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Intellipool Network Monitor


Intellipool Network Monitor

Intellipool Network Monitor on toiminnoilla ladattu, helppokäyttöinen valvontatyökalu. INM asennetaan järjestelmän palveluksi, ja se valvoo verkkoresursseja. Hälytykset voidaan lähettää sähköpostina tai tekstiviestinä.

Intellipool Network Monitorin edut:

  • Ei asiakasohjelmiston asennusta
    INM asennetaan verkon keskeiselle paikalle, josta verkkoa valvotaan. Valvottaviin kohteisiin ei tarvitse asentaa ohjelmistoa.
  • Hälytykset tekstiviestillä
    Voit vastaanottaa hälytykset tekstiviestillä.
  • Hajautettu valvonta
    Voit valvoa yksittäisiä kohteita tai kokonaisia verkkoja keskitetysti yhdeltä INM-työasemalta. Turvallinen tiedonsiirto Internetin välityksellä; yhteensopiva palomuurien kanssa.
  • Ympäristöolosuhteiden valvonta
    Valmius Sensatronicsin lämpötila- ja kosteudenmittauslaitteiden kytkennälle.
  • Komentosarjaohjelma UNIX-järjestelmälle
    Toiminnon avulla voit valvoa UNIX-koneen lähes mitä tahansa toimintoa.

Intellipool Network Monitor is a system for agentless server monitoring, alerting and reporting of a large selection of operating systems and SNMP capable devices. See our Online demo!

One server monitoring system for all your servers

A unique feature of Intellipool Network Monitor is the wide selection of operating system it can monitor, without needing to install anything on the monitored host. Supported operating systems:
  • AIX (4.2 and above)
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • HP-UX
  • Generic Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • OpenSUSE 10.2
  • Red Hat Enterprise Server
  • Solaris
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
Read more here.

Up and running in 10 minutes

Compact and easy to use, a hallmark of Intellipool Network Monitor. An easy to use setup wizard will help you to configure monitors, reports, operators and email settings. Most of the configuration is done automatically and takes less then 10 minutes to complete.
Monitor information page NOC page Network list
Intellipool Network Monitor Intellipool Network Monitor Intellipool Network Monitor
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Monitoring features

Directory service monitors
Enviroment monitors
Log monitors
Network service monitors
Performance monitors
Process monitors
Script monitors
SNMP monitors
Web and mail monitors
Uncategorised monitors


Intellipool Network Monitor presentation (PDF)
Distributed Edition presentation(PDF)
Intellipool Network Monitor customer references
Intellipool Network Monitor FAQ
Web interface images

Distributed monitoring

An enterprise network is usually not a single coherent network. This is the reason why monitoring often is cumbersome and ineffective. INM solves this problem in a very elegant way with Gateways. Gateways are small instances installed in the local area network and controlled by a central INM installation. Using Gateways INM can monitor every local area network island in your network from one central point.
Read more here (PDF)

Agentless monitoring = less hassle

Without the need to install any agents on the monitored machine Intellipool Network Monitor saves you money right from the start. The installation process is a fraction of the time needed compared with a traditional monitoring solution.

Enviromental monitoring

Intellipool AB and Sensatronics Inc have teamed up and created the most flexible software and hardware solution for enviroment monitoring. Intellipool Network Monitor supports all devices manufactured by Sensatronics Inc.


Intellipool Network Monitor is powered by LUA

Intellipool Network Monitor includes support for the Lua scripting language. Customers can create custom made agents to test systems and equipment not supported by any current monitoring solution.

Taking action

Intellipool Network Monitor features a unique way to handle and escalate alarms; we call it action list and are best described as small a program that is executed when an alarm is triggered.

User permission

Intellipool Network Monitor includes a sophisticated user rights management system making it possible to restrict access for operators. Users can for example be restricted just to see certain monitored object, and ideal solution for service providers.

Integration with enterprise consoles software

INM can forward all log information, including alerts, as SNMP traps to other systems such as enterprise network consoles.

Get the facts, fast !

Introducing Toplists, a birds eye view of your network and server health and a easy way to make sure that Service Level Agreements are kept. With a simpleclick you can view the daily averages of uptime, CPU usage, Memory usage, disk usage,network usage and more.
Read more here

Server monitoring as a value added service to your customers?

Nothing else can really compete with INM when it comes to monitoring many multiple sites where the only connection is the big cloud in the middle of the network map called the Internet. Setup INM at your site, deploy a gateway at your customers site and you are up and running. Once deployed the gateway is remotely controlled by the server, you can even patch the gateway remotely from the server.
Read more here (PDF)

Open and extendable

While INM comes with everything you need to monitor your network we know that there is alot of custom software and legacy hardware that needs to monitored. This is why we integrated a script programming language called Lua into INM, making it possible to monitor virtually anything connected to the network.
Read more here.

Try it for 30 days

Download the evaluation version and try Intellipool Network Monitor for 30 days. Free support is provided during your evaluation period on our support forums.
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  • Monitor virtual any type of network resource with the 37 different types of tests.
  • Managed by an easy to use web interface that can be secured by SSL.
  • No need for installation of software on monitored resources.
  • Built in SSH2 client used to perform secure monitoring of UNIX objects.
  • SSH2 script agent, monitor virtually any function on any UNIX machine.
  • Dependency trees, organize your agents according to your network structure to perform conditional testing of agents.
  • Autoscan feature that automatically searches your network for agents will reduce install time.
  • Logging options include XML logfile, ODBC database, Syslog and Windows Event Log.
  • Actionlists with powerful features that control the action taken when a server goes down and when it restarts.
  • Defineable actions and events include Email, SMS, paging, SSH2 script execution, service management, Wake-On-LAN and more.
  • Operator rights management, enables the administrator to restrict the ability to browse and alter objects, schedules and other features.
  • Integrates with UNIX Syslog, receive Syslog messages and trigger alarms.
  • SNMP MIB browser and MIB compiler
  • Notification options include, email and SMS
  • Runs on Windows 2000 , Windows XP or Windows 2003. Monitor anything!

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