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CurrentWare BrowseControl

Business Values
  • Keep our products simple to use with a user friendly interface – but not at the cost of limited functionality.
  • The customer is the foundation of our solutions, we are totally focused on providing excellent customer support and we value their feedback for product improvements.
  • We are driven by innovation, which is critical for our continued success of delivering solutions that are not only highly reliable that but are also cost-effective.
  • At CurrentWare we strive to provide 100% of the functionality of the big corporations, for half a fraction of the cost.

Our locations

We have offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. We have a master distributor in the UK that distributes our products to the European, Middle-East and African Markets. We are focused to meet the diverse needs of today’s technology demands globally.

Web Filtering Software - Restrict Internet Access and Block Websites

BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet Control software that restricts Internet access and enforces web usage policies across your network.

Take control of your network’s Internet access by using BrowseControl Web Filter to enforce different Internet restriction policies on a computer or user basis.

  • Control Internet Access
  • URL White / Black Lists
  • Category Filtering
  • Application Blocking

View BrowseControl Installation Guide

Control Internet Access
Manage your organization’s Internet Access

From a centralized Console, you can enable and disable Internet access of your employees or students instantly.

BrowseControl Web Filter is effective at filtering both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Use the Internet scheduler to choose when you would like to block Internet access.

See how easy it is to use BrowseControl to block websites

Block Websites by Categories
Choose from over 100 categories to restrict Internet access

Easily control the Internet access of your employees or students with the comprehensive pre-defined URL category database.

Covering more than 100 URL categories, administrators can easily block objectionable web sites through a diverse range of categories.

See all the categories you can block from in BrowseControl

Block Applications
Stop chats, video games or time wasting applications

Eliminate the distractions from applications that are unnecessary time wasters. Block these applications to focus on aligning your users to your business goals.

BrowseControl Web Filter blocks applications through the “Original Filename” which is an internal name that cannot be modified even if the file name has been changed.

Easy to Manage Console
Centralized Console, Remote Client Install and Offisite Management

Internet usage policies are managed from a centralized CurrentWare Console. Instantly apply Internet restrictions by computer or by user, from the convenience of the central Console.

The web filtering polices are applicable to both onsite and offsite laptops/computers. Restrictions that you apply for onsite web browsing will follow mobile users, working offsite as well.

Download a Free Trial of BrowseControl

BrowseControl Features:

  • Internet ON/OFF
    One click to completely block the Internet
  • URL Filter
    Allowed list or Blocked list for specific URLs
  • Category Filtering
    Block websites based on specific categories
  • Internet Scheduler
    Schedule Internet restrictions at specific times of the day
  • Safe Search
    Enforce safe search to prevent explicit search results from being queried
  • Internet Quota
    Set a quota for daily browsing limit
  • Download Filter
    Block downloads based on File types
  • Port Filter
    Block Access based on Internet ports
  • Customize Message
    Display a customized warning message on blocked websites
  • Application Blocker
    Block applications from launching
  • Timer
    Allocate specific time for your users to access the Internet
  • Stealth Mode
    The CurrentWare client runs as stealth mode in the background
  • Centralized Console
    Manage all your users and computers from a centralized Console
  • Remote Client Install
    Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely
  • Offsite Management
    Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network
  • SQL Server Supported
    Database scaled for enterprise and large business operations
System Requirement:
  • Compatible on Windows OS.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more popular Internet browsers.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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