page was kept open.

Application Usage Tracking
Track time spent on Windows applications

Monitoring application usage on your computers will help you understand what type of applications your employees are running. This will help you identify employees that are productive vs. employees that are wasting time on distracting applications.

BrowseReporter will help you discover employees that abuse software usage - using your office computers for personal matters, playing games, chatting, watching movies or even running illegal software.

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BrowseReporter Features

Internet Monitoring
Track user web browsing activities

Web Activity Reports
15+ different detailed reports

Track Application Usage
Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

Remote Screen Capture
See what your users are doing in real-time

Bandwidth Tracking
Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

Tracking Scheduler
Only track URLs during specific time and day

Exclusion List
Exclude specific URLs from your reports

Email Report
Automatically email reports of employee web usage to managers

URL Category Tracking
Understand where your users are surfing by tagging a URL category next to every webpage

Email Alert
Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies.

Unlimited Data Storage
Data is never deleted. Store unlimited web history

Stealth Mode
The CurrentWare client runs in stealth mode.

Remote Client Install
Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely

Offsite Management
Monitor remote workers and offsite staffs

Centralized Console
Manage all your users and computers from a centralized Console

SQL Server Supported
Database scaled for enterprise and large business operations

We help businesses improve productivity:

In today’s computer environment, it is very important to keep track of your user’s Internet activities. BrowseReporter can help you prevent users from misusing the Internet and enable the administrator to get feedback on sites that need to be restricted. The other benefits of BrowseReporter includes:

  • Identify PCs where excessive Internet activity is occurring.
  • Isolate unproductive employees/students who are spending exceptionally large amounts of time surfing the Internet for personal use.
  • Generate either executive summary or detailed level reports/charts on User/PC browsing activity.
  • Identify sources (Users/PCs) of high bandwidth usage which could contribute to network congestion.
  • Monitor employees/students by capturing screens of their workstations on a regular basis. This provides you with real time information of their work/study activity.
  • Automate the process of running/emailing reports on a scheduled basis to interested parties.

Reasons to Monitor Internet Usage

When computers have access to the Internet, it can be very difficult for Managers/Administrators to keep track of productivity.

Users who should be working, are often browsing their favourite Web Sites, checking football results or chatting to friends.

With BrowseReporter you can monitor where your users are browsing and how much time they are spending on these inappropriate sites. BrowseReporter is designed to increase productivity in organisations by disclosing Web surfing activities of workers.

Managers and Supervisors can very easily use BrowseReporter to view reports of employee web usage logs to see factual evidence of unapproved activity. This serves as an effective tool in eliminating wasted hours of non-work related employee web browsing and also quickly pinpointing any violation or breaches of your company's internet use policy.

System Requirements:
  • Compatible on any Windows OS

Other related products:

With an increasing popularity of portable storage devices, theft of proprietary data is becoming a growing security challenge in today’s computing environments. Portable devices also provide an easy entryway for infecting systems with viruses, spyware, Trojans and other damaging malware, thus compromising an organization’s network.

AccessPatrol, provides a proactive solution for securing company endpoints (USBs, CD/DVDs, BlueTooth, WiFi, FireWire, iPods, MP3s) to prevent illicit transfer of data to unauthorized devices.

BrowseControl from CurrentWare is an Internet management program that enforces Internet usage policies across your enterprise. Use BrowseControl to completely block the Internet, allow access to authorised web sites, block offensive sites, schedule access to the Internet during specific times of the day/week - all conveniently from a central console.

Also included is an Application Blocker, which restricts users from running unauthorized programs such as games, messaging programs, P2P applications etc.

Creating an effective energy conservation policy is a financial and environmental priority for organizations today. Computers that are left running unnecessarily after work hours are both a drain to the pocket book and the carbon footprint. Administrators are therefore, turning to more effective solutions for managing energy consumption in the workplace.

enPowerManager provides an effective method for energy management across an enterprise. With a simple click of the mouse, computers can be remotely shutdown or booted. This function can also be scheduled to force a shutdown of the computers at a specific time or schedule a boot of the computers at the beginning of a work day.

Conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment—all from the central CurrentWare console.

CurrentWare Suite includes the following solutions: Internet Access Control, Internet Usage Monitoring, Endpoint Security and Power Management Solutions

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