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Enfocus PitStop Extreme 08

PitStop Extreme 08

Enfocus PitStop Extreme is the ultimate stand-alone PDF editor and pre-press toolkit built from the ground up with the needs of print professionals in mind.

PitStop Extreme 08 key features:

The revolution is over! PDF is here and it’s changed the way we work. Jobs go to press faster, documents come from more sources, workflows are more focused - the benefits are many. But not every PDF is perfect! Typos sneak past editors, images need last-minute swapping, pre-press changes have to be made and always at the eleventh hour, just when your workflow can’t afford to be put on hold while you wait for designers to rework the PDF. What’s the solution? Enter Enfocus PitStop Extreme!

Enfocus PitStop Extreme is a stand-alone PDF editor with a unique difference - it was built from the ground up with the needs of pre-press and print professionals in mind. Every function in Enfocus PitStop Extreme’s expansive toolkit is targeted for industry professionals working to a tight deadline. Need to change text (words, lines or paragraphs), edit or swap an image, alter page boxes, add or convert separations, or just move and resize elements on the page? No problem. Enfocus PitStop Extreme handles the lot - and many other common pre-press headaches too - all within a clear, uncluttered interface that means you get the job done in a snap. Save your file and perform a simultaneous preflight using Enfocus award-winning Certified PDF® technology. Within minutes your PDF is back in your workflow, preflighted to stringent industry standards and and sure to match up to your clients' expectations. That’s Enfocus PitStop Extreme - the ultimate stand-alone PDF toolkit for print professionals.

PitStop Extreme 08 highlights:

1. Accurate viewing and high performance editing

Text edits and font changes are among the most critical and required of pre-press tasks. From typos to font issues, Enfocus PitStop Extreme is there to help. Enfocus PitStop Extreme works like a fully-fledged text editor meaning you can rework characters, words, and even whole paragraphs of justified text all with complete confidence that what you see on-screen is what you’ll see on paper when your PDF outputs.

2. Full Image Access

A member of the editorial team calls just before you start the press - the front page image needs swapped out and no one knows where the designer is! Open the PDF in Enfocus PitStop Extreme, point to a new image on disk and you’re done. Panic over. And if there are last-minute modifications to be made to other images in the file, use Enfocus PitStop Extreme to send them to your favorite image editor where you can fully edit them then save them straight back into the PDF file.

3. Versatile Object Manipulation

Need to stretch a bleed? Resize an image frame? Realign or redistribute page elements? Recolor vector art? Need it done quickly and precisely? Enfocus PitStop Extreme’s advanced object editing tools mean that every element of your PDF can be positioned and reworked just like you would expect from a fully-blown design application - all within the PDF file!

4. Pre-Press Tools for Pros

Transparency, Blending modes, Separations, Spot Colors, Page Boxes, Overprint - so many options for designers to play with and so many problems for you to sort out at the last minute! With Enfocus PitStop Extreme the headache of turning creative flamboyance into print-ready files just got a whole lot easier. Gain full control over pre-press glitches within Enfocus PitStop Extreme’s targeted interface and you’ll have even the most exuberant file straightened out in no time!

5. Industry-Standard Preflighting

You’re done making your edits, the file looks good-to-go, now stamp it as bulletproof with Enfocus Certified PDF® preflighting. It’s as simple as clicking "Save" and choosing the PDF Profile you want to test against. The file is then saved and checked by the industry-standard preflighting engine. A comprehensive report comes back telling you everything is okay and you’re confident the edited PDF is press-ready in record time.

6. Immediate ROI

One serious slip-up on the press can be extremely costly not only in wasted materials and time, but also in terms of client satisfaction. Integrating Enfocus PitStop Extreme into your PDF workflow gives you the flexibility to meet challenges head-on before they become expensive mistakes. Using Enfocus PitStop Extreme for editorial changes, pre-press preparation, preflighting, or many other tasks, you’ll get the job done more quickly and dependably than ever before, meaning you may well see substantial ROI within days of installing this ultimate PDF toolkit.

PitStop Extreme 08

PitStop Server 08 is the indispensable preflighting and auto-correction tool for high-volume PDF workflows, providing instant analysis, correction, reporting and routing for PDF files.

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Softa SuperStore
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