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ConceptDraw 2011 -tuoteperhe

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphics technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. With headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and an office in San Jose, Calif., USA, CS Odessa sells products internationally through resellers in over 25 countries. The ConceptDraw line of products has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

The ConceptDraw Products late last year underwent a dramatic transformation. Each of our products were updated from customer input gathered over the past 2 years, to bring you a dynamic set of products that are focused on helping you accomplish your goals. The newest versions of our products have been well received in the marketplace, come see what the newest generation of ConceptDraw Products are all about.

Sophisticated tools for capturing, storing and presenting ideas and information effectively.
ConceptDraw Office  


  • ConceptDraw PRO
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT

ConceptDraw Office outstanding innovation is the ability of end-to-end visual representation of the data and task status information in a visual manner that is the most optimal for each workflow participant. ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO composed a single solution that provides all requirements of managing a workflow or project:

  • Capturing the ideas,
  • Planning and scheduling,
  • Organizing the process,
  • Keeping of suitable communications,
  • Process tracking and management.

ConceptDraw Office is a comprehensive suite of fully featured business productivity tools, including ConceptDraw PRO for business diagramming, ConceptDraw MINDMAP for mind mapping, and ConceptDraw PROJECT for project management. These three tools utilize CS Odessa’s sophisticated INGYRE2 technology to deliver some incredibly powerful integration features that are unique to ConceptDraw.

ConceptDraw Office is a powerful business productivity software suite. As the only integrated business solution on the market that supports the management of projects, ConceptDraw Office walks you through the first stage of brainstorming ideas, to the successful completion of a project. The powerful software integration of ConceptDraw Office provides superior process management capabilities.

ConceptDraw Office contains a comprehensive toolset that is designed to enable knowledge workers, in any size business, to streamline daily work and organize the information flow in a business process.

ConceptDraw Pro 9  

Discover the World of Visual Communication©

ConceptDraw PRO offers a wide choice of powerful and easy-to-use tools for quickly creating all kinds of charts and diagrams. Even if you've never used a drawing tool before, it's very easy to create high-quality professional graphic documents with ConceptDraw PRO. That's possible thanks to the program's intuitive interface, comprehensive drawing capabilities, and many pre-drawn library shapes. Templates will help to quickly create most common documents.

MindMap 7  
Capture What You Think, Do What You Plan©

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a simple, versatile tool for organizing ideas and data. It enables you to quickly produce documents and presentations from mind maps. With the built-in presentation options, you can easily communicate your mind maps to an audience or collaborate with a team. ConceptDraw MINDMAP improves your productivity by having easy-to-use features for quickly inputting data into a mind map

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 is a business and personal productivity tool that provides versatile integration with MS Office and project management software along with complete support of mind mapping and brainstorming techniques within single productivity toolbox.

ConceptDraw Project 6  
Professional Proactive Project Management©

ConceptDraw Project 6 project management software is designed to efficiently plan and track a number of projects simultaneously and to accurately allocate and manage any identified resource used in any of the projects being managed. ConceptDraw Project represents project data in a clear visual manner, displaying a color-coded representation of resource usage; as well as highlighting any possible areas of resource misalignment for easy identification. Convenient tabular project interface provides quick navigation between projects and different status views, making it easier to supervise each individual project as well as all the projects in the manager’s portfolio. ConceptDraw Project is an effective tool for both beginner and experienced users.

MindMap WebWave  


Plan Web Site Design and Structure with ConceptDraw WebWave

The new ConceptDraw WebWave is specially designed for individuals involved in the web design and web development process. WebWave includes a complete set of templates, libraries and wizards that may be used to design, develop and support high-quality web sites and applications. ConceptDraw WebWave is recommended for Web Designers, Webmasters, Web Developers, Web Architects and Web Designing project management staff.

Key Features:

  • Web Site Map Generator: Analyze the content of a web site and create a hyperlinked site map.
  • Web Site Structure Scanner: Explore the file structure of a web site and draw a corresponding site structure diagram.
  • Web Site Prototype Builder: Create the complete folder and file structure of your web site on your hard drive. This web structure is derived from your generated site map.
  • Preview Mode: View the contents of documents that are linked to icons, directly from the site map.
  • Color Scheme Generator: Trial and select the ideal color scheme and palette for your web site pages.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) File Support: Generate CSS files to saved web page styles. Use these files to apply the same color schemes, fonts and backgrounds to other web pages.
  • To-Do List Generator:Create to-do lists containing the information that is necessary to manage the web development process.
  • Web Site Structure Export to Microsoft XML: Export site map files to XML format, and open in ConceptDraw PROJECT or Microsoft Project to easily manage the web building process.
MindMap NetDiagrammer  

Recommended for:

  • system administrators
  • network designers
  • network managers
  • IT security specialists
  • chief technology officers
  • network engineers
  • network certification for students and educators
ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer has been developed for professional computer network diagramming, LAN scanning and visualization, preparation of network documentation, office/building/home network planning. The software is intended for network administrators, IT directors, network designers and engineers, and for everyone who finds detailed network documentation, diagramming and schematics critical. The software includes large collections of task-specific shapes of network objects as well as templates, samples, and easy-to-use wizards. ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer allows you to not only draw professional network and system diagrams and schematics but also all types of UML diagrams, floor plans and office layout drawings, flowcharts and dataflow diagrams, workflow and others.

Key Features:

  • Special libraries of highly detailed shapes
  • Automatic LAN Scanner and diagrammer
  • Cable Length Estimator
  • IP subnet mask calculator
  • Intelligent smart-connectors to connect components.
  • Multiple layers to separate different areas of visibility.
  • Export to graphic formats, PDF, Power Point, Flash, and HTML with hyperlinks.
  • Multi-page documents with hyperlinks.
  • Custom properties for storing detailed information on the network equipment.
  • Rich text capabilities to annotate your diagrams and different backgrounds.
  • Built-in ConceptDraw Basic scripting language for custom integration of your diagrams with any data source.
  • Works both on Win and Mac OS X

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