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Micro Focus Novell ZENworks

Novell is now
a part of Micro Focus

Micro Focus: Bridging the Old and the New

Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience in delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions that help customers innovate faster with lower risk.

By applying proven expertise in software and security, we enable customers to utilize new technology solutions while maximizing the value of their investments in critical IT infrastructure and business applications. As a result, they can build, operate and secure the IT systems that bring together existing business logic and applications with emerging technologies—in essence, bridging the old and the new—to meet their increasingly complex business demands.

If you’re like most IT departments, you and your team are responsible for provisioning, maintaining, tracking, protecting and retiring large numbers of client devices.

You must manage hundreds of thousands of applications, numerous licensing contracts and an unending list of software patches. And on top of it all, your company workforce is constantly changing, with new requests every day. It can be a difficult and frustrating responsibility.

Do More, Spend Less With the ZENworks Suite

ZENworks manages assets, configuration, endpoint security, encryption, patches, and virtualization

ZENworks Suite merges the necessary tools to manage and protect your IT environment in one place. The complete Micro Focus ZENworks platform includes ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, and ZENworks Patch Management. The suite now includes two more products. Micro Focus Desktop Containers improves workforce flexibility by allowing users to access applications wherever remotely, and the Incident Management edition of Micro Focus Service Desk enables an organized and responsive help desk.

ZENworks Suite is not just a management suite or protection suite; it’s both. You get everything you need in one box.

ZENworks Asset Management

Provides hardware and software reports that integrate licensing, installation, and usage data.

ZENworks Configuration Management

Provides automated endpoint management, software distribution, user support, and accelerated Windows 7 migration.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

Delivers identity-based protection for mobile devices like laptops, smart phones, and thumb drives, and offers driver-level firewall protection.

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

Protect the data on laptops and desktops with push-button ease.

ZENworks Patch Management

Automates patch assessment, monitoring and remediation, and monitors patch compliance to detect security vulnerabilities.

ZENworks Suite

The complexities of managing a large fleet of PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones can be intimidating. ZENworks can help. Whether you’re trying to cut costs, save time or make sure your workforce stays productive.

ZENworks Virtual Appliance

Provides self-contained ''plug and play'' configuration management, asset management and patch management.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore