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Flexera InstallShield 2011 -tuoteperhe

Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management. Flexera Software helps application producers and their customers strategically manage application usage to achieve continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value. The producer and consumer communities have moved beyond just tactical tools for application administration to now seek strategic solutions for Application Usage Management.

Why Software Developers Trust InstallShield

InstallShield is the world’s most popular software installation solution for Windows. The InstallShield name has become synonymous with Windows Installer (MSI) installations, and its technology is deployed by over 71,000 customers on more than 500 million desktops worldwide.

Why do so many software developers trust InstallShield? Here are a few of the reasons:

Over 20 Years of Installation Experience

InstallShield has been a pioneer in Windows installations for over 20 years. When you choose InstallShield, you know you’re getting a proven tool that has stood – and will continue to stand – the test of time.

Partnerships with the World’s Software Producers

Flexera Software, the maker of InstallShield, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Visual Studio Industry Partner and works closely with Microsoft during product forecasting and beta programs, which provides us access to their latest technologies. We also have partnerships with over a dozen other software producers, including HP, IBM, Novell, Sun, and VMware.

The Most Award-Winning Installation Solution

Year after year, InstallShield continues to be recognized by software and setup authors, resellers, and other experts in the space as the world’s best software installation solution. Some awards include Best .NET Build Tool/Installer by .NET Developer’s Journal, Visual Studio Magazine's Readers Choice Award, Code Project Members Choice Award, and Java Pro Magazine's Readers Choice Award for Best Installation Tool.

Because First Impressions Matter

The software installation is the first impression customers will have of an application. InstallShield makes it easy to create professional Windows software installations that match a product’s branding and install reliably every time, giving that software a superior first impression.

Microsoft’s Recommended Installation Solution for Visual Studio 2010

If you develop applications with Visual Studio, InstallShield is your solution for building installations. It’s no surprise that Microsoft recommends their Visual Studio customers standardize on InstallShield. InstallShield has unparalleled support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4, as well as new integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Superior Windows 7 Support

InstallShield has all the tools developers need to build reliable installations for Windows 7, including support for MSI 5 and 64-bit applications. If you need to create Windows 7 Logo Certified installations, InstallShield makes it easy.

Support for the Latest Microsoft Technologies and Mobile Devices

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are better equipped to support the latest versions of IIS, SQL Server, Windows Server, and more. And if you target mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones, InstallShield supports the latest versions of Windows Mobile and PalmOS.

Time-Saving Tools Make Developers Lives Much Easier

With InstallShield, what once took developers days to do now takes only a few minutes. With the extensive installation development options, developers can leverage time-saving capabilities such as the powerful IDE, automated wizards, and templates to help meet tight deadlines.

The Preferred Choice for Targeting Enterprise Customers

If you market your Windows applications to large enterprise customers, InstallShield is the tool for you. InstallShield supports the latest version of Windows Installer (MSI), the format preferred by many enterprises. InstallShield makes it easy to build installations for 64-bit applications, which more and more enterprises are running. Plus InstallShield makes it easy to edit MSIs, MSPs, and MSTs through an intuitive interface, and patches and updates are simple to create. And InstallShield is also the only MSI installation solution to support Microsoft App-V if you have enterprise clients moving their environments to application virtualization.

Multilingual Support for a Global Market

Software is a global business, and InstallShield’s language support makes it easy for developers to target customers around the world. First, the InstallShield IDE is localized into English and Japanese, so setup authors can interact with InstallShield in their native language. Second, InstallShield lets them build one installation that can present standard dialog text in up to 35 languages – no manual translation needed.

Editions and Licensing Options to Fit Your Needs

InstallShield is available in three editions: Premier, Professional, and Express in both English and Japanese. It also is available for purchase as either a node-locked or concurrent license.  


The World’s Most Powerful Windows Installation-Authoring Solution – Period

The top-tier InstallShield Premier Edition is the world’s most powerful and flexible solution for Windows installations. Software companies serious about providing reliable, professional installations for their applications trust the InstallShield Premier Edition. Try it now and see.

InstallShield Premier Edition gives you all the capabilities of our Professional Edition, plus tons of exclusive functionality, including:

  • Avoid common installation issues—Validators in the InstallShield Best Practices Validation Suite alert you if your installation violates any best practices guidelines.
  • Improve your end user's experience—With refreshed end-user dialog designs.
  • Easily convert legacy installations into MSI packages—With InstallShield Repackager, you can easily create MSI packages.
  • Localize your installation—InstallShield's multilingual support lets you create installations for 35 runtime languages from one installation project.
  • Quickly roll out new installations—With network repositories, it's easy to build a repository of common elements that multiple installation authors can access and reuse in projects.
  • Create trial versions without modifying code—With the try-and-die type of trialware's simple configuration changes, you can easily offer potential customers a fully functional. trial version of your product (After the predetermined trial limit has been reached on an end user's machine, the trial version automatically expires).
  • Save time with the IIS Scanner—Only the Premier Edition allows you to import the IIS data from an existing Web site into your InstallShield project automatically using the IIS Scanner.
  • Maintain a clean build system—Each license of InstallShield Premier Edition includes five free Standalone Build licenses.
  • Build Events—Eliminate the need to manage external script files by integrating new pre- and post-build events with your InstallShield build process.
  • Better collaborate with team members—InstallShield Collaboration Module allows up to 5 developers to collaborate with their setup author.

InstallShield Premier Edition is available as either a node-locked or concurrent license. You can also optionally purchase the Virtualization Pack with the Premier Edition to support building Microsoft App-V virtual packages.  


A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Windows Installation Solution

InstallShield Professional Edition is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for building Windows installations. It is ideal for both novice and seasoned software installation developers. While most homegrown Windows installation tools are not optimized for current industry standards, InstallShield Professional lets you take advantage of all the latest technologies. Try it now and see.

Although missing many of the features of the top-tiered InstallShield Premier Edition, InstallShield Professional Edition does have all the functionality of the InstallShield Express Edition, plus the following:

  • Reduce development time—Quickly and easily build your installations by moving pieces of an existing project (dialogs, custom actions, or features) to another installation project; create and manage re-usable project outlines so you don't have to start your installations from scratch.
  • Easily customize your installations—Modify the layout of existing end-user dialogs; manage multiple product versions, allowing specific features to be included in a release via user-defined flags; and much more.
  • Build installations for 64-bit installations—Create reliable installations for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications in one installation project.
  • Better control your installations with InstallScript—Add InstallScript custom actions to your MSI projects or create InstallScript projects that control your entire installation.
  • Get advanced support for latest technologies—.NET Framework 4.0, IIS 7.0, Windows Server 2008 R2, Direct X 9.0c, Windows Mobile platforms, and more; edit XML files; and add 64-bit support to your installations.
  • Validate your installations for Windows 7—Ensure your software installs and runs reliably on Windows 7.
  • Maintain a clean build system—Each license of InstallShield Professional Edition includes one free Standalone Build license.

InstallShield Professional Edition is available as either a node-locked or concurrent license. You can also optionally purchase the Virtualization Pack with the Professional Edition to support building Microsoft App-V virtual packages  


A Quick and Easy Tool for Creating Windows Installer (MSI) Installations

InstallShield Express Edition is ideal for software developers and setup authors looking for a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution for creating reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations. Try it now and see.

Unlike homegrown solutions, InstallShield Express Edition shields you from the complexities of building a setup. It comes with an easy-to-use Project Assistant – a wizard that guides you through the MSI installation creating process, step-by-step.

  • Easy to learn and use—The Express Edition sizably reduces the time required for setup authors to successfully complete installation projects. It also lets experienced developers save time by more efficiently jumpstarting new projects.
  • Fits into any budget—The Express Edition is ideal for software developers and setup authors looking for a cost-effective solution for creating reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations.
  • Available in different languages—The Express Edition is available in English and Japanese to offer developers the flexibility to build in their own language.
InstallShield Please select an edition of InstallShield to evaluate below.
STOP! InstallShield is for software developers. It is NOT for people trying to install a software program on their own computers. If you are having trouble installing a software program, please contact the company that built the software program.
InstallShield 2011 Premier – with Virtualization Pack Evaluation

The top-tier InstallShield Premier is the most powerful, capable, and widely used solution among installation developers worldwide. Register to evaluate InstallShield Premier for a 21-day period. This evaluation also includes the optional Virtualization Pack, which supports building App-V virtual packages. 
InstallShield 2011 Professional – with Virtualization Pack Evaluation

The InstallShield Professional Edition is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution, ideal for both novice and seasoned installation developers. Register to evaluate InstallShield Professional for a 21-day period. This evaluation also includes the optional Virtualization Pack, which supports building App-V virtual packages. 
InstallShield 2011 Express Evaluation

The InstallShield Express Edition is a quick and easy solution for creating reliable MSI and mobile device installations. Register to evaluate InstallShield Express for a 21-day period.   InstallShield 2011 Premier and Professional Evaluation Guide

Use the InstallShield Premier and Professional Editions Evaluation Guide to improve your evaluation experience.
InstallShield 2011 Express Evaluation Guide

Use the InstallShield Express Edition Evaluation Guide to improve your evaluation experience.

InstallShield 2008 Is Retiring!

Still using InstallShield 2008? Upgrade to 2011 before 30th November

InstallShield 2008 customers are eligible for low upgrade pricing until 30th November, 2010, after which customers who haven’t upgraded will have to pay full price for a new InstallShield licence.

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