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Softa SuperStore

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IDM UltraEdit Unlimited Upgrades

How long is too long between upgrades?

For some, upgrading is an annual event; for others, it's a consideration made every two or three years. Still for others, it's driven out of financial considerations... but waiting has its costs too. There must be a better way...

The Answer... There's no reason to wait with our new maintenance program! Stay current, and save money!

Announcing the All-New IDM Software Maintenance Program...
That's right, you don't have to have a volume license to get
discounted annual upgrades anymore!

Save money and stay current by subscribing to IDM software maintenance...





Save 33% on future upgrades for lifeSimply purchase a new or standard upgrade license and add maintenance as a product option during checkout.

Your enrollment entitles you to all major/minor releases throughout the year...

And a 33% discount on annual upgrades!

Added Value:


You will automatically be notified of new releases as well as when to renew your annual subscription.


Your paid maintenance enrollment includes complimentary Extended Download Service.

Already current but still want maintenance?

Simply for assistance in adding maintenance to your current license.

Benefits of staying current...


Technology is dynamic. Software must change to keep in step.


Did you migrate to Windows 7 recently? If so, keeping current ensures compatibility.


Replaced your desktop or added a laptop? Updates are optimized for today's hardware advancements.


Work smart, not hard. By using IDM's latest titles, your work is easier and more efficient.

Exclusive offer for our corporate customers...


Corporate/Enterprise Licensing

We offer flexible and
affordable corporate solutions
designed to meet your needs.

Keeping current in the business world is an absolute!

Now's the time to renew maintenance, add seats,
combine and upgrade licenses...


Staying current is good for business!
For instance, Up-to-date softwate helps make your business more efficient, more productive, and more secure. It enables new types of innovation or collaboration. It gives you a competitive advantage!


Time is money!
If you've got an important project in progress or a big deadline looming, using the latest version of IDM software could make the project an even greater success and ensure on time results.


Equip your team for success!
The v16.x series is considered the best version of UltraEdit ever. The primary goal of the 16.x series was polish, perfection, and performance. If you have yet to upgrade to v16.2, your team is missing out on the material advances we have made in quality and innovation.
Need to send a PO? No problem.
Need credit terms? No problem.
Need a discount? No problem
Need to meet budgets? No problem.
Need more information? No problem...

For our SMB and corporate customers, IDM is offering an exclusive 50% discount on a matching license for UltraCoFor our SMB and corporate customers, IDM is offering an exclusive 50% discount on a matching license for UltraCompare Professional when upgrading or renewing your existing UltraEdit or UEStudio licensing.

Added Value: Take advantage of our UltraCompare offer, and we'll waive maintenance enrollment for UltraCompare! Combine the world's best text editor with the powerful UltraCompare Professional, and empower your employees with the ultimate file management solution!

IDM free upgrade policy

All IDM software registrations include 1 year of complimentary upgrades to all major and minor releases. Complimentary upgrades are not driven by version number or point release, but rather the 12 month period following the date of paid registration. Because IDM only maintains the latest production release of its titles, complimentary upgrades must be requested within the 12 month eligibility period.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore