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Formed in 2001, Becrypt provides market leading data security, media encryption, disk encryption software and remote access products that can be configured to the individual needs of your organisation.

Becrypt protect customers in a number of key Government areas, including Central Government, Defence, Law Enforcement, and Customs and Excise. Becrypt are also active in the corporate sector, with key customers in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Banking. Products have been successfully designed to meet stringent government security policy and standards whilst maintaining the usability, ease of deployment and ease of management demanded by the corporate sector.

Full Disk Encryption Software

DISK Protect full disk encryption software gives complete peace of mind that data held on laptops and PCs is fully protected in the event of loss or theft. With our full disk encryption software solution the hard drive is transparently encrypted, with no impact on performance. Using strong user authentication, unauthorised access is prevented.

DISK Protect disk encryption can also encrypt the data on removable media such as, Firewire, USB devices, SD cards, other mass storage devices and local disks.

PDA encryption software for PDAs and mobile devices

PDA Protect is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) encryption software solution that secures a PDA by encrypting its removable memory, enforcing strong user authentication, restricting data transfer, and optionally preventing the use of high-risk features, allowing an enterprise to impose controls on PDA use.

PDA Protect authenticates the user by password every time the PDA is switched on. If the password entered is incorrect the pda encryption software recognises this, the device remains locked and the data is secure.

End Point Control to stop data leakage

Connect Protect end point control protects organisations, by preventing unauthorised access to, and use of, external removable devices and providing centrally managed audit trails for all connection events.

Connect Protect features digital signing for approved devices allowing an organisation to strictly control what type, and how many, removable storage devices are in use inside the organisation. This also prevents data leakage by preventing authorised devices from being cloned.

File encryption and media encryption

The threat of data loss incidents is highest when your data is being moved outside of the physical boundary of the organisation. CDs and USB sticks containing critical data without file encryption can easily be mislaid or stolen, exposing the organisation to potentially damaging data loss incidents.

Protect your data. wherever it goes from data loss incidents with file encryption. Becrypt Media Client helps to significantly reduce the risk of data loss incidents whilst data is in transit. Using file encryption Bycrypt Media Clients helps to enforce data security policy by securing data on CDs, DVDs, and USB devices.

Secure mobile access for secure isolated environment

Delivered through a USB stick, Trusted Client allows remote workers to access their network from any Internet enabled PC by simply inserting Trusted Client and booting up the machine. A secure isolated environment is created on the host PC, all data including the operating system is encrypted, critical applications and data can be accessed in confidence. So no trace of Trusted Client is left on the host PC. Encryption is performed using the Becrypt Cryptographic Module it has CCTM and FIPS 140-2 approval and is under going CAPS validation.

Security management suite

Becrypt Enterprise Manager is a security management suite that leverages open standards for the centralised management of scalable, approved data security solutions and device encryption. Combining comprehensive assurance for end - point and infrastructure. Enterprise Manager allows for device encryption and total data security and offers low cost - of - ownership through a simplified management console.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore