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XMind 2021

XMind Ltd, a Hong Kong registered business, offers the productivity software tools and service. XMind, its flag product, is a great mind mapping and brainstorming software, and serving more than a million users around the world. Our purpose is to develop the best productivity tool, save people's time and raise the efficiency.

XMind is both a product and an open source project released on November, 2008. XMind's mission statement is to create, as a community, the leading international mind mapping and brainstorming software that will run on all major platforms and raise users' work efficiency. The XMind open source project is sponsored by XMind Ltd, which is the primary contributor of code to the project. Developers are welcome to work with the XMind project code to improve the overall product, develop new functions, or augment other software products.

XMind Plus/Pro are proprietary software. Based on XMind open source project, they also incorporate many advanced features that are not available in the XMind open source project. These features bring great advantages for businesses and advanced users. Although having different feature packages or price modes, all of them can empower organizations to inspire creativity, increase efficiency, and gain a solid competitive advantage.

XMind 2021 + Mobile
Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

XMind 2021 provides the basic functions for mindmapping, while XMind 8 Pro includes many professional functions like Gantt chart and slide-based presentation. For users who do not need these professional functions, XMind 2021 is an alternative solution.

Ready to start mind mapping in a new way?

Because the latest update of XMind contains some great new features.

Pitch Mode
A Mindmap. A SlideShow.

Making a good presentation is not that easy, you’ve got to focus content, tune everything right elsewhere, and practice to engage your audience.

From today, all you need to do is to focus the content on your mind map, and for the rest of the presentation, leave it to us — Pitch Mode generates layouts and animated transitions right for your slides.

Structures & Colour Themes
Mind Map Your Way.

XMind knows how important the first step is — choose the right structure. That’s why they decided to eliminate all the distractions, but only keep the structure at the very first start.

XMind weiß, wie wichtig der erste Schritt ist: Die richtige Struktur wählen. Deswegen ist die Auswahl der richtigen Struktur ab sofort der aller erste Schritt beim Erstellen einer neuen XMind Mindmap. Besides that, from now on you will also find additional structures to choose from.

The designers have worked closely with the development team, and come up with new color themes. Thanks to technology, you can always find the color theme for your need.

More Options for Image
Image Looks Just Right.

An organized mind map is not just about texts, but also the graphics. Decide the image style this time: size, border, shadow, and even opacity. The image on your mind map not only tells thousands of words, but also its coherence feels like they belong here.

Main features

Here you can import basically all the mainstream mind map formats, like mind map from MindManager, MindNode, Lighten and so on.

To make sure you are not troubled by the format. You allow to export PNG, SVG, PDF, markdown and other useful formats.

Share your mind map with Public/Private Link, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote to friends and colleagues directly.

What's new?:

  • Pitch Mode: mind map as slideshow
  • More options for images
  • Optimized skeleton and color themes
  • New structures
The current version XMind 2021 enables an even better mind mapping with many great innovations and features.
Mind map as slideshow 
XMind's new Pitch Mode brings movement into every mind map. Pitch Mode generates layouts and animated transitions right for your slides. 
Advanced image options
A good mindmap also includes graphics. Therefore, from now on, size, frame, shadow and even opacity of the images can be adjusted.
Color themes
XMind's designers have worked closely with the development team, and come up with new color themes, so that the update offers a greater choice.

Try it for free now !

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