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Adobe Photoshop Elements 7


Loistavia valokuvia Hämmästyttäviä tarinoita

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 -ohjelmistossa yhdistyvät tehokkuus ja yksinkertaisuus. Sen avulla teet tavallisista valokuvista loistavia, kerrot mielenkiintoisia tarinoita kauniilla, yksilöllisillä painotuotteilla ja web-sisällöllä sekä löydät kaikki kuvasi ja katselet niitä kätevästi. Merkittävin ero Photoshop Elementsissä "isoon" Photoshopiin verrattuna on, että sillä ei voi muokata ja tallentaa kuvia CMYK-väreissä.

Lisätietoja: Esite PDF, (1.5M)

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 software with Plus membership delivers power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary, tell your stories in personalized creations, easily find and view all your photos, and stay connected with your favorite people and memories.

Stay connected with family, friends, and memories

Extend the capabilities of your Photoshop Elements 7 software — and stay connected with your favorite people and memories — with Plus** membership.

Get fresh inspiration, just when you need it

Get fresh inspiration, just when you need it New

Give your creations a whimsical or dramatic new look with the latest assortment of inspiring ideas, seasonal artwork, templates, and tutorials — delivered regularly to your software.


Protect your memories

Backup your memories automatically, no scheduling required New

Help protect your photos from computer loss and hard-drive crashes with automatic online backup and 20GB of storage — that's up to 15,000 photos.


View your photos virtually anywhere

View your photos virtually anywhere New

Show off your favorite photos from any web-enabled computer.


Share the experience with your favorite people

Share photo memories with your favorite people New

Create public or private online galleries for family and friends to enjoy. And get new sharing templates delivered regularly to your software.



See all of your photos in one convenient place, and find photos using visual keyword tags, text searches, and a variety of viewing options.

Categorize by tagging

Categorize by tagging

Easily tag photos with keywords that represent people, places, or events. You can instantly view every photo you've ever taken of your dog, for example, by simply clicking on its tag.


Find photos faster than ever

Find photos faster than ever New

Find photos in a flash by typing keywords for tags, dates, and other file information into a new search box.



Enjoy a variety of quick and easy ways to get the results you want with your photos. Select and transform specific image areas with a single sweep of a brush, get whiter teeth or bluer skies in seconds, count on step-by-step editing assistance, and more.

Select and apply with a single stroke

Select and apply with a single stroke New

Simultaneously select a specific photo area and apply incredible effects with a single stroke of new Adobe Smart Brush. Improve lighting, add rich textures, and more with eight libraries of over 50 sophisticated effects.


Quickly clean your scene of unwanted elements

Quickly clean your scene of unwanted elements New

You took five shots of your subject, but pedestrians and cars distract from the scene in every one. Now, use Adobe Photomerge® Scene Cleaner to simply brush away any elements that changed positions between photos and create a composite with just the look you want.


Create the perfect group shot

Create the perfect group shot

Never let a frown or a closed pair of eyes ruin a group photo again. Photomerge Group Shot lets you easily combine the best facial expressions and body language from a series of group shots to create a single perfect composite.



Enjoy creative options for sharing your photos in photo books, scrapbook pages, slide shows, photo e-mail, and more. Count on step-by-step assistance if you're just starting out, or feel free to experiment on your own.

Create photo books with ease and flexibility

Create photo books with ease and flexibility

Quickly create professional-looking photo books with flexible options that allow you to view spreads, flip through your book, and rearrange pages — all with fewer clicks than ever before. When your book is finished, just click the Order button to have it professionally printed, hardbound, and delivered to your door. (Services vary worldwide.)


Map your memories

Map your memories

Create a personal web travelogue for friends and family, or just relive memories of your journey by viewing and sharing your photos on an interactive map based on the locations where they were taken. (Available in English-language versions and works with U.S. addresses only.)



Once you've perfected your photos and creations, easily share them with family and friends. Display them in dynamic, customizable albums and maps on the web, and show them off on your TV, iPhone, and more.

Share experiences in fresh, exciting ways on the web

Share experiences in fresh, exciting ways on the web Enhanced

Showcase your photos in one-of-a-kind Online Albums with your choice of dynamic, animated templates — including new visually stunning options. Adobe Flash® technology lets viewers interact with your photos for an entertaining experience.


Share with family and friends using integrated online offerings

Share with family and friends using integrated online offerings

Easily order prints, share photos and photo creations on the web, share on CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™, and more from within Photoshop Elements. With all your photos at your fingertips, you can quickly select the ones you want and upload them to a variety of online offerings. (Services vary worldwide.)




  • 2 GHz tai nopeampi prosessori
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP ja Service Pack 2 tai 3 tai Windows Vista®
  • 1 gigatavu RAM-muistia
  • 1,5 gigatavua vapaata kiintolevytilaa
  • Värinäyttö ja 16-bittinen näytönohjainkortti
  • Näyttötarkkuus 1024 x 768 korkeintaan 96 dpi
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 -yhteensopiva näytönohjain
  • CD-ROM-asema
  • Web-ominaisuuksia varten tarvitaan Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 tai 7 tai Mozilla Firefox 1.5 - 2.x.

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