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Yosemite Backup -tuoteperhe


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Backup Simplified
Yosemite has extended the concept of Backup Simplified™. Yosemite Backup represents the next generation of data protection from the single server to the enterprise. Built upon a highly scalable architecture that is operating system and hardware independent, Yosemite Backup makes backup easy by utilizing a common user interface, a seamless upgrade path and simplified licensing that avoids node locking or tiered pricing. Yosemite Backup is the first backup software solution designed from the ground up for today’s growing enterprise IT organizations.
Backup Advanced™
  • Modular, multi-tier architecture for expandability and reliability
  • Extensible backup catalog capable of tracking billions of objects
  • Self Tuning Logic™ (STL) for optimal backup and restore performance
  • Unlimited concurrent data streams for the fastest backup and restore
  • D2D2Ne™ Virtual Library option for multi-hierarchy backup to tape/disk/optical
  • SAN Media Server for dynamic sharing of tape drives in IP and FC SANs
Backup Standard™
While Yosemite Backup Advanced represents the next generation in enterprise backup software, Yosemite also provides solutions for small business IT organizations. Yosemite Backup Standard™ delivers enterprise caliber features such as a multi-tier architecture, concurrent data streams and heterogeneous platform support.

Ease of Use
  • Wizard-driven interface, consistent across all operation systems
  • Built-in scheduler for “lights out,” unattended backup operations
  • Self-describing tapes
  • Automatic device failover
  • Native support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare and UNIX*
  • Ability to choose disk or tape as backup targets
No other backup software provider can match Yosemite’s breadth of solutions and price/performance. From the most popular hardware bundled backup solution for single server environments with Yosemite Backup Basic to the next generation in enterprise backup, Yosemite is setting the standard for reliable, scalable data protection.
     Yosemite Backup Desktop Yosemite Backup Standard Yosemite
Backup Advanced
Number of Servers 0 1-20 100’s to 1000’s
Multiplexed data streams 4 up to 240 unlimited
Self Tuning Logic™ No Yes Yes
SAN Support No Yes Yes
D2D2Ne™ No Yes Yes
Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Option Yes Yes Yes
Customizable GUI No Yes Yes
OS Support Windows Linux, Windows, NetWare, UNIX Linux, Windows, NetWare, UNIX*
                          *Check our OS support section for UNIX availability
Yosemite Backup offers single server to enterprise data protection Yosemite offers a complete data protection solution in its family of Yosemite Backup products. The first new product in over a decade offers a truly seamless upgrade path allowing users to move from a single server to an enterprise solution easily. This flexibility is ideal for any growing environment. Yosemite Backup offers
  • 100% heterogeneity - supports Microsoft® Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare and UNIX
  • Scalable, self-healing backup catalog capable of tracking billions of objects
  • Utilizes a three-tier architecture for easy and fast scalability
  • Bare metal disaster recovery for Windows, Linux and NetWare
  • Performance - Multiplexed concurrent data streams for the fastest backup and restore
  • Intuitive GUI
To help you you choose the best backup product for your needs, we now offer Product Builder, tool that helps you to determine the backup solution you need.
Yosemite Backup Advanced™
Ideal for the medium enterprise with 21 or more servers
Learn more about Backup Advanced
Apply to receive 30-day trial version
  • Self Tuning Logic™ for optimized performance
  • Unlimited, concurrent, multiplexed data streams for rapid backup and restore
  • D2D2Ne™ virtual library option for multi-hierarchy disk-to-disk-to-any backup
Yosemite Backup Standard™
Ideal for the small to medium business environment with 1-20 servers
Learn more about Backup Standard
Download 30-day trial version
  • Built-in virtual library for fast disk backup
  • Up to 240 concurrent, multiplexed data streams for rapid backup and restore
  • SAN support for easy device sharing
Yosemite Backup Desktop™
Ideal for the small office or home office user with up to 10 PC desktops
Learn more about Backup Desktop
  • Windows support
  • Built in bare metal disaster Recovery Option
  • Workgroup option for up to 10 PC desktops

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