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Trimble SketchUp Studio 2021

SketchUpin käyttäjät ovat arkkitehteja, suunnittelijoita, rakentajia, valmistajia ja insinöörejä. He ovat ihmisiä, jotka muokkaavat fyysistä maailmaa. He ovat tärkeitä ja ansaitsevat hyviä työkaluja, koska upeat työkalut tuottavat hyvää työtä.

Upeat työkalut ovat niitä, joita odotat innolla. Ne tekevät yhden asian (tai ehkä kaksi) todella, todella hyvin. Ne antavat sinun tehdä mitä haluat ilman, että sinun on selvitettävä miten. Ne auttavat vaikeissa tai tylsissä tehtävissä, jotta voit keskittyä luovuuteen, tuottavuuteen tai molempiin. Ja ne ovat omalla tavallaan kauniita.

SketchUpissa teemme parhaamme tehdäksemme upeita piirustustyökaluja. Käyttäjillemme piirtäminen on ajattelua. He piirtävät tutkiakseen ideoita, selvittääkseen asioita, näyttääkseen muille ihmisille, mitä ne tarkoittavat. He piirtävät, koska rakastavat sitä, ja koska mitään suurta ei koskaan ole rakennettu, joka ei ensin alkanut suurenmoisella piirustuksella.

Beautiful designs, backed by dataBeautiful designs, backed by data

Move designs forward with confidence
Quickly import, view, and model straight on point cloud data to ensure design accuracy.

Communicate your designs
From conceptual to photoreal, create compelling visual assets quickly and with ease.

Collaborate efficiently
Access, review, and annotate up-to-date models and drawings in a single, robust platform.

Accurately model in 3DAccurately model in 3D

Increase workflow efficiency by importing, viewing and modeling directly on point cloud data from terrestrial scans, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, mobile mapping, and drone captures. Use Scan Essentials to precisely — and rapidly — ensure model accuracy no matter the size of your file. Finalize the 3D details and prep your project for the final build by creating 2D documentation from point cloud data directly in LayOut.

Generate high-quality visualsGenerate high-quality visuals

From detailed high-rise buildings to interior floor plans, add realism into your projects using V-Ray®. With atmospheric effects, global illumination, natural lighting, real-life textures, and shading options, you will truly be able to showcase your project in the best light with just a few steps.

Unpack your toolbox

SketchUp Pro for Desktop
An easy-to-use UI and intuitive tools make SketchUp the easiest way to design your building in 3D.

Model on point cloud data
Turn point clouds into 3D models — in a matter of minutes with Scan Essentials.

High-quality rendering
Generate photorealistic renders and free up space on your computer with access to V-Ray’s rapid cloud rendering.

Real-time rendering
Quickly present ideas to clients, make edits on the fly, and drastically shorten project timelines — either in the office or completely remote — with V-Ray Vision.

Collaboration and cloud storage
Coordinate building models with stakeholders using Trimble Connect.

Presentation-ready graphics
Share cohesive and compelling graphics using SketchUp and LayOut.

Virtual and augmented reality apps
Tour project models with your clients in the office or on site at 1:1 scale using our range of AR/VR and mobile apps.

Enhanced design research
Quick insights for design research before you start in 3D. Get design recommendations based on weather and building type.

SketchUp Studio 2021 Promo - Terms and Conditions

V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials are now included
in SketchUp Studio subscription.

A brand-new SketchUp Studio is here with two new features: V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials. Start your project off by importing and modeling on robust point cloud data with Scan Essentials and finish it using stunning, high-quality renders from V-Ray.

Upgrade your workflow today with one simple subscription at a great price of €639 for your first year. Offer ends August 31, 2021.

Important note: Studio will be sold as a Windows only offering, both Scan Essentials and V-Ray 5 will be offered as a Windows only extension as part of the Studio subscription.

Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp is the most complete point cloud solution for modeling from scan data. This plug-in allows you to easily import point clouds, view them, and model directly on the points during model creation via SketchUp’s native toolbox. Whether you import data from terrestrial scans, mobile mapping, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, or drone captures, the Trimble Scan Essentials plug-in makes your job easy and fast. It’s the essential bridge from reality to completed models.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is a photorealistic, physically-based rendering solution that helps designers better visualise their models. Additional features include real-time rendering capabilities with V-Ray Vision, Chaos Cosmos for curated, render-ready 3D content, and access to Chaos Cloud.

Chaos Cloud enables users to do fast rendering, by using the cloud. High-quality rendering takes a lot of computation resources, and will run a lot slower with a lower-spec machine. Chaos Cloud credits are used to ‘pay’ for the cloud renderings.

For new SketchUp Studio subscribers, we're including 20 Chaos Cloud credits to get customers started within the first 90 days of their subscription. The 90-day period begins when the subscription is assigned to an end-user. If you’re an existing Studio subscriber the 90-day period begins today. Cloud credits do not transfer to other users. These credits are not available in a trial.

What makes this solution unique for SketchUp users in comparison to other point clouds applications such as Undet is that Scan Essentials is:

  • A Trimble integrated solution built by Trimble.
  • Utilizes SketchUp’s native toolbox, converting scan data to models by snapping directly on the point clouds to ensure precision.
  • Supports very large point clouds without slowing down your SketchUp model.
  • Is very intuitive to use with a low barrier to learn.
  • Works with all the universal scanning file formats such as RWP, LAS/ LAZ, TZF, E57, recently added PLY (scanning from mobile devices such as iphone 12 and ipad pro).
  • Has an unique LayOut integration, exporting point cloud to LayOut and 2D documentation.

V-Ray is the number one photorealistic rendering solution serving 95% of the top architectural firms and in the majority of major VFX productions. V-Ray 5 for SketchUp renders on GPUs for Windows and CPUs on Mac OS, with an additional option to power your renders with cloud rendering via Chaos Cloud. V-Ray 5 now offers both real-time and photo-real rendering solutions offering a complete visualization package for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Chaos Cosmos — a high quality and curated render ready content platform is also part of the offering. Users can directly download content into Sketchup, drastically increasing efficiency without impacting performance.

SketchUp Studio offer valid until August 31, 2021 11:59 PM CET. Discount only applies to one term of a SketchUp Studio subscription. If you are a current SketchUp Studio subscriber, you can renew at this price for one term only. Not valid on subsequent terms. Does not apply to previously placed orders. May not be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.

SketchUp Studio for Universities

Built for universities, SketchUp Studio for Higher Education has made some serious strides in providing a design program creative enough for students, and robust enough for administrators and teachers. This year is no different with some A+ changes to the account management portal, convenient tiered pricing, and wider access to SketchUp’s core suite of products.

Just like the rest of SketchUp, all of SketchUp Studio for Higher Education offerings are moving to subscription. In addition to SketchUp Studio for Students and SketchUp Studio for Educators, there’s now a brand new offering: SketchUp Studio for Universities.

SketchUp Studio for Universities is replacing our original offering of Classic SketchUp Pro Institutional Laptop Licensing, which is no longer available. This new subscription includes more products at convenient tiered pricing based on the number of entitlements you need.

Now, administrators, teachers, and students can choose which subscription plan best fits their needs, and gain access to our full suite of products. SketchUp Studio for Higher Education subscriptions offer all of that SketchUp greatness in one [powerful] package: SketchUp Pro, SketchUp for Web, Sefaira, Trimble Connect Business, LayOut, Mobile Viewer, and PreDesign. Talk about one-stop back to school shopping!

Saving the best for last: we’ve launched an enhanced user management experience that delivers the highly requested bulk upload and bulk user management functionality for IT Managers, License Managers, and Administrators.

Swap and shuffle entitlements with ease or bulk-delete students that no longer require SketchUp, freeing up space for students which do need access. What used to take hours of manual input, can now be done in minutes. Updating and maintaining a SketchUp subscription for your school or classroom is no longer a tedious task. Time-saving updates for the win!

The smartest SketchUp yet

Download new SketchUp 2021 trial

Our free version of SketchUp is called SketchUp Free and available in all modern web browsers.

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