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Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3


Corel PaintShop Pro Photo X3 on edullinen valokuvien muokkausohjelma.

Corel PaintShop Pro Photo X3 on täydellinen ratkaisu koti- ja yrityskäyttöön, kun halutaan luoda laadukkaita valokuvia esiteltäviksi, jaettavaksi tai yhdistettäväksi suurempaan työhön. Siinä on paljon helppoja, automaattisia kuvankorjailutoimintoja sekä tarkkoja muokkaustyökaluja. Ja uusi PaintShop Pro Photo X3 sisältää entistä parempia työkaluja, joiden avulla saat tehtyä ammattimaisia valokuvia helpommin ja nopeammin.

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The NEW Corel® PaintShop Photo™ Pro X3 is your complete end-to-end digital darkroom. It’s the only software to combine professional tools for editing, organisation, creative projects, sharing, and now even quick and easy HD video slideshows.

Introducing NEW advanced editing tools.

New Camera RAW Lab
Supporting over 350 RAW file types, the Camera RAW Lab allows you to control a wide range of image parameters such as White Balance, Exposure, Sharpness and Noise by letting you make pre-edit adjustments to your images after uploading from your DSLR camera.

New Edit Automation Tool New Organiser
Copy edits done to one image and apply to the whole series. All done with a few easy clicks from within the enhanced Organiser tool.

Outstanding photo organisation
Bring order to thousands of your photographs. The slick new Organiser interface lets you manage and catalogue images, quickly correct common photo imperfections and edit multiple images in one go.

Advanced photo editing
Smart CarverNew Colour Vibrancy will bring a whole new level of colour realism to your photos by boosting the least saturated parts of your image without distorting neutral skin tones; Smart Carver seamlessly removes or expands objects within an image without causing distortion; Object Extractor lets you remove semi-transparent or highly detailed items from your image without compromising the background.

Include HD video in your media projects
Integrate HD video in to your photo projects, even use the video project editor to ‘frame grab’ and create fun photo projects or share great still frames as photos.

Create and share

The Project Creator is your one-stop resource for creating, editing, and sharing photo and video projects.Photo Books

Produce photo books from a range of professional-looking templates, drop in your images and send to print without ever leaving the application. Create collages, cards, calendars, and slideshows and share your work by uploading directly to YouTube™, Facebook® or Flickr®. Projects can also be output as a PDF, JPEG, or Silverlight™ animated file.

Watch video demo and learn more »

Express photo-editing at your fingertips

The Express Lab makes the most common photo quick fixes simple thanks to the row of intuitive icons. Many of these adjustments can be fine-tuned using one or more sliders.

New Express Lab features include:

  • Colour Balance: use the slider to apply a warmer or cooler feel to your image.
  • Local Tone Mapping: lets you replicate the detail of different exposure settings with just one image
  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast: compensate for dull lighting and colours in photos taken on overcast days or in low light conditions.
  • Sharpen: recreate a crisp focus.
  • Digital Camera Noise Removal: in one step remove “noise” artefacts, small specks of colour, that interfere with the clarity of the image.

The Express Lab also contains the following popular features: Straighten Tool, Smart Photo Fix and a suite of Makeover Tools.


Now includes HD video projects!

PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is the most rewarding way to enhance your photos and create professional-looking images. Now with a complete RAW workflow, this photo-editing software lets you manage, adjust, edit and share your digital photos—all in one place. Accelerate the way you organize, rate, tag and sort with new photo management tools. Make automatic fixes in the enhanced Express Lab or go deep with a full set of advanced photo-editing tools. Then upload to Flickr®, Facebook® and YouTube™, create high-quality photo books and projects, print, email or back up photos on disc. It’s your entire photo workflow in one high-performance package.

  • New! RAW Lab – manually adjust groups of RAW photos during the loading process
  • Enhanced! Express Lab – quickly fix common flaws in this speed photo-editing mode
  • New! Advanced editing tools – edit fast with Smart Carver, Vibrancy and more
  • New! HD photo and video – import and export HD video
  • New! Integrated projects – create photo books, HD slideshows, cards and more
  • Enhanced! Photo sharing – email, print online or at home, and send directly to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr

Bonus! Corel® Painter™ Photo Essentials 4

Turn photos into paintings in three easy steps!

Organize & Manage

  • View and organize all your photos and videos in one place
  • Use thumbnails and previews to select photos fast
  • Catalog, search, rate and tag photos to quickly find your favorites
  • Capture adjustments from one photo, then easily apply the changes to multiple others

Edit & Retouch

  • Get full RAW support, including the latest RAW camera formats
  • Use easy batch processing to edit multiple photos at once—without complicated scripts
  • Edit fast with new, advanced tools like Smart Carver, Vibrancy and Object Extractor
  • Fly through common editing tasks in the Express Lab

Combine photos and HD video

  • Import and export HD video
  • Use high-quality templates to combine photo and video projects
  • Create and share slideshows using HD video clips from your DSLR camera
  • Capture a single frame from your HD video

Create & Share

  • Upload photos and videos directly to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube
  • Back up photos and videos on CD or DVD
  • Quickly share photos by email with automatic photo resizing
  • Print right from your PC or order prints online*
  • Create professional-looking photo books, calendars, collages, cards and slideshows

What's New

This is a must-have upgrade for PaintShop users and DSLR camera owners! The fastest version yet, this photo-editing program features exciting new professional-quality features, like the Smart Carver, a new RAW Lab, easy batch processing and a photo Organizer. Learn how to speed up your entire workflow and get the best-quality results.

Improved digital workflow

Enhanced! Photo Organizer

Customize your digital workflow with new photo management capabilities. Use multiple views, including thumbnails and image previews, to quickly select photos.

New! RAW Lab, Image Quality and Control

Make RAW adjustments during the loading process and work with even more RAW camera formats—faster than ever before.

New! Easy Batch Processing

Make adjustments to one photo, then easily apply the same changes to multiple other photos right in the enhanced Organizer.

Enhanced! Speed and Performance

Get more speed and editing horsepower with more multi-threading support for multi-core processors.

Enhanced! Express Lab

Apply common edits in just one click. Remove noise, sharpen images, and quickly adjust contrast, local tone mapping and more.

New advanced photo-editing tools

New! Smart Carver

Seamlessly remove objects from an image with professional quality. The Smart Carver also lets you expand or contract objects without distortion.

New! Vibrancy

Boost color in the least saturated areas of a photo without affecting the rest of the image.

New! Object Extractor

The integrated Object Extractor isolates an object—even challenging cases such as flyaway hair and fuzzy pet fur—so it can be copied to a new background or a new background can be pasted behind it.

New! On-Image Text Editing

With the updated text engine, it's easier, faster and more natural to apply text to an image. Adjust font, color, placement, position, size and wrapping of the text in context of the image. Reselect the text on the image and continue typing, or apply text on a path.

New! HD Video Slideshows

As an increasing number of DSLR cameras capture HD video, PaintShop Photo Pro now offers tools that let you combine photo and video projects. Create HD slideshows and movies of your photos and videos, all with the same tool.

New! Windows® 7 Compatibility

PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is fully compatible with Windows 7, as well as Windows® XP and Windows Vista®. Take advantage of new Windows 7 speed and performance to experience a whole new level of creativity.

Bonus! Corel® Painter™ Photo Essentials 4

This fun program lets you turn a photo into a unique work of art in just 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a photo and the painting style you want to apply.
2. Let the Smart Stroke painting technology create a stunning painting.
3. Touch up your masterpiece by hand if desired.

Bonus! KPT® Plug-in Filters

A natural addition to your photo-editing program, KPT plug-in filters help you quickly create remarkable image transformations and original effects. PaintShop Photo Pro X3 includes KPT® Goo, KPT® LensFlare, KPT® Projector and KPT® Equalizer.

Built-in photo projects and sharing

Easy Photo Sharing

Quickly share photos and videos directly on Flickr®, Facebook® and YouTube™. You can also email, print at home or order prints online*.

Built-in Photo Projects

Using the new Project Creator, its fast and simple to make great-looking photo books, HD slideshows, collages, cards and more.


The best photo-editing software for DSLR cameras, PaintShop Photo Pro puts the fun back into digital photography. Make your workflow fast and easy so you can create professional-looking photos you'll be proud of.

Simplify your digital workflow

Photo editing program overview

Enhanced! Photo Organizer

Customize your digital workflow with new photo management capabilities in PaintShop Photo Pro X3's Photo Organizer. Use thumbnails and image previews to quickly select your photos.

Easy batch processingNew! Easy Batch Processing

Make adjustments to one photo, then easily apply the same changes to multiple other photos. Edit one, apply to many, right from the Organizer.


Express photo editing toolsEnhanced! Express Lab

The new interface makes photo editing faster than ever. Preview photos and videos or make changes in this speed-editing mode. Quickly adjust contrast, apply local tone mapping, remove noise and sharpen images. You can also adjust levels, clarity and white balance, batch-edit multiple photos and more.

Do more with advanced photo-editing tools

Remove and scale objects without distortion

New! Smart Carver

Seamlessly remove objects from an image with professional quality. Smart Carver also lets you expand or contract objects without distortion.


Fix it fast in Express Lab

Don't let the small stuff slow you down! Enjoy one-click access to common photo fixes.

Learning Center

The award-winning Learning Center empowers anyone to harness the power of advanced photo editing, regardless of your previous software experience. It builds your confidence and makes it easier to develop your skills by helping you complete tasks within seconds of launching PaintShop Pro Photo.

Makeover Tools

Make sure the people in your photos look their best with tools that are fun and easy to use. Help your subjects look thinner in seconds, whiten bloodshot eyes, smooth wrinkles, paint on a tan and remove blemishes.

Enhanced! Remove Digital Camera Noise

Remove "noise" artifacts that interfere with the clarity of your digital image—faster than ever! One-Step Noise Removal smooths photos with a single click. Digital Camera Noise Removal gives you precise control over how these corrections are applied.

Get creative with projects and photo sharing

Creating photo books and slideshows

Enhanced! Built-in Creative Projects

PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is the only pro-quality photo enthusiast software package to so closely integrate creative projects with photo editing. The new Project Creator is a fast and simple way to make a great-looking photo book, collages, cards and more—all in addition to PaintShop's easy online sharing options.


Photo sharing in social mediaNew! Easy Photo Sharing

Share photos and videos where and how you want, using email, Flickr®, Facebook® and YouTube™. Print at home, order prints online*, email or quickly burn a DVD to enjoy on your TV.


Layer Styles

Easily apply artistic effects to individual layers, such as drop shadows, embossing and reflections.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1.5 GHz processor (2 GHz or higher recommended)
  • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB or higher recommended)
  • 3 GB of free hard drive space
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768 (24-bit color)
  • Windows-compatible DVD-ROM drive for installation
  • Internet connection required for online features
Note: Painter Photo Essentials included with PaintShop Pro Photo X3 is also Windows 7 compatible. 

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