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The predecessor of Fontlab Ltd. was Pyrus North America Ltd. The company was established in 1992 to internationally market and distribute software produced by SoftUnion Ltd. of St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1993 the first product, FontLab 2.0 for Windows, one of the first digital typeface editors for the Windows environment, was released. Reviews and feedback from marketing research showed the product was very well received by a new and rapidly growing group of graphic designers who worked on the PC.

In 2003-2004, a series of major updates to Fontlab Ltd.'s products were released: FontLab 4.6, ScanFont 4 for Mac and BitFonter 2 for Mac. In May 2005, Fontlab Ltd. amazed the critics and the user community by announcing that the company licensed the Fontographer product line from Macromedia and plans to continue the development of the font editing classic. Later that year saw the release of FontFlasher (for creating pixelfonts) and FogLamp (for converting native Fontographer files into native Fontlab files).

Fontlab Ltd. now occupies the leading role worldwide in computer typography tools with more typography products on more platforms in more languages than any other company.


BitFonter 3 Professional bitmap font editor
DTL OTMaster 2 Examine and fix OpenType fonts
FogLamp 2 Convert your old Fontographer .fog project files into FontLab-compatible .vfb files
FONmaker Powerful bitmap font creator for Windows
FontLab Studio 5 Comprehensive solution for designing, creating, manipulating and modifying fonts
Fontographer 5 Create, customize, add extra characters, fine-tune, fix and convert fonts
ScanFont 5 Turn graphics into fonts
SigMaker 3 Turn any photo, image, logo or signature into a font and use just one file in every application on every platform
TransType Pro 4 Convert fonts between Mac and Windows, and between all major font formats
TypeTool 3 Basic font editor for creating or customizing fonts
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BitFonter 3 Mac ESD 476,00 €
BitFonter 3 Win ESD 476,00 €
DTL OTMaster 2.3 Mac ESD 340,00 €
DTL OTMaster 2.3 Win ESD 340,00 €
FogLamp 2.0 Mac ESD 75,00 €
FogLamp 2.0 Win ESD 75,00 €
FontLab Studio 5 Mac ESD 619,00 €
FontLab Studio 5 Win ESD 619,00 €
Fontographer 5 Mac ESD 381,00 €
Fontographer 5 Win ESD 381,00 €
Fontographer Power Pack Mac ESD 476,00 €
Photofont WebReady Mac ESD 76,00 €
TransType Pro Mac ESD 94,00 €
TransType Pro Win ESD 99,00 €
TypeTool Mac ESD 108,00 €
TypeTool Win ESD 108,00 €
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore