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Boris FX Continuum 2020

Here at Boris FX, our single overriding purpose is to make you and your work look amazing.

Continuum, Sapphire, and Mocha our special effects software tools, are used to create the highest quality, most stunning visual effects available today. Without a doubt, you’ve seen our software at work in the biggest summer blockbuster movies, the hottest TV shows, the most shared online video clips, the nightly broadcast news… basically everywhere!

We create VFX plug-ins that support the most popular applications in all of post-production. We work directly inside of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Flame, AVID Media Composer, Blackmagic Fusion, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, The Foundry’s NUKE, Sony Catalyst, Magix Vegas Pro, and many more.

Our customers are truly amazing. They include the most talented motion graphics artists, post-production editors, VFX artists, colorists, and others working on some of the highest-quality video productions and motion graphic pieces from around the world. They range from independent freelancers to some of the largest international advertising agencies, and everyone in-between.

Our goal at Boris FX has always been to make software that helps you become a better editor or artist. Boris FX has been honored in recent years to have GenArts and Imagineer Systems join us. We now operate as one big team, and offer Continuum, Sapphire, and Mocha products under the Boris FX umbrella.

Create the most mind blowing visual effects you can imagine. Save time by cutting a repetitive task down to a single step. Or, simply remove an un-approved logo from a troublesome shot. Whatever you need to do, our tools have you covered.

Embrace your creative potential with Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha, and start creating remarkable motion graphics, videos, and films today.

Continuum 2020 is Now Available!

Continuum's Latest Release Delivers Ten New Time-Saving Effects & Transitions

The newest release of this comprehensive plug-in collection features 4 new creative effects, 6 new transitions, and 100 new drag-and-drop presets for editors, VFX, and post-production teams faced with tight deadlines.

What's New
  • New! Corner Pin Studio: Simplify screen inserts and more with built-in Mocha planar tracking and integrated color correction, light wrap, and drop shadow
  • New! Reflection Effect: Quickly generate mirror surface reflections
  • New! Cast Shadow Effect: Easily generate true 3D cast shadows with a built-in 3D camera and light system
  • New! Curl Effect: Instantly create auto-animating heat haze, surface drops, and curlycue distortions
  • New! Transitions: Add 6 more slick auto-animating transitions with on-screen controls to your toolkit New in Continuum 2020: Curl Dissolve, Colorize Glow Dissolve, RGB Displacement Dissolve, RGB Blur Dissolve, Kaleidoscope Dissolve, and Prism Dissolve.
  • New! Mocha Area Brush: Track and mask faster using paint-like gestural strokes
  • New! Particle Illusion: updates include new professionally-designed emitter, improved search, and tons of new time-saving functionality
  • New! Title Studio: updates include new professionally-designed preset templates, new materials & shaders, and overall interface improvements to work faster

Continuum 2020 is the latest major release of the post-production industry’s most comprehensive plugin collection. Key new features include 4 effects, 6 transitions, and nearly 100 professionally-designed presets. You’ll work even more efficiently with Particle Illusion and Title Studio’s new functionality and updated interfaces. And tracking and masking takes seconds with the addition of an Area Brush tool to integrated Mocha.


Continuum’s 3D Objects Unit includes the popular Title Studio plugin for all your 2D/3D titling needs. Title Studio includes its own easy-to-use interface, fast and high-quality renders with improved integrated Maxon Cinema 4D model support, and tons of presets to get you started quickly. Other highlighted features include Extruded .EPS, Extruded Spline, Extruded Text, and Layer Deformer.

The Academy Award-winning Mocha planar tracking and masking application is integrated inside almost every single filter in Continuum! This empowers editors to do more advanced finishing work right within the filter without having to leave editing project timelines.

Mocha can be used to generate user-defined closed spline shapes, which can be tracked individually or as a group using the Mocha planar tracker. These static or animated mask shapes can then be used to isolate the result of any filter to a specific region in the source shot (e.g., isolating a blur to someone’s face). The Mocha tracker can also be used to drive other filter parameters, such as screen/billboard replacement, face tracking, etc.

Fun Fact: Mask and tracking data from any Mocha session can be exported and used in any other Mocha session. This includes sharing tracking mask and tracking data from Mocha Pro and the integrated Mocha in Continuum, or even, Sapphire.

Instantly recreate popular art styles. Continuum’s Art Looks Unit transforms footage into museum-worthy paint styles, comics, graphic novels, and more. Highlighted effects include Artist’s Poster, 3D Bump Map, Cartoon Look, Halftone, and Watercolor.

Direct your viewers to where you want them to focus. Continuum’s Blur and Sharpen Unit lets you add depth and blur, pull rack focus, create high-quality lens blurs, and more. Highlighted effects include Fast Lens Blur, Gaussian Blur, Lens Shape, Radial Blur, and Z-Blur.

The well-defined color palette can instantly set the mood of your project. Continuum’s Color and Tone Unit gives users tons of options for color correcting, color matching, and hue-saturation tools. Highlighted features 3-Way Color Grade, Tritone, Brightness-Contrast, Color Match, and Correct Selected Color.

Continuum’s Film Style Unit lets you recreate beloved classic film looks from every decade. Add glam and grit to your next project. Highlighted effects include Fast Film Glow, Fast Film Process, Film Damage, Match Grain, and Two-Strip Color.

Fix it in post. Continuum’s Image Restoration Unit is the must-have toolset that saves imperfect footage fast. Become a problem-solving hero. Highlighted effects include Beauty Studio, Flicker Fixer, Magic Sharp, PixelFixer, and Reframer.

Create seamless composites without all the layering. Continuum’s Key and Blend Unit features the green screen and compositing power duo of Academy Award-nominated Phototron Primatte tech and Academy Award-winning integrated Mocha planar tracking and masking. Highlighted effects include Primatte Studio, Spill Remover, Light Wrap Spill, Chroma Key Studio, Luma Key, Make Alpha, and Light Wrap.

Continuum’s Lights Unit offers a lighting option to fit any need. Add subtle or over the top spotlights to stage performances, stylized light leaks, and moody rays. Highlighted effects include Glare, 3D LensFlare, Light Leaks, Light Sweep, Spotlight, and Rays.

Continuum’s Match Move Unit makes image replacement easy. Blur out unwanted people and objects, replace screens, and accomplish tricky match moves between shots. Includes integrated Mocha planar tracking and masking for quick effect isolation.

Continuum’s Particles Unit is home to the powerful new Particle Illusion plug-in. Particle Illusion’s real-time generator makes adding stunning particle-based motion graphics a cinch. The easy-to-use interface features thousands of drag-and-drop presets. Other highlighted effects include Comet, Pin Art 3D, Organic Strands, Rain, and Snow.

Work with a lot of stills? Continuum’s Perspective Unit will turn you into the next Ken Burns. Quickly add 3D perspective to 2D images with animatable camera, lights, and shadows. The renowned 3D Pan & Zoom effect is favored by top documentary, newcast, and reality TV projects. Other highlighted effects include 3D Extruded Image Shatter, Cube, Fast Flipper, and Sphere.

Continuum’s Stylize Unit is designed for the fast paced world of commercial and promo work. Add gritty street style or retro vibes to titles and footage in seconds. Highlighted effects include Damaged TV, Grunge, Misalignment, Scatterize, and Video Glitch.

Continuum’s Textures Unit lets you quickly generate organic photorealistic backgrounds, caustics, and surfaces. Highlighted effects include Brick, Cloth, Granite, Reptilian, Steel Plate, and Wood Grain.

Continuum’s Time Unit makes it easy to speed up, slow down, and reverse your clips. Punch up action sequences with temporal blur or add time loops. Highlighted effects include Jitter, Looper, Optical Flow, Posterize Time, and Temporal Blur.

Cut. Add a slick transition. Repeat. Continuum’s Transitions Unit includes nearly 40 drag-and-drop styles and over 500 presets. Highlighted transitions and dissolves include Particle Illusion Dissolve, Swish Pan, Flutter Cut, Fast Film Glow, Light Leaks, Lens Blur, and Damaged TV.

Continuum’s VR Unit seriously speeds up 360 immersive editing and finishing workflows. Stay inside your host timeline while avoiding the seams inherent to regular non-VR filters. Supports 180, 360, mono, and stereoscopic formats. Based on Mocha VR’s award-winning 360/VR tech. Includes VR Reorient, VR Insert, VR Blur, VR Sharpen, and VR Flicker Fixer.

Continuum’s Warp Unit lets users distort and morph footage in every which way. Highlighted effects include Bulge, Ripple, Turbulence, Twirl, and Warp.

Continuum’s presets allow users to quickly add professionally-designed effects and looks without the hassle of starting from scratch. Simply drag & drop any preset. Presets can be easily tweaked, saved, and shared among teams who also have access to Continuum — regardless of host application — for an even more streamlined workflow.

Continuum offers a wide variety of convenient licensing options to fit any budget. Choose from the full suite, individually-priced Continuum Units, annual subscriptions or RLM server-based floating licenses.

Boris FX Continuum 2020 - 32 tuotetta
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Boris FX Continuum Annual Subscription 2020 (v13.0.1) (Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro) 295,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Annual Subscription 2020 (v13.0.1) (Apple FCP X & Motion) 195,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Annual Subscription 2020 (v13.0.1) (Avid) 495,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Annual Subscription 2020 (v13.0.1) (OFX Resolve NUKE VEGAS Pro) 195,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Beauty Studio v2020 199,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Magic Sharp v2020 99,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Motion Blur v2020 99,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Optical Stabilizer v2020 99,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Particle Illusion v2020 295,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Perpetual License 2020 (v13.0.1) (Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro) 995,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Perpetual License 2020 (v13.0.1) (Avid) 1695,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Perpetual License 2020 (v13.0.1) (OFX Resolve NUKE VEGAS Pro) 695,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Primatte Studio v2020 299,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Stage Light v2020 99,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Title Studio v2020 199,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: 3D Objects v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Art Looks v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Blur and Sharpen v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Color and Tone v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Film Style v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Image Restoration v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Key and Blend v2020 Win&Mac 449,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Lights v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Match Move v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Particles v2020 Win&Mac 449,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Perspective v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Stylize v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Textures v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Time v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Transitions v2020 Win&Mac 336,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: Warp v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
Boris FX Continuum Unit: VR v2020 Win&Mac 224,00 €
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