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Markzware FlightCheck 7

Markzware, a California USA based company, is a software publisher with expertise in the worldwide graphics, printing and publishing industries.

Founded in 1992, Markzware was created by Patrick Marchese and Ron Crandall, and Markzware incorporated in 1995. We started with a dream of a superior quality control product for designers and printers which created the preflight industry. 1996 saw the company’s first footprint in Europe, and in 1998, a separate company, Markzware B.V., was created in The Netherlands.

In the fall of 1995, Markzware applied for U.S. Patent # 5,963,641 for the “Device and method for examining, verifying, correcting and approving electronic documents prior to printing, transmission or recording.” Markzware’s flagship product, FlightCheck®, is the embodiment of that patent. FlightCheck dominates the industry it created, serving thousands of professional creative design agencies, printers and publishers worldwide.

Today, Markzware expands its line of affordable data conversion and preflighting tools. Our objective is developing tools that work and that provide superb value for our customers. Ease of use and day-to-day labor reduction are key design factors.

Markzware products help our industry minimize environmental impact by repurposing content, reducing reprinting and providing file recovery to reduce ink, chemical, paper and electrical consumption.

Markzware FlightCheck 7 Mac (Preflight for Print)

  • Stand-Alone application
  • Refined Interface for Acrobat PDF preflighting
  • Categories of potential problems
  • Customizable rule sets to check PDF and non-PDF files
  • QuarkXPress 9 and InDesign CS5 support
  • Support for third-party font applications
  • Customizable font & image paths
  • Scans, reports and collects the entire job
  • Much, much more !

Markzware FlightCheck is your prepress application used to manage quality control for printing. This solution provides both native file and Acrobat PDF preflight checking and is backed by a United States patent. FlightCheck is an essential tool for Print Shops, Creative Designers, Prepress Departments, Customer Service Reps and Graphics Professionals within the digital print and publishing industries; helping you prepare Acrobat PDF and other document types for commercial printing.

FlightCheck helps you create excellent Acrobat PDF files for brochures, advertisements, manuals, and virtually any printed document. It provides complete quality control saving printers and publishers time and money by avoiding re-printing jobs. FlightCheck preflights digital files thoroughly and warns you about potential printing problems while guiding you directly to them for repair. It issues a complete analysis of the print job highlighting potential errors, item by item, including wrong document size, missing fonts, incorrect colors, transparency of spot colors, incorrect image resolution and much more. FlightCheck then collects all required elements of the print job, such as images and fonts, to insure that jobs print as expected.

NEW FlightCheck 7 Mac! Preflighting and Packaging done right, as a stand-alone application. Perfect for advertising studios, publishers, printers and in particular:

  • Graphic designers
  • Prepress operators
  • Layout Artists
  • DTP'ers (Desktop Publishers)
  • CSRs (Customer Service Reps) at Print-Shops
  • Book publishers
  • Marketing professionals and more..


Preflighting with Markzware FlightCheck, software to preflight many file formats, can save money by catching printing errors during prepress, before printing.
FlightCheck 7 goes further...
  • Preflight & Package multi DTP File Formats in One Application [watch]
  • Easy to Use, Easier to Understand
  • Preflight Native and PDF Print or Online Files Alike [watch]
  • Package MULTIPLE InDesign Files at Once (InDesign Can't) [watch]
  • Compress Single or MULTIPLE Packaged Files (INDD, PSD, .AI, etc Can't) [watch]
  • Preflight & Package .PSD Photoshop Art-Work. Adobe does not [watch]
  • Preflight Copied and Pasted Graphics [watch]
  • So Much More... [Subscribe to MarkzwareTV today]

FlightCheck 7 Demo Version
Note - The FlightCheck demo is a free 30-day version actually!

FAST and EASY to enter:

  1. Download a FlightCheck 30-day FREE demo version here
  2. Drag-and-drop an Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PDF or many other DTP file formats onto FlighgtCheck and try it.

That's it.

FlightCheck Marketing
The FlightCheck product page has also fully been re-worked. Please go there to get valuable information. For instance, did you know that FlightCheck 7 still supports these various DTP file formats? 

"One of the key capabilities of FlightCheck is its power to preflight file formats and image types of a wide variety. A partial list includes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, CorelDRAW, EPS, TIFF and many more."

FlightCheck 7 Video Demonstration

Wow, so much possible with FlightCheck 7.
Have an updated FlightCheck web page? Email to me so that we can tweet and share on FaceBook and the likes!

Installation and Activation
Here is a video on how to install and activate FlightCheck 7. It is really SIMPLE, for it is a stand-alone application - just like how easy FightCheck is to use as well
Remember, "Quality is Never an Accident." view:
InDesign CC Cannot - FlightCheck 7 Can!

Preflight is vital in graphic design, prepress and of course printing. InDesign of course has a useful Live Preflighting function in modern versions, yet that does not catch all of the tricky and often frequent problems that one can encounter in their graphic arts workflow. Markzware FlightCheck often can! FlightCheck 7, just out with Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) support, goes further...

Seeing is believing...

Watch, InDesign Cannot - FlightCheck Can:

"Find a Missing Font in Embedded Illustrator Graphic Used in InDesign"

FlightCheck is the professionals choice for preflighting. Many use FlightCheck just for Illustrator or Photoshop files, others just for InDesign and some even still only for QuarkXPress layouts. Most will also run the resulting print-PDF through FlightCheck as well, before going into other back-end workflows. Get FlightCheck today, or at least give it a try!

Channel IconMarkzwareTV

MarkzwareTV is brought to you by Markzware, the leading software developer of desktop search, data conversion, preflight and file recovery applications and services. Our target markets include marketing and advertising companies, designers, publishers and printers

Stay tuned for not only product news, updates and demonstrations, but also exciting clips, animations and productions!


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