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Vectorworks 2022 -tuoteperhe

Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Creating intuitive software since 1985, we’ve become the preeminent software built to manage the entire design process. Globally more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Newbury and London, England and Vancouver, Canada, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group. Learn how we empower designers to create experiences that transform the world at vectorworks.net or follow @Vectorworks.
Vectorworks on edullinen ja monikäyttöinen BIM CAD-ohjelma. Ohjelma on ns. 2D/3D-hybridi CAD-ohjelma, jossa 2D-piirrustukset ja 3D-malli päivittyvät dynaamisesti ja suunnittelua voidaan tehdä kummasta käsin tahansa. Vectorworks on saatavilla edullisena perusversiona Vectorworks Fundamentals-ohjelmana sekä alakohtaisina sovelluksina: Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark, Vectorworks Spotlight sekä kaikki työkalut sisältävänä Vectorworks Designer-ohjelmana. Spotlight ja Designer-ohjelmiin voi myös liittää Braceworks-ohjelman rakenteiden kuormien laskentaan. ConnectCAD kytkentäpiirustusohjelma on myös nyt osa Vectorworks-tuoteperhettä. Vision on reaaliaikainen liikkuvan valaistuksen esikatseluohjelma Spotlight ja Designer käyttäjille. Vectorworks-omistuslisenssiä ylläpidetään VW Service Select -ylläpitosopimuksella.

Vectorworks 2022 is here
Latest Version Provides Next Generation Performance,
Feature-Rich Improvements Empowering Designers to Design Without Limits

Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. has released Vectorworks 2022 emphasizing product quality improvements, superior performance and the user experience. This latest release includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Braceworks, ConnectCAD and Vision.

In addition, Vectorworks reveals its comprehensive solution for designers working within multiple industries has been renamed to accurately reflect its full range of design and BIM capabilities. Vectorworks Design Suite, formerly Vectorworks Designer, offers all the up-to-date features of Vectorworks Fundamentals, Architect, Landmark and Spotlight, providing the entire suite of technology in one interface.

“Vectorworks 2022 is an invitation to embrace the exceptional flexibility and interoperability that is expected of our purpose-built, designfocused products,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “When you dive into all the advances in the product line, you can see how we are constantly investing in developments that deliver workflow freedom to designers and creators throughout the architecture, landscape, interiors and entertainment design industries.”

The Vectorworks 2022 product line includes improvements focused on next-gen tech, 3D and BIM workflows, interoperability, landscapes and GIS and entertainment design workflows.

Next-Gen Tech

With Vectorworks 2022, the main areas of development in core technologies and interfaces make Vectorworks products faster and more intuitive, while also providing the stability and accuracy required for maximum efficiency. Vectorworks is the first major BIM application to run natively on Apple silicon processors. Testing of Vectorworks 2022 has shown speed increases of two to four times.

Additional improvements in this area include full use of Metal on Mac and DirectX on Windows in the Vectorworks Graphics Module, Maxon’s Redshift Render Mode and a new Direct Link to. Plus, a redesign of the attribute and snapping palettes and new per-face texture mapping support an intuitive process for creating and visualizing designs.

3D and BIM Workflows

Vectorworks continues to provide design-focused tools for BIM workflows that work for all designers. Direct editing improvements to the stair tool help simplify the process of designing complex objects. Updates to the worksheet database and data manager provide a consistent interface, better visual cues, a new search mode and an improved formula bar with a new set of functions to help make generating targeted reports, schedules and material take offs easy. With a focus on re-engineering and the modernization of core architectural objects like wall components and data reporting to support the creation of accurate BIM models, Vectorworks 2022 offers improvements to your workflow for greater precision, control and accuracy for both the visual model and the corresponding data.


Vectorworks takes pride in being a design hub and continues to invest in optimizing the most-used file formats, supporting value-added partner products and ensuring that project teams and BIM collaboration remain unrivaled. Version 2022 includes improvements to the DWG file import to support Civil 3D, DWG and GIS georeferencing. Additionally, IFC import/export capabilities are enhanced for improved quantity takeoffs and GIS workflows.

Landscape and GIS

As the BIM platform of choice for landscape architecture, Vectorworks Landmark 2022 delivers more options for accurate modeling reflective of real-life design considerations. Improvements to the site model make it easier to define and report on soil layers. Updates to the plant tool, hardscape objects, and integrations with Esri make it easier to produce landscape BIM models that leverage GIS workflows while meeting the demand to create sustainable sites.


Our commitment to users in the entertainment industry is to invest first and foremost in re-engineering for better file performance and to provide highly responsive tools. Version 2022 of Vectorworks Spotlight, Braceworks, ConnectCAD and Vision has greater consistency between tools and functionality focused on simplifying processes such as cable and power planning to make your overall workflow efficient. This latest release also delivers many usability enhancements such as better controls on the camera tool, a position name field for truss and context menus for shifting data around. Improved placement and direct editing of objects in Schematic Views makes day-to-day documentation work in Vectorworks Spotlight faster and more intuitive.

To learn more about the release of Vectorworks 2022, please visit https://www.vectorworks.net/fi-FI/2022.



NextGen Tech: Vectorworks 2022 runs natively on the latest Apple silicon processors, giving positive gains in speed and performance for Mac users and keeping Vectorworks’ core-technology well-aligned with reengineering plans and priorities set for the future. As part of a modernization initiative, we’ve been working to increase critical areas of Vectorworks, making our Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) technology purpose-built for your chosen hardware: Metal on Mac and DirectX on Windows. Your designs will leverage the most robust technology available for better file performance.

Redshift Render Mode with Maxon: In partnership with sister company Maxon, Vectorworks 2022 introduces a new GPU-accelerated render mode called “Redshift” which speeds up rendering time without sacrificing the quality of your design using features like lighting, reflections, volumetric effects, camera effects and anti-aliasing.

Twinmotion Direct Link: In Vectorworks 2022, we’re introducing a direct link between your model and Twinmotion that allows you to make changes in Vectorworks and easily have them reflected in the linked file. By eliminating the intermediate steps of exporting and importing, you can save time and easily control the quality of necessary geometries for real-time rendering.

Interactive UI Improvements: Modernization of the Attributes palette lets you organize your workspace with a more efficient tool palette layout. The new UI will also provide you with accurate and immediate visual previews. Additionally, we’re introducing a new Status Bar that can be found at the bottom of the application window. This will give you quick access to the smart cursor settings, hold snapping options and toggle snapping on or off.

Per-face Texture Mapping: Upgrades to the texturing workflow give you the ability to map textures to different faces of the same solid modeling object with the ability to rescale and more. You’ll be able to cut down your texturing time with this efficient and more perceptive way to freely create custom objects. Additionally, the render tab of the Object Info Palette has been updated to let you easily view and manage the textures on the object’s various faces. This feature is not applicable to parametric objects.

Worksheet Expansions: Creating precise and accurate BIM models means being able to create detailed reports and schedules. Enhancements to worksheets in Vectorworks 2022 give you just that. UI improvements make generating targeted reports, schedules and material take offs for complex objects easier. We’ve also simplified worksheets and added better visual cues to allow richer reporting of complex models. Between redesigned criteria, a new search function interface and an improved formula bar with a new set of functions, you won’t waste time wrestling with your documentation, leaving more time for your BIM modeling.


Wall Component Control: In Vectorworks 2022 you can define wall component wrapping at window and door openings for a more realistic BIM model and accurate 2D drawings. We've also combined the round and straight wall into a singular wall object for easier and more accurate reporting.

Direct Stair Editing: Enhancements to the stair plug-in object introduce interactive placement and reshaping in both 2D and 3D views. With the new rectangle and polygon mode you can easily place a stair between walls or follow a floor opening without measuring distances. Just draw a rectangle or a path and your stair object is placed. You can now use the new tool settings to set the side length, width and total rise of the stair without opening the dialog box. Not to mention you can also use control points to stretch and contract stairs to change the length or curvature within a space.

Improved Civil 3D File Import: Save time and avoid frustration with improved Civil 3D file import. With the latest release, you no longer have to request specially exported DWG files to view Civil 3D objects. Instead, these objects will become respective Vectorworks groups, each containing the necessary geometry. And the best part? Your exchanges with internal and external civil engineers can be handled more directly with less risk to your data.

GIS and BIM Exchange: Vectorworks is now capable of reading the georeferencing data embedded in a DWG file, an image or an IFC import, so you can now import and export your files without losing this data. You’ll see better compatibility and increased reliability when exchanging DWG and IFC files for your projects.

Site Model Components: Enjoy the ability to define subsurface geological strata as components within your Site Model. New site model components create solid geometry that can be accurately represented in 2D elevation, section and textured 3D views. The upgraded object components accommodate fixed or variable thicknesses of the strata, allowing you to create an accurate BIM model.

ArcGIS Feature Layers: See an efficiency boost in your GIS/BIM workflows with easier integration for site planning and collaboration. In partnership with Esri, you can now access, download and incorporate an incredible amount of information into your design with the vector geometry and data using Vectorworks Layers. You’ll also be able to export and upload from Layers back to the ArcGIS Feature Layers, making it easier to manage specific geospatial data beyond traditional methods and collaborate with GIS professionals.

GIS Support of Tree Survey: The process for importing various tree survey types is simpler with location parameters for geographical and cartesian coordinates built in with the newly added GIS support for tree surveys. You’ll benefit from the new geospatial import methods when documenting existing vegetation for biodiversity and biomass considerations, and import pertinent survey area types like mass plantings, meadows and more.

Plant Root Zone: Get complete representations of installed plants with the new root ball settings. The added geometry and specified data for plant root balls provide the crucial information you need to complete your BIM for landscape workflow and better collaborate with consultants. The new additions to the Plant Object allow for both 2D and 3D representation of root balls and excavation zones.


Spotlight Cable and Power Planning: Efficiently plan and document your show or event’s cable and power requirements with these new and improved Spotlight features. Easily prepare documentation and inventory lists, build construction lists and required power load spreadsheets without the need for thirdparty software. Now, you’ll be able to automate inserting cables between linked objects, and these cables will automatically reshape as changes are applied. The new Cable Navigation system allows you to automatically add cables by selecting the relevant inputs and outputs.

General Spotlight Improvements: Many improvements in Spotlight 2022 make editing and revising lighting designs easier by creating more efficient and intuitive ways to accomplish common tasks. You’ll see improvements in overall visualization capabilities and accuracy. Several new Context Menu commands let you select lights by position, rigging object and instrument type as well as the ability to rotate groups of devices around insertion points, swap the positions of two lighting devices and more.

Schematic Views Enhancements: Spend less time jumping between tools and commands when working with Schematic Views. With the latest enhancements, you’ll be able to choose the placement of Schematic Views and the editing of objects in and on a Schematic View has been improved. See more logical snapping of objects and get direct access to an object’s properties through the Object Info Palette. Also, common Spotlight commands now work in Schematic Views, keeping your focus on your work.

Soft Goods Update: The Soft Goods tool now has greater flexibility with more options for base plates, uprights, double sided drape setups and more. The addition of Styles lets you add Soft Goods without needing to adjust them after they’re inserted. And you’ll find better control in weight calculations — perfect for when you need a creative solution to odd problems.

Truss Magnets: Check out the latest in truss connections with Magnets. This new object will be placed within a truss symbol to allow for better control when joining sections of trusses using the AutoConnect system. You won’t have to rely on post-insertion edits anymore! Magnets provide a quick and consistent method for connection, ensuring it’s the correct orientation the first time and every time.

ConnectCAD Cable Route Planning: Say goodbye to hand-calculating lengths of cables and handdrawing complex cable runs. With the new ConnectCAD Cable Route Planning, you’ll have access to a full-featured cable planning system that will allow you to plan cable runs and drops, perform calculations and more. You’ll save countless hours and reduce errors with more precise estimates on lengths of cable needed for installation.

ConnectCAD Eyedropper Mode: Save time configuring your ConnectCAD devices with the new eyedropper mode. With this mode enabled, simply copy configuration and data from one device and apply it to other devices. This lets you quickly make bulk changes to device configurations and accounts for the addition and deletion of sockets and then updates device graphics to ensure accuracy in your schematic drawings.

ConnectCAD Device Editing: We’ve simplified ConnectCAD’s device editing workflow in version 2022. Now, all device databases can be accessed directly from Vectorworks meaning you’ll spend less time jumping from file to file to edit devices. We’ve also improved the Device Builder to allow you to create a new DA device in the builder. But it doesn’t stop there — you’ll also see improvements to signal type editing. Now you can see all the signal and connector types in the ConnectCAD setting dialog for easier editing and management.

Vision Laser Visualization: Take your show to the next level with new laser visualization in Vision 2022. With support from industry leader, Pangolin, you’ll be able to add and previsualize laser projectors. Vision will also support controlling lasers using Pangolin’s BEYOND software through a network streaming to Vision. All of your lasers can also be previsualized in either Vision or Pangolin.

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