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IDM UltraEdit for Linux


Announcing UltraEdit for Linux

The world's best text editor is now available on Linux! We didn't simply port UltraEdit to Linux, rather we re-engineered the critical components to take advantage of the native Linux operating system - all this to give you the superior performance that UltraEdit is known for - on your operating system of choice.
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Key Features:
* Group related files and folders with Projects
* Column/block mode editing
* Syntax highlighting for 100's of languages
* Find/Replace with regular expressions
* Robust Find in Files and Replace in Files
* Execute applications/shell commands
* Function list for easy navigation in code
* Code folding, brace matching, auto-indent
* Large file handling
* Automate tasks with Macros or Scripting
* Unicode/UTF-8 support
* Drag-n-drop horizontal/vertical split window
* HEX editing
* Configurable keyboard mapping
* Recallable text snippets with Templates
* File change detection
* Middle mouse primary select... And more!
 What is UEx? A Powerful Linux Editor With...
Column/Block Mode Editing Task Automation with Scripting/Macros
Find/Replace and Find/Replace in Files Easy Code Navigation with the Function List
Download UltraEdit for Linux Today!
Syntax Highlighting and Code Folding File/Folder Grouping with Projects
Shell Command Support with Tools Binary File Editing with Hex Mode
Download UltraEdit for Linux Today!
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Find in Selected Text

Highlight All Items Found in Selected Text

Find and Replace is a cornerstone feature for UltraEdit so it is integral to UEx. Of course UEx offers find/replace, but UEx offers additional (new) find/replace features. One specific feature that was improved is the Find/Replace in selected text. UEx's new find dialog supports a Highlight all Items found in selected text - including both standard and column mode selections. More....
   Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit for Linux  
Column Mode

Column Mode Simplified - CTRL+Drag to Activate Block Selection

Column mode is another feature that offers new functionality not available in the Windows version. Power users often want to avoid using menus/toolbars. Because column mode editing is an often-used feature, we added a keyboard shortcut to simplify the process. You can activate column mode editing by simply holding CTRL while you click and drag your block selection. More....
   Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit for Linux  
Linux Primary Select

A Must-Have for Linux Users: Primary Selection Support

The goal of UEx is to deliver UltraEdit for Linux while ensuring we do not lose the native Linux experience.  Primary Selection support - that is copying and pasting via the middle mouse button - is one feature that Linux users must have, so UEx supports it.  Simply select text in the edit window, navigate to an internal/external text field and hit the middle mouse... Your text is there! 
   Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit for Linux  
Linux Tool

Advanced Tool Techniques: Launch a Custom Terminal

One of the most useful features in UltraEdit is its robust user tool functionality. Tools allow you to interact with the shell directly from UltraEdit. You can use a tool to launch a shell script, debug your source code files, send the current file to another program, and more. Not only that, UltraEdit allows you to specify which terminal you wish to use with your custom tool!  More....

   Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit for Linux  
Split Window Editing

Drag-N-Drop Split Pane Editing... Vertical/Horizontal Split Window

The horizontal/vertical split feature may not sound like a "must have" feature, but when you need a quick and easy way to edit your files side-by-side you certainly can't live without it. This is a convenient feature when you're manually comparing files, when you want to copy/paste between multiple files, or when you simply want to divide up your edit space. 
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 What Will UEx Become...
Ian D. Mead
Ian D. Mead
The goal of UEx is to deliver the classic features and functionality of the Windows version of UltraEdit to Linux and Mac community while ensuring we are true to the expectation of providing a native Linux and Mac computing experience.

For instance, consider Primary Selection support; that is copying and pasting via the middle mouse button. One of many standard features that Linux users must have, so UEx supports it.  While there are obvious visible features, there are also "under the hood" features that must be supported to ensure that UEx delivers the native Linux experience that users expect, such as file permissions, group/ownership handling, umask support, symbolic link support, etc.

As so many have noted, UEx offers a substantial feature set, superb large file handling, and is in sync with other traditional editors in regards to offering a true Linux computing experience... But, where other editors end, UEx begins. Herein lies UEx's greatest strength: it is subject to IDM's development tempo, our passion for performance, dedication to quality, and commitment to value.

With over 15 years of experience with text and programmers editors, our development staff knows the features you need to simplify your day-to-day work.  What's more, we have strived to ensure UEx offers the best performance available. All this to provide you with the combination of the most features, performance, and quality...

As important as features, performance, and quality are, so is value.  Besides saving as much as 30% on introductory pricing, you can trust IDM will continue do deliver on the value of 1-year free upgrades. In the near term, users can expect a high development tempo that will deliver on many more powerful features such as:

FTP SSH/Telnet Tool
Advanced File
System Access
Tool Performance Performance

For long-term consideration, the intent is to power the Linux/Mac community the same way we have powered the Windows community for the past 15+ years.  More...

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore