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Dropbox Business

500 million registered users around the world rely on Dropbox to work together anytime, anywhere. Dropbox Business secures this powerful collaboration network with a robust set of visibility and control features, allowing IT to protect company data and comply with industry regulations. By leveraging the tool employees love, over 200,000 leading companies have chosen Dropbox Business as the unified home for your team’s content and the collaboration around it. Benfits:

  1. Keep your files safe
    Dropbox lets you save photos, docs, videos, and other files — all in one place — and automatically backs up your stuff. So if your computer breaks down or you leave your phone on the train, your stuff is safe.
  2. Take your stuff anywhere
    Save your photos and docs to Dropbox, and access them on any computer, phone, or tablet with the Dropbox app. Every file you save to Dropbox is automatically synced to all your devices, so you can get to your stuff from anywhere.
  3. Send large files
    Need to send a file? Just add it to your Dropbox, share a link to it, and you’re done. No matter how large the file is, anyone with the link can view or download a copy — even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  4. Work on files together
    Collaborate on presentations and docs — without emailing files back and forth. Just create a shared folder and add other people to it. When you edit a file in a shared folder, everyone instantly gets the latest version on their devices.

Lataa Dropbox Basic tästä veloituksetta käyttöösi:

Dropbox Business lets your team bring work anywhere, syncing their important files across all their devices. Powerful admin tools help you stay on top of your account and take control of your organization’s information. Shared folders and links help keep everyone up to date, effortlessly.

With Dropbox, team members can work together like they're sitting right next to each other — even when they’re halfway around the world. Dropbox for Business works with all the apps your team already uses to be productive — everything from Word and Excel to Photoshop and Acrobat. Plus support for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux mean no one's left out in the cold. Just create a folder, share it, and start collaborating instantly.

Welcome to a smarter way to work with Dropbox

From smart features and search enhancements on your desktop, to integrations with the tools you use every day, Dropbox is the single workspace that keeps your team organized, focused, and working in sync.

New capabilities make working together more efficient

The new desktop app
Keep teams organized and in sync with the Dropbox desktop app.

Dropbox Spaces
Transform your folders into connected workspaces that bring your team’s content to life. Spaces brings your files and cloud content together, so that your PowerPoint docs can live next to your Google Docs, Trello boards, and whatever tools your team uses.

Folder suggestions
See suggested folders based on your activity, with this intelligent feature that learns and improves the more you use it.

Starred content
Get to work fast by accessing Starred content easily, right from your desktop.

Search enhancements
Search text within files and folder descriptions, and across your cloud-based files. Search results will highlight keywords (feature coming soon).

Collaborate in real time by creating, viewing, and resolving comments alongside your files.

Keep teams organized with content all in one place. Easily prioritize and stay focused on important work. Get everyone synced with quick ways to access and share content.

Recent activity view
Stay on top of what’s happening with a folder-level view that shows the latest comments and file changes, right next to your work.

File previews
Preview files in high definition from your desktop, even if you don’t have the source application installed.

Integration with Slack and Zoom

Now you can access more powerful features of Slack and Zoom from within Dropbox and bring context to your communication.

Integration with Slack
Easily find the files you use most and share them directly from Dropbox into Slack without extra steps.

Start a Slack conversation from Dropbox to discuss changes or updates to shared content.

See Slack activity feeds alongside your files to keep track of where work has been shared.

Integration with Zoom
Add or join Zoom meetings from inside Dropbox to keep your conversations and content in the same place.

Present content directly from Dropbox to a Zoom meeting and avoid the hassle of moving from one platform to another.

Keep track of all your work in one place, with files shared to Zoom from Dropbox appearing in the Dropbox activity feed.

Cloud content management

Now you can create, organize, and share cloud content like Google Docs and Dropbox Paper from within Dropbox. Cloud content is managed, organized, and saved directly in Dropbox next to all of your other files.

  • Create new files directly from Dropbox, which now includes G Suite and Dropbox Paper.
  • Store them in your Dropbox folder hierarchy.
  • Organize them alongside your other Dropbox files.
  • Search across all content from within Dropbox.
  • Manage access rights and share using Dropbox permissions, just like your traditional files.

Dropbox Business for teams

Everything in Dropbox Basic plus:

  • More space for your team
  • 120 day file recovery
  • Remote wipe
  • Password-protected links
  • Expiring links
  • Email and phone support
  • Powerful admin tools
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Simple user management

Dropbox Business: Standard
The Standard plan for Dropbox Business is for teams needing powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools. With the Standard plan, customers will have access to features such as Smart Sync, Team Folders, and Dropbox Paper. This plan includes 2 TB of storage, and essential admin features to make your customers business more productive and secure.
Storage: 2 TB included - From 10,00 € per user monthly

Dropbox Business: Advanced
The Advanced plan for Dropbox Business is for teams and businesses seeking more sophisticated admin, audit, and integration features. With the Advanced plan, your customers will have access to Smart Sync, Team Folders, and Dropbox Paper in addition to as much space as they need. This plan offers powerful admin controls built for IT departments requiring more control, with features incluiding invite enforcement, domain verification, and device approvals. Your customers will also have unlimited API access for SIEM, DLP, IDM, DRM, and hundreds of thousands of other partners, as well as 25,000 included API calls per month with data transport partners.
Storage: Unlimited - From 15,00 € per user monthly

Lataa Dropbox Basic tästä veloituksetta käyttöösi:


Tilaamalla Dropbox-lisenssin asiakas sitoutuu aina 12 kk tilausjaksoon. Jos ostetaan lisää lisenssejä kesken vuoden, näiden sidonnaisuus on voimassa ainoastaan yhtä pitkään kuin itse varsinainen sopimus. Eli jos asiakkaalla on 8 lisenssiä ostettu toukokuussa ja marraskuussa ostetaan 2 lisää, ovat näiden kahden lisenssien osalta tilaussitoumus voimassa vain seuraavan vuoden toukokuuhun asti.

Tilausmäärän muuttaminen on myös mahdollista kesken vuoden, kunhan siis tuo minimi 3kpl on aina voimassa. Eli tilausmäärää ei voi vähentää viidestä kahteen kappaleeseen, mutta voi vähentää 8 -> 3 kpl. Lisätilauksia voi siis tehdä myös yksittäin.

EDU-hinnoiteltujen lisenssien minimihankintamäärä on 500 kpl. Näissä tapauksissa ota yhteyttä, niin teemme tarjouksen.

Dropboxin käyttöskenaariot ovat selkeät:

  • Mac-käyttäjät – Office 365:n mukana tuleva OneDrive ei kaikilta osin toimi yhteen täydellisesti Macin kanssa – Dropbox toimii.
  • Sekaympäristöt, joissa sekä Mac- että PC-laitteita – em. syyt puoltavat tätä
  • Asiakkaat jotka syystä tai toisesta eivät halua Microsoftin Office 365:sta käyttöön tai hakevat vain tallennustilaa pilvestä
  • Asiakkaat, jotka haluavat yhden tallennustilan erilaisille tarpeille, kuten tekniset piirustukset, grafiikkatiedostot, toimistodokumentit
3 reasons to upgrade to Dropbox Business

Team members using Dropbox Basic or Pro to get work done? Get your entire team on board with Dropbox Business. They’ll get the solution they love, and you’ll keep company information inside your company.

Improve collaboration across teams
Work is scattered. When files get spread across multiple devices and solutions, and teams find themselves working across offices, collaboration suffers. Dropbox Business unites devices, apps, and offices, letting employees easily work with each other and external partners. And advanced features like commenting and the Dropbox badge bring collaboration into the files users work with every day.

  • 120 days of file recovery and version history
  • Smart Sync
  • As much space as you need in the Advanced or Enterprise plans
  • Team folder 

Get better control over company data
Employees want the tools that help them stay productive. But too many solutions can make controlling company data difficult for IT. Dropbox Business gives both end users and IT what they need: one centrally managed solution that works with all the apps and devices employees already use.

  • Remote wipe
  • Comprehensive auditing
  • Separate personal and work Dropboxes
  • Enterprise solution integrations
  • Password-protection and expiring links

Simplify Dropbox account management
Growing a business takes time and resources. Dropbox Business makes scaling easier by giving you administrative control over your entire team’s accounts. And with a flexible solution that helps your team stay productive, you can retire outdated technologies—which means getting money back.

  • Admin dashboard
  • Per-user pricing
  • AD and SSO integration
  • Priority support
  • Centralized billing

Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud has partnered with Dropbox to make it easy to open, collaborate, edit, sign, and store PDF documents in Dropbox.

Together, Acrobat DC and Dropbox help you do more with PDFs, no matter where you’re located. With the Dropbox and Acrobat DC integration, you can simplify the manual process of printing out a file, handwriting comments, scanning the document, and then emailing it as an attachment. Instead, you can open a PDF in Acrobat DC directly from Dropbox, edit it, and then save and share your work easily back into Dropbox. And with Acrobat Reader mobile for iOS and Android, you can annotate and comment on PDFs stored in Dropbox while you’re on-the-go.

  • Easily edit PDFs on the go. Highlight or annotate text from your iPhone or iPad, and your changes will be saved back to Dropbox automatically.
  • Share your work in seconds. Any edits you make to a PDF stored in Dropbox — whether you make the changes on your computer or mobile device — will save back to Dropbox, so you can share the updated PDF with collaborators quickly and easily.
  • Pull up the latest drafts of your PDFs anytime and anywhere. Access the PDFs in your Dropbox from within Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader — on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Adobe, a Dropbox Premier Partner

Why teams use Dropbox Business with Autodesk

For decades, Autodesk has enabled designers, engineers, and construction teams to build their best work. And when they need access to those files in the field or on the go, organizations turn to Dropbox Business for anytime, anywhere editing and collaboration. Together, Dropbox and Autodesk provide a best-of-breed solution for users who want to build and share their work with the world.

  • Increase mobile productivity
    • Upload and share photos directly from the worksite back to the office to keep a record of progress and track changes with unlimited version history.
    • Streamline approvals with native commenting to keep stakeholders up to date.
  • Sync large files faster
    • Delta, LAN, streaming sync technology allows Dropbox to sync files quickly and reliably, whether you’re in the office or on site.
    • Maintain a central repository by storing all files, not just CAD files, in one place, so your team can spend more time working on their files and less time searching for them.
  • Secure your creative work
    • 256-bit AES encryption protects data in transit and at rest, so your most important IP is always protected.
    • Comprehensive audit logs give IT the tools to monitor internal and external sharing proactively.
    • Remote wipe and account transfer enable IT to recover data from external contractors and clients once projects are finished.

New feature- The Dropbox AutoCAD integration

The new Dropbox-AutoCAD integration allows easy access to Dropbox files from within the AudoCAD desktop application!

We want to reduce friction for our users who access AutoCAD files stored in Dropbox. Users will now be able to save files seamlessly without leaving the AutoCAD desktop application. This is made possible by our new Dropbox integration for AutoCAD!

Why did we build this?
AutoCAD is one of the most widely used applications among architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing professionals. There are more than 1.5 billion *.dwg files stored in Dropbox. In fact, we have one of the largest collections of AutoDesk design files in the world. With this integration we now bring these files right into AutoCAD and help teams collaborate more efficiently. By enabling direct access to Dropbox we eliminate the need for keeping local file copies and automatically keep teams in sync.

How does it work?
Any Dropbox user can download the integration from the AutoDesk
app store. After authenticating their Dropbox accounts from within the app they can access their Dropbox files and edit them directly within AutoCAD. These edited files can then be saved back to Dropbox, instantly providing all stakeholders with access to the most recent updates. 

Access Dropbox throughout iOS
The new Files app in iOS 11 lets you browse files stored on your device and on Dropbox—all in one place. From there, you can open, edit, move, rename, upload, create folders, and download files. And if you have personal and work Dropbox accounts, you’ll be able to browse both in Files.

The tools you need to get work done, from nearly anywhere on any device

Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365 work seamlessly together across desktop, web, and mobile to help people access and collaborate on their files from anywhere.

Together, Microsoft and Dropbox help teams be more productive with seamless mobile and web integrations that enable employees to access, edit, and share their Office docs anytime, on any device. With co-authoring capabilities, teams can co-edit Excel, Powerpoint, and Word files natively, in real time. And the Dropbox badge allows collaborators to see who else is viewing a file and get the latest version with just one click.

Dropbox also integrates with Azure AD, enabling companies to quickly set-up single sign-on and manage accounts automatically in Dropbox Business.

With Microsoft Office 365, companies can:

  • Increase employee productivity. Easily edit Microsoft Office files stored in Dropbox directly from the web or on a mobile device with the support of best-in-class syncing.
  • Simplify collaboration. Co-edit Office files in real time and update it to the latest version with just one click.
  • Improve ROI through adoption. Provide your teams with the tools they love, with no training required, high adoption rates, and better control over company data.

And with Azure Active Directory, your IT team can:

  • Turn-on immediate access. Deploy enterprise-class, single sign-on out of the box.
  • Control accounts with ease. Create and manage user accounts automatically in Dropbox Business.
  • Simplify account management. Connect Dropbox Business to Azure AD easily with a simple, step-by-step user interface.

New feature- The Dropbox add-in for MS Outlook
and support for iOS 11

Dropbox has created an add-in that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. By connecting the Dropbox add-in to your Outlook account, you can:
  • Replace email attachments with a shared link to any file, big or small
  • Save email attachments that you receive directly to your Dropbox account
  • Ensure those with access to a file see updates to it (since shared links always point to the latest version of a file, whereas attachments are just a static copy)

Microsoft, a Dropbox Premier Partner

The Dropbox GDPR Guidance Center

This guidance center hopes to offer some helpful insight and practical steps for organizations as they prepare for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as the GDPR, by May 25, 2018. 

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