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MKS Toolkit -tuoteperhe

MKS Inc. 

The MKS Toolkit product family includes related products
for Unix-Microsoft Windows inter-operability, application migration, cross-platform development and system administration. All products are built on the MKS Nutcracker Platform Unix compatibility environment on Microsoft Windows. The MKS Nutcracker Platform has two specific instances; Nutcracker Workstation which provides services on workstation platforms and its server counterpart Nutcracker Server. Each MKS Toolkit product adds utilities to the MKS Nutcracker Platform to meet the needs of a different user community. An extension has been added to Microsoft Windows Explorer that enables users to view, copy and manipulate files securely on remote Unix, Linux or Microsoft Windows systems. Each Toolkit product includes the Visual Secure FTP Microsoft Windows Explorer Extension providing secure, cross-platform file management for dragging and dropping files from one machine to another and manipulate files through a secure connection.
  • MKS Lex & Yacc: simplifies the development of interpretive and analytical software such as customized compilers and parsers. By automating complex processes like user input translation, MKS Lex & Yacc provides valuable aid to those who write compilers, database query languages and text processing applications.
  • MKS Toolkit for Developers: a Microsoft Windows development product for software, script and Web developers with the option of Unix-style command line or graphical Visual Studio build environments
  • MKS Toolkit for Interoperability: a Unix and Microsoft Windows inter-operability suite providing remote access, remote system administration, inter-connectivity, file sharing and full automation and scripting capabilities 
  • MKS Toolkit for System Administrators: an administration suite for moving data and files between machines, administering systems remotely and performing Unix-compatible backing up across Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms

All products include Preferred Customer Service (PCS) with twelve months support and updates from date of shipment.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore