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Borland Together Technologies


  • Overcome technical complexity by creating conceptual models that provide a common understanding of architectural design among all team members
  • Create adaptable applications that keep pace with changing business and technology requirements using platform-independent models
  • Drive greater efficiency and better quality across software development implementations

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Role-Based Visual Modeling Platform for Software Teams

Take applications from requirements to code faster than ever using Borland Together® technologies to model and design IT architectures.

Borland Together technologies bridge the gap between business and IT organizations through a common set of visual best-of-breed modeling languages. Providing comprehensive support for the business analyst, designer, architect, and developer, Borland Together offers a configurable role-based platform with the right set of capabilities for each role in the development organization. Together supports your software development organization by accelerating the delivery of adaptable, high-quality software solutions with support for business process modeling, data modeling, application modeling and visualization, and comprehensive audits and metrics for both models and code.

Together Editions & Extensions

Together Architect
Borland Together Architect is a comprehensive, multilanguage modeling solution for software architects who design, develop, and communicate about enterprise application architectures while working with stakeholders from across development and business organizations.

Together Designer
Borland Together Designer is a cross-platform UML® modeling solution for business analysts and others who work in an environment in which visual models can optimize requirements definition and communications about software architecture and code.

Together Developer
Borland Together Developer provides an unparalleled code-centric modeling solution for software developers that significantly reduces application complexity through the use of UML class and sequence diagrams.

Together Architect

Borland® Together® Architect is a visual modeling platform designed to support architects, developers, UML™ designers, business process analysts, and data modelers in the accelerated delivery of high-quality software applications.

Create UML™ 2 and business process models (BPMN) to generate business process execution language with Web Services definitions (BPEL4WS). Increase productivity and quality by automating design and code reviews with audits and metrics at the model and code level.

New Model-Driven Architecture™(MDA) features include OMG’s Query View Transformation (QVT) used in model-to-model transformations and support for OCL 2.0 with syntax highlighting, validation, and code sense.

Together Designer

Borland® Together® Designer is a visual modeling platform designed to support UML™ designers, business process analysts, and data modelers. Create UML™ 2 and business process models (BPMN) to generate business process execution language with Web Services definitions (BPEL4WS). Audits and metrics, which improve consistency and productivity, are now provided at the model level and defined in Object Constraint Language (OCL) 2.0 allowing full customization and easy creation of new audits and/or metrics. Improve communication with fully customizable template-based documentation generation that can assemble content from all model types and requirements.

Together Designer editions
Together Designer brings together analyst-appropriate modeling capabilities necessary for unambiguous definition of software requirements and for easy, effective generation of code to ensure that it meets established criteria. Architects and developers can use the UML use-case, activity, and other models created in Together Designer to design and build applications that accurately reflect requirements.

  • Together Designer 2006 for Eclipse
  • Together Designer 2005, for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003
  • Together Designer 2005, for JBuilder® 2005

Together Developer

Borland® Together® Developer 2006 for Eclipse is an integrated development platform designed to accelerate the analysis, design, and development of complex enterprise applications. By leveraging multiple platforms including Eclipse 3.1—with enhanced support for UML™, Patterns, Java 5, and template-based documentation—Together Developer helps teams accelerate the development of quality, adaptable software systems. Borland LiveSource™ technology automatically keeps software artifacts synchronized. Audits and Metrics dramatically improve the Eclipse environment by reducing the time spent in developer reviews and costs associated with rework of your existing code base.

Together Developer editions
By leveraging UML class and sequence diagrams, Together Developer enables development teams to visualize code more easily, augmenting their view and understanding of the application. Unique Together LiveSource™ technology represents application code in models that are always up-to-date, helping developers keep track of new code as well as reverse-engineer legacy code.

  • Together Developer 2006 for Eclipse
  • Together Developer 2005, for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Together Developer 2005, for JBuilder 2005
Feature comparison
Features Architect Designer Developer
Language-neutral UML 1.5 diagramming X X  
Language-neutral UML 2.0 diagramming   X  
UML modeling with LiveSource X   X
Model differencing X X  
Multilanguage support X    
Precision specifications expressed in OCL   X X
Refactoring support through model and model differencing     X
Profiles support (color modeling, business process, software development process) X X  
Import and export models X X  
Create custom diagrams X    
Web Services, J2EE and visual XML modeling X    
HTML portal documentation generation with navigation applet, hyperlinked diagrams, and Javadoc-style model/code report X X X
Create image files from diagrams in multiple formats X X X
Template designer for customized documentation, diagram layout for printing, automatic document generation with command-line option X X  
Design patterns, including Gang of Four pattern support, and customizable pattern templates X   X
Teamwork: share diagrams and models between projects with version control and SCM functionality X X X
Quality assurance audits X   X
Quality assurance metrics X   X
Open API for extensive customizations X    
Trace model elements to/from requirements X X X

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore