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Avantstar Quick View Plus 9

Quick View Plus

Universal Information Access

Quick View Plus makes universal information access a reality. By providing instant access to information created in over 250 Windows, Macintosh, Internet and DOS formats, Quick View Plus 9 enables employees to access information from virtually any source - email attachments, the Web, legacy document stores and more. As native applications are not needed to open files, Quick View Plus 9 reduces costs, simplifies deployment and improves security.

Quick View Plus 9 allows users to efficiently work with information by providing a consistent environment for viewing, copying, printing and searching of information. Whether accessing email attachments, documents on the Web, or files stored on a file system, its easy-to-use interface provides users all the tools they need to easily access and control information. Additionally, Quick View Plus 9 integrates seamlessly with all information access points including Windows Explorer, major e-mail and groupware clients and leading Web browsers. This integration provides an easier and more efficient way to work, saving both time and resources.

Protection Against Macro Viruses

Despite the availability of security software packages, the latest viruses are not always detected. Now you can eliminate the danger of a potentially devastating new macro virus being unleashed on your network. All it takes is having Quick View Plus as the default method of viewing e-mail attachments. Viewing is not only safer using Quick View plus, but also considerably faster as users do not have to launch individual programs to view files.

Enhance Your Network

With its ability to quickly access disparate information from multiple sources, Quick View Plus extends the capabilities of corporate IT networks and provides users with a consistent window into business knowledge regardless of location, source or format.

By providing a quick and easy way to find and access files, Quick View Plus enhances both the Windows and UNIX operating systems. The software’s unique viewing capability is particularly valuable for Microsoft Windows 2000 users who are accustomed to using the Quick View feature in previous versions of the operating system. Since Quick View is not an option in Windows 2000 or Windows XP, the only way to open a file is to open it in the authoring application, unless Quick View Plus is installed.

Insert, Click, Deploy (Network Version Only)

Installation of Quick View plus can be as easy as inserting a CD, clicking and deploying. The software offers a variety of installation options for swift enterprise-wide deployment including SMS-enabled client installation and scripted installs. If installed enterprise-wide, IT departments can use Quick View Plus to ensure that consistent, reliable access to business information will not be compromised by an application software upgrade or other technology changes.

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