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EMCO Remote Administration

EMCO Software is a leading innovator on the remote administration and management solutions market. Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, we are an international company with offices and operations around the globe. Since the company's founding in 2001, we have been dedicated to providing network administrators with feature-rich, easy-to-use and affordable software and improving productivity of IT departments. Focused on the real-world needs of network professionals, our products are simple to try, simple to use, and simple to maintain while providing the power, scalability and flexibility needed by companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our solutions portfolio includes award-winning products targeted at remote network inventory, remote software deployment, remote desktop access and administration, network protection from viruses and malware, network security and health analyzing, remote power management, and remote automation.

Do you remember what hardware you have on users' desktops, how many copies of particular software are used and how many licenses for it you have? Our inventory tools save you from keeping this in your memory. Instead you will get actual detailed network inventory reports in just few clicks.

Remote Administration - provides information from remote PCs including detailed information about memory banks, hotfixes, digital products IDs and installed applications.

EMCO Remote Administration:
Hardware and Software Inventory and Network Audit

Now system administrators can install, remove, or configure applications on remote computers on a network without physically being there on the remote machine and with more power. So you no longer need to visit each node every time when you need to add, remove or reconfigure any application or install software updates or service packs on your network.

Version 4.1 comes with significant improvements and bugfixes. This version supports Windows Vista and doesn't require DCOM/RPC to communicate with remote computers.

If you own license for Remote Administration 3.x or earlier you can purchase an update to version 4.x with special discounted price. E-mail EMCO Software for quote.

This is actually a next version of EMCO Network Management with a new name and with more superior and powerful features. It's an excellent tool for remote deployment that helps system administrators to execute packages and scripts (.exe, .bat, .cmd .msi, .vbs, .js) for unattended installations like Service Packs and Hotfixes.
EMCO Remote Administration has the following key features:
  • Easy installation and get started within a few minutes.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Scan LAN for all available machines and domains with one mouse click.
  • Now collect a wide variety of information from remote machines including detailed information about memory banks, Hotfixes, Digital products IDs and installed applications.
  • Remotely deploy applications on machines on you network.
  • Built-in Macro Scripter to create script files with over 60 drag and drop functions to choose from in a record time. Ability to send a script file and actions to hundreds of computers in one shot and run with administrator privileges.
  • Simultaneous execution of scripts on more then one computers with one shot.
  • Advances and rich scheduling features, to schedule different tasks to execute automatically.
  • Actions like Reboot, Run Process, Kill Process, Merge Registry file.
  • Automatic installation and management of remote services.
  • Target computers can be filtered by information that EMCO Remote Administration has pulled from remote machines to its own database, such as operating system, service packs, applications, or custom scan data.
  • Performance Manager, where you can manage running applications and processes and look at performance graph of CPU and memory usage on remote computers.
  • Easy deployment of Service packs and hot fixes.
  • Remotely install, configure, and remove applications on remote computer.
  • Full control of Actions and Macro Scripts logging.
  • Endless possibilities to configure and modify Windows operating systems on remote machine.
  • Add custom scan criteria for registry, file and services.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore