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Adobe Premiere Elements 7


Helppo videoiden muokkaus Uskomattomia elokuvia

Uskomattomien elokuvien luonti on entistä helpompaa Adobe® Premiere® Elements 7 -ohjelmiston avulla. Pääset nopeasti alkuun uusien valintojen avulla, jotka muuntavat otokset viimeistellyiksi elokuviksi. Parannat tarinoitasi loistavilla visuaalisilla ja ääniefekteillä. Voit jakaa elokuvat YouTube™-web-sivustossa, omalla web-sivullasi, levyillä ja missä tahansa.

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Adobe® Premiere® Elements 7 software with Plus membership makes it easy to create incredible movies. Get started quickly with automated moviemaking options, add knockout visuals and sound, share your movies everywhere, and stay connected with your favorite people and memories.

Stay connected with family, friends, and memories

Extend the capabilities of your Adobe Premiere Elements 7 software — and stay connected with your favorite people and memories — with Plus membership.

Get fresh inspiration, just when you need it

Get fresh inspiration, just when you need it New

Turn your video clips into polished movies with cool ideas, tutorials, movie themes, and special effects that are delivered regularly to your software.


protect your memories

Backup your memories automatically, no scheduling required New

Help protect your videos from computer loss and hard drive crashes with automatic online backup and 20GB of storage — that's up to four hours of DVD-quality video.


Set up a screening just about anywhere

Set up a screening virtually anywhere New

Access your movies and clips from any web-enabled computer.



Get started quickly with all your video clips at your fingertips and a variety of new automated options for transforming them into polished movies.

Create a polished movie

Create a polished movie instantly New

Create polished movies with no effort using creative techniques from Hollywood directors. Just choose a theme and new InstantMovie automatically edits together your best clips with coordinated music, titles, effects, and transitions. You can even customize the final result if you wish.


Quickly find your best clips

Quickly find your best clips New

Let Adobe Premiere Elements automatically analyze and tag your footage so you can quickly find your most interesting, highest quality clips.



Enhance your stories with knockout visuals and sound. Combine elements of different videos for entertaining results, and add animated titles, custom disc menus, rich audio, and dazzling visual effects and transitions.

Easily put your subject in a new setting

Easily put your subject in a new setting New

Composite video with entertaining results. Use new Adobe Videomerge technology to cleanly extract your moving subject from a solid color background and then drop it into a new setting for a fun or creative twist.


Energize your movies with music

Energize your movies with music Enhanced

Use new SmartSound to add a variety of musical soundtracks that automatically adjust to perfectly match the length of your movie. Even synchronize scenes to the beat of your soundtrack.


Animate titles to fit your movie's personality

Animate titles to fit your movie's personality

Choose from a set of world-class Adobe fonts designed to look great on video, and customize them with shadows, glows, and other effects. Then animate your titles to make them bounce, spin, or zoom across your scenes.



Broadcast far and wide by uploading your movies directly to YouTube™ or your personal sharing site; share with family and friends on DVD, mobile phones, and portable media devices; and enjoy movies in high definition, including on Blu-ray Disc.

Share your stories on the web

Share your stories on the web

Easily upload your movies to YouTube or your personal sharing page. Adobe Premiere Elements takes care of optimizing and formatting for the specific destination so your movies always look great.


Add the finishing touch with a menu and scene index

Add the finishing touch with a menu and scene index

Design custom disc menus from scratch, or choose from dozens of menu templates. Adobe Premiere Elements automatically creates scene indexes or chapters for your menu with links that correspond to your video clips.




  • 1,8 GHz suoritin ja SSE2-tuki; HDV- tai Blu-ray-tuotantoon tarvitaan 3 GHz:n suoritin; AVCHD-tuotantoon tarvitaan kaksoisydinsuoritin
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP ja Service Pack 2, Windows Media Center tai Windows Vista®
  • Windows XP: 512 megatavua RAM-muistia (HDV, AVCHD- tai Blu-ray-tuotantoon tarvitaan 2 Gt)
  • Windows Vista: 1 gigatavu RAM-muistia (HDV, AVCHD- tai Blu-ray-tuotantoon tarvitaan 2 Gt)
  • 4,5 gigatavua vapaata kiintolevytilaa
  • Värinäyttö ja 16-bittinen näytönohjainkortti
  • Näyttötarkkuus 1024 x 768 korkeintaan 96 dpi
  • Microsoft DirectX 9- tai 10 -yhteensopivat ääni- ja näyttöajurit
  • DVD-ROM-levyasema (DVD-tallennukseen tarvitaan yhteensopiva tallentava DVD-asema; Blu-ray-tallennukseen tarvitaan yhteensopiva tallentava Blu-ray-asema)
  • DV/i.LINK/FireWire/IEEE 1394 -liitäntä Digital 8 DV- tai HDV-videokameran kytkentää varten. tai USB2-liitäntä DV-via-USB-yhteensopivan DV-videokameran kytkentää varten (muiden videolaitteiden tuki on Media Downloader -ohjelmassa)
  • QuickTime 7 -ohjelmisto

Adobe Premiere Elementsin tukemia vienti- ja tuontiformaatteja ovat:
ASF (vain tuonti), AVI, AVCHD, SWF (tuonti), Blu-ray Disc (vain vienti), DV, DVD, Dolby® Digital Stereo, H.264, HDV, JPEG, PNG (vain tuonti), PSD (vain tuonti), MOD ja TOD (JVC Everio, vain tuonti), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, WAV, QuickTime, Windows Media, WMA (vain tuonti) ja 3GP.

Joidenkin formaattien tuontiin/vientiin, kuten AVCHD,DVD, Blu-ray, MPEG2, MPEG-4, H.264 ja Dolby Digital Stereo, saatetaan tarvita aktivointi Internet-yhteyden kautta. Aktivointi on nopea, helppo ja maksuton. Formaattien .3GP, .3GP2, .MOV ja .MPEG-4 tuontiin/vientiin tarvitaan QuickTime-ohjelmisto.

Softa SuperStore
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