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ClearApps Network Inventory Advisor

ClearApps is founded in 1999 and produce clear and functional software for network inventory, network optimization and PC audit in big and small companies.

Network Inventory Advisor is a very good alternative to all-in-one monstrous asset management and expensive helpdesk solutions, as most companies and persons working in IT management might need just a clear and decent tool for network inventory.

Network Inventory Advisor

  • Conduct professional network inventory
  • Ensure effective network management
  • Simplified IT asset management
  • Computer inventory software
  • Software inventory done right
  • Hardware inventory at your finger tips
  • License audits and compliance
  • Network inventory knowledgebase
Network Inventory Advisor - what's inside?


Network Inventory Advisor is completely safe to install: no toolbars, no hidden modules, no unwanted apps. Installation is simple; you'll be informed on every step it takes.

All standard licenses are subject to nationwide limitations. Network Inventory Advisor for Windows scans Windows, Mac OS X, Linux computers and SNMP devices, any of them will count as a node.

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Software and hardware inventory
In-depth network inventory is simpler with our agent-free solution. Network Inventory Advisor generates flexible reports for effective hardware & software inventory of networks that include Windows, Macs, Linux and other network and standalone devices. Our computer audit software perfectly scans networks of any size reporting on all software & hardware. All collected data is stored in a central place that can be easily shared, exported or transferred.

All-in-one network inventory
All your PC inventory reports are in one place now! Network Inventory Advisor features several types of scanning to ensure fast & reliable computer inventory: agent-free scan using WMI, special agent utility & Logon Script integration. Our PC inventory software uses unique network discovery techniques to automatically find all your Windows nodes, Macs, Linux machines & SNMP network devices (v1/v2c supported). With every scan your network is analyzed & summarized in detailed report with statistics on OS, devices, storage, etc. Network Inventory Advisor is the perfect all-in-one network inventory tool for configuration, IT accounting and network security management.

Software licensing audit
Automatically collect and track software licenses and purchases. Network Inventory Advisor scans and finds serial numbers and license codes for all Autodesk products, most of Microsoft, Corel, Symantec, Adobe and other software titles. All license codes collected are managed in a flexible report that helps you ensure you are protected from any potential copyright infringement claims. Network Inventory Advisor is a perfect tool for software licensing audits used both by companies who buy software, as well as by software publishers seeking professional accurate audit materials from their clients.

Custom nodes inventory
Easily add even non-computer assets to the inventory. With our PC inventory software you can track and report on standalone nodes, like offline computers, printers, keyboards, sound devices, even your office furniture (practically anything). Nodes created manually are an invaluable feature that helps keep the whole database of your company's equipment in one searchable and handy place. These nodes are not counted in your license, so you can have unlimited numbers of them.

Multiple networks inventory
Since version 4, Network Inventory Advisor is no longer a 1-network solution. You can create and manage multiple networks according to your clients list, and switch among them within a click. It's so convenient, that you, as MSP, will never look for any additional software to run your network inventory projects. Got a new client? Create a separate network in Network Inventory Advisor and run the scan. Need to get back to another company? Choose their network from the list, refresh its network summary and print updated reports.

Advanced network management
You can move, group, regroup and ungroup, reassign and edit multiple nodes at the same time. Just select 2 or more computers or network devices in Network Inventory Advisor after scanning and you will be presented with the list of available actions, one click - and it's done. Quickly finding and filtering your network tree to narrow down to the node you were searching for is an easy task as well!

Change management and control
Network Inventory Advisor tracks software and hardware changes every time you run a new scan. It also features an extremely powerful and flexible set of network alerts. Thanks to them you are always notified when something is removed, installed or replaced anywhere in your network. In just one click you can build the report on all the changes that happened since the last scan. Hundreds of companies worldwide use Network Inventory Advisor as their main software for infrastructure and equipment change management. It's easy, flexible and convenient!

Free network inventory software!
Network Inventory Advisor is free for everyone to test it out at 25-node networks within 2 weeks. Numerous expert-level features of our PC inventory software also include: reliable security software detection (based on customized algorithms); flexible export of any node or network report into CSV (for Excel), SQL (for MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL or other DB engines), HTML, PDF, XML or internal format; smart scanning; credentials center with multiple logins; 30 pre-defined device types; user-defined fields and extremely simple integration into an existing helpdesk or CMDB solution.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore