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CADzation was formed in 2001 by a mechanical engineer frustrated with the inability to convert AutoCAD DWG files to PDF files for viewing by clients who did not have the AutoCAD program.

CADzation software was a pioneer in the field of CAD to PDF conversion software and the first company to provide batch MS Office and AutoCAD conversions to PDF files. Our software was also the first software to create PDF files that support ‘’lines merge’’ rendering from AutoCAD when plotting to PDF. We have been assisting engineers and architects alike for over 15 years and still strive to improve productivity workflows, business efficiency, create superior products, while providing affordable integration options.

We are driven by customer feedback and are continually making software enhancements to optimize all of our software applications. Check out our customer testimonials to see how happy our customers are with our software and possible how your organization could benefit by using our applications.

AcroPlot Suite -  Batch Conversion to
PDF, DWF, and Various Image Formats

AcroPlot Suite is our most popular product. AcroPlot Suite is an end user product designed to create PDF files from AutoCAD drawings and other file types. You can also modify, comment, stamp, markup and print existing PDF’s.

Input Formats: DWG, DXF, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, BMP, CALS, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PLT and more.

Output Formats: PDF, DWF, BMP, CALS, JPG, GIF, GP4, PNG, TIFF


A "License" is considered a single computer, these are NOT concurrent network licenses. Customers can be spread out their licenses across multiple sites (in the same company) as long as there is one main contact that oversees all of the licenses. The software is authorized per computer when it is installed.

  • Includes a full version of the PDF Printer Driver to create PDF files from any application.

  • Converts all major office, various CAD, and graphics formats.

  • Create single or multi-paged PDF and DWF files.

  • Merge existing DWF files into one multi-paged DWF 6 files.

  • Full support for AutoCAD 14 and newer. Also supports all vertical applications including ADT, MDT, LDDT, and Map.

  • Powerful built-in viewer allows users to create and convert without AutoCAD installed!

  • Convert legacy PLT, TIFF, CALS, and GP4 files to either DWF or PDF.

  • Automatic rotation of PLT and graphics files ensures the proper orientation every time.

  • Built-in engineering paper sizes and complete customizable paper sizes insures that output can meet any standard or requirement.

  • Includes the AcroPlot Jr. program also for conversion from inside of AutoCAD.

Choose AcroPlot Suite to meet your file conversion, editing, and printing needs. Our tools will help your team to save time, save money and improve communication.

The AcroPlot Suite Includes 4 of our Programs Packaged Together for You.

AcroPlot Suite is our most downloaded and popular product. It comes with multiple programs prepackaged to meet your all of your daily PDF needs.

  • AcroPlot Pro for batch conversion of multiple formats to PDF, DWF, or images.
  • AcroPlot Jr. AutoCAD Plug-in for quickly converting the current drawing.
  • AcroPlot Matrix for PDF viewing, editing, printing, and markup.
  • Our high quality PDF Printer driver to print to PDF from any application.

Note: To create or convert files using the command line mode API or ActiveX automation mode interface, it is required to purchase a license of AcroPlot Auto for each server running the process. If there will be additional PC's running AcroPlot Suite licenses or any of its components, then it is also required to purchase the number licenses needed in addition to the AcroPlot Auto server license.

The AcroPlot Suite Advantage
6 Reasons why AcroPlot Suite is the best.

1. Intuitive Batch Conversion

  • Convert files from multiple formats. Over 40 formats supported including: DWG, DXF, DWF, PLT, TIFF, CALS, GP4, DOC, and XLS. Save project sets to reconvert with future revisions.

2. Smaller File Sizes

  • Accurate conversion of True Type fonts and advanced image optimization permits highly compressed, fully text searchable PDF's from AutoCAD drawings. And AcroPlot's solid fill optimization further reduces your PDF file size.

3. Advanced Bookmark and File Naming

  • Using block attributes in layouts and file properties in the DWG file allows for automatic creation of bookmarks during the batch process as well as control over the output filename of the PDF.

4. Lines Merge Support and Control

  • Create PDF or DWF files that view and print exactly as they would from AutoCAD. Full control of lines merge, transparency, solid fill, and images allow for creation of high quality optimized PDF files.

5. PDF Markup and Editing

  • Allows for easy editing, markup, and batch printing of PDF files. Insert DWF, PLT, and image files into the PDF. Our PDF markup tools are intuitive and easy to use.

6. Print From any Windows Application

  • Create optimized PDF files from any Windows application using our superior PDF print driver. Optimized images create smaller PDF files compared to other PDF drivers.

Works With or Without AutoCAD!
AutoCAD Lines Merge Supported - Need we say more!

AcroPlot Suite is the first batch conversion program to support the lines merge option from CAD programs. With the lines merge there is no more worries about the draworder to get a PDF that looks and prints just like your normal output to the plotter.

Normal PDF Files

AcroPlot Suite with Lines Merge

Input Formats Supported in Batch Mode

  • DWG, DXF - Batch converts through AutoCAD 2000-2015(and all AutoCAD vertical products). AcroPlot Suite can also convert all AutoCAD formats even if you do not have AutoCAD installed by using our own internal viewer.

  • DWF - Autodesk's Design Web Format (Version 4.2, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0)

  • DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCx, XLSx, PPTX, PPTM, PPS, PPSM, TXT, RTF - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and text formats (Requires Microsoft Office)

  • MSG, EML - Outlook email message formats (Requires Microsoft Outlook)

  • ODT, ODS, SXW, SXC - Open Office formats (Requires Open Office)

  • BMP, CAL, CALS, CG4, JPG, JPEG, GIF, GP4, MIL, PNG, RST, TIF, TIFF - Image formats.
  • PLT, HP, HPG, HPGL, HPGL2, HGL, PRN, 000 - HPGL, HPGL/2, and most HPGL-RTF plotter file formats.
  • PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format
  • Inventor, Solidworks, Microstation, and all other Windows Applications are supported in manual mode through the PDF Printer Driver that is included with AcroPlot Suite. You can then select the PDF files that you have previously created to merge with the PDF files you are batch converting through AcroPlot Suite.

Output Formats Supported

  • PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format

  • DWF - Autodesk's Design Web Format Version 6.0

  • BMP, CAL, GIF, GP4, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TIFF-G4 - Image formats.

AcroPlot Repro™
High Quality PDF & DWF to TIFF Converter

AcroPlot Repro is designed as a high-end replacement to the free Ghostscript® processing utility used by Océ Repro Desk®, Kip Request®, MetaPrint™, and software applications that print PDF and DWF® files.
  • Input Formats: PDF, DWF, PLT
  • Output Formats: Monochrome TIFF, Color TIFF, Color PNG
A "License" is considered a single computer, these are NOT concurrent network licenses. Customers can be spread out their licenses across multiple sites (in the same company) as long as there is one main contact that oversees all of the licenses. The software is authorized per computer when it is installed.

Note: To create or convert files using the command line mode API or ActiveX automation mode interface, it is required to purchase a license of AcroPlot Auto for each server running the process. If there will be additional PC's running AcroPlot Suite licenses or any of its components, then it is also required to purchase the number licenses needed in addition to the AcroPlot Auto server license.

At the request of one of our clients, AcroPlot Repro™ was created to enhance the existing hardcopy output so their plotters could match the higher quality of our PDF and DWF files.

AcroPlot Repro is optimized to process large format architectural, engineering, and manufacturing PDF and DWF drawings and designs.

PDF and DWF files that are "lines merge" enabled from AutoCAD or files that contain transparencies will convert to TIFF in a fraction of the time it takes Ghostscript or other PDF processing utilities.

AcroPlot Repro™ will convert PDF and DWF files at 100 to 600 true DPI with advanced controls for grayscale patterns, brightness, and minimum line widths.

50% reductions or plotting PDF and DWF files at half-size yield consistent grayscales because AcroPlot Repro™ reduces the vector file before rendering it to TIFF. Other programs process the PDF or DWF to TIFF at full scale and then reduce the TIFF by 50% which results in significantly darker grayscales when printing reductions.

Meet your client's specifications and preferences with better print quality and conversion controls.

Use AcroPlot Repro™ as a direct replacement for Ghostscript® in applications like Océ Repro Desk®,KIP Request®, MetaPrint™, or other software applications.

AcroPlot Repro also runs as a standalone application to batch convert PDF and DWF files to high quality image files for printing, plotting, or digital upload to online planrooms and content management systems. This allows you to install additional copies on non-production PC's and utilize other systems for conversion processing.

In order for CADzation to provide the pricing we need to know how many licenses will be installed at each location.

AcroPlot Repro is per computer at a geographical address or location, these are NOT concurrent network licenses. Multiple license purchase discounts only apply for the total number of computers at each geographical address or location.

For example, if a company needs to install AcroPlot Repro on two computers at Location1 and three computers at Location2, then they will need to purchase a two pack for Location1 and a three pack for Location2. Purchasing a five pack and sharing the licenses at both locations is not allowed according to the terms of the AcroPlot Repro End User License Agreement.

Quick tips for using AcroPlot

Here are some conversion tips that may assist you in your evaluation of AcroPlot Suite.

Want to know more? Check out the Getting Started Guide from the [Help->Getting Started Guide] in the AcroPlot menus.


How do I create Scaled PDF files?
When creating PDF's for the first time be sure to maintain the relationship between the "Plot size" and the "Plot scale" on the "options" tab. For example, if plotting a paper space layout, then in the "Plot size" try selecting "Size saved in drawing" and in the "Plot Scale" try selecting "Scale saved in drawing". This will result in a PDF that matches the paper space size, scale, settings within the layout(s).


If you are converting from modelspace (AutoCAD black background) then try choosing a specific paper size and the



How do I save and retrieve project sets and settings?
AcroPlot Suite has the ability maintain project sets and the specific conversion settings used for conversion. Once the file list is created and the settings for that project are adjusted for perfect PDF or DWF output, they can be saved to a AcroPlot Suite PPF file by selecting [File-->Save Plot List As].


To created an identical PDF or DWF set, simply select [File-->Open Plot List] and press the "Convert" button.


Marinating project sets and their associated settings is especially useful for creating updated PDF and DWF files after the source files have been modified. Settings can also be saved for full and half size sets, as well as, color and monochrome sets. 



How do I combine DWG, PLT, and TIFF files into a multi-paged PDF or DWF in AcroPlot Suite?
Open the AcroPlot Suite application and select the source directory where the files to be converted are located. If there are additional files located in other directories, use the "Add file" button below the file list window.


If the files are not in the set order that they need to be in, then either use the blue arrows at the bottom of the file list window or drag-n-drop them to their correct location. This will ensure proper set and page order of the multi-paged file created and reduce the need to reshuffle after printing.


For PLT and TIFF files, be sure to preview their orientation in the viewer window to the right. Orientation and rotation can be set on a file by file basis by previewing and selecting the rotate button located below the viewing area. 


To set a default rotation and scale for all PLT and TIFF files select the "Pro Options" tab. Setting the default rotation will only affect those file types. It is also common to set the PLT and TIFF scale factor to 1:1. Again, this will override any of the other setting in the application only for these file types.


On the "Files" tab be sure the "Output To" in the upper right corner is set to "Single containing all files".


Select the "Convert" button located at the bottom and your multi-paged PDF or DWF file will be created.   

Just in case you haven't downloaded the software yet

Follow the instructions below on how to download and install the software.


If you have not downloaded the software yet you can download it from this link:

Trial and Evaluation Versions

The Trial and Evaluation versions of our software are fully functional programs and will add a watermark to all of the pages of your PDF document. To remove the watermark you must purchase a license for the software and then reconvert the files. The Trail and Evaluation versions for AcroPlot Suite and AcroPlot Repro are the same download as our standard products so simply click the links below to test out our software. For AcroPlot Auto please contact our sales at so we can setup and evaluation and assistance for you.

Existing Users Please Note!

You must log into your account in the upper right of the site and download the proper version of the software from there. With your purchase you are allowed all new versions for one year and then you must purchase yearly maintenance to register the newer versions. If you are not current on your maintenance, then the new version will add watermarks to your output.

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Softa SuperStore
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