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Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Photoshop 6.0

Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0 software introduces the next generation of image editing with powerful new features that offer something for every user. Delivering the broadest and most productive tool set available, Photoshop helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest quality results across all media.

Now combine vector drawing tools and new layer design features that greatly enhance your creative options -- even output razor-sharp text and shapes from Photoshop. Take advantage of an expanded Web tool kit that includes the new ImageReady™ v3.0 software for advanced Web processing. Its time-saving features help you break new ground and still beat your deadlines. Master the power of Photoshop faster with user-interface enhancements that help you to get to work quickly and make it easy to take full advantage of the comprehensive tool set.

Key Product Features

  • Photoshop and ImageReady slice tools
  • Tighter integration with ImageReady 3.0
  • Superb vector shape and text support
  • Vector-based masks
  • Resolution-independent vector output
  • Weighted optimization controls
  • New layer management
  • On-canvas text entry
  • Streamlined interface
  • Paragraph text options

Work at peak efficiency

  • Create and edit sophisticated images using hundreds of layers that you can group, lock, and manage easily.
  • Instantly access options for each tool from the context-sensitive Options bar.
  • Manage your palettes with new docking and storage capabilities.
  • Define and group presets for brushes, gradients, patterns, and more using the Preset Manager.
  • Enjoy consistent color on any device with new, easy-to-use Color Management controls, including softproofing your output on-screen.
  • Add written or voice annotations for colleagues to review with either Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat software.

Produce superior Web graphics

  • Create and optimize images with an expanded Web tool kit, including ImageReady 3.0 for advanced Web processing.
  • Minimize download times - weighted optimization allows you to smoothly vary compression settings using channels.
  • Slice an image directly in Photoshop and apply different compression settings to each area.
  • Automatically create slices from layers. Slices update with any changes you make to the layer.
  • Save rollover states in the Styles palette so you can instantly apply the effects to other elements.
  • Quickly define hot spots using new image map tools, and then apply rollover states or URLs.

Enter an new world of possibilities

  • Easily create vector-based lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, polygons, and ellipses that can be combined into sophisticated shapes and edited at any time.
  • Design custom vector shapes that you can save for instant access and share with colleagues.
  • Mask images with live, easy-to-edit vector masks.
  • Create and format paragraphs of text with automatic hyphenation, word wrap, justification, and alignment.
  • Quickly distort or warp and image by interactively pushing pixels with the Liquify command.
  • Easily warp text to simulate text on a path and to conform to a variety of shapes.
  • Type vector-based text that you can quickly edit on canvas at any time.

System Requirements

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore