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Borland Delphi 2005 -tuoteperhe

As a Delphi developer you're used to performance that's 'out of this world', today Delphi 2005 can take you further with one of the most revolutionary advances in Windows development!

Borland® Delphi™ 2005 is the ultimate development solution for Windows®. With Delphi, C#, Microsoft® .NET Framework and Win32 support for GUI, Web, database, modeling, and ALM in one hyperproductive RAD environment, Delphi 2005 takes the power of Delphi to the next level, making Windows development tasks faster, better, and easier.

Delphi 2005 combines the familiar power of Delphi with productivity-boosting features, more languages and SDKs, and streamlined ALM integration — putting the "speed and ease" back into Windows development. New technologies for Win32 and the Microsoft .NET Framework — including refactoring, unit testing, model-driven ASP.NET Web development, and more.

The one for all – and then some!
Delphi 2005 equips you with all the languages and SDKs you need today, plus tons of new productivity-boosting features to help you develop for tomorrow

With full support for Delphi, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, VCL.NET, VCL, and Win32 SDKs* Delphi 2005 lets you continue to develop and maintain existing Win32 applications while simplifying the path to the Microsoft .NET Framework and next-gen Windows applications, in one integrated IDE
Ease and accelerate everyday coding, thanks to a host of productivity features –Speed through any type of Windows solution – rich-clients, Web apps, Web Services, reusable components, COM, ActiveX, and more – using an array of time-saving IDE enhancements
Build high-end solutions to a higher standard. Delphi 2005 comes with Borland ECO™ II: a fully scalable, model-powered multi-tier engine for building complex, high-performance Web Services, ASP.NET, and WinForm applications. Other IDEs won’t have anything like it for years.

Pump up quality while incredibly shrinking development time.
Whatever development projects are on your plate, Delphi 2005 lets you build better applications – and in far less time. Scores of new productivity and quality features enable you to:

Easily improve existing code. With advanced refactorings for both Delphi and C#, it’s a breeze to make major source code changes – quickly, automatically, and with full precision
Make developer teamwork REALLY work. The Borland® StarTeam® code management tool dramatically improves collaboration and complex change management across project workgroups and distributed teams
Shorten delivery cycles while improving application performance. Automated Unit Testing speeds and simplifies the creation and execution of test case units for both .NET and Win32

… and a lot more. Check the feature matrix below for more details.

Take yourself to the next generation of Windows development – with a single click! Choose the right Delphi 2005 edition for your needs, and place your upgrade order today!

Check out some of the hottest new
Delphi 2005 features and enhancements:

Feature Summary

Delphi Win32 Delphi
C# Arch Ent Pro
Now! Both Delphi and C# languages!
x x x
Now! Both Win32 and .NET support     x x x
New! Win32 Delphi compiler function inlining for increased application performance x x x
New! Refactoring, rename, extract method, create variable, and more x x x
New! Integrated unit testing with both DUnit and NUnit testing frameworks x x x
New! History Manager with file differencing and file restore x x x
New! SyncEdit – block edit multiple instances of a symbol simultaneously x x x
New! Help Insights – help tool tips provide fast help snippets right in the editor! x x x
New! Multi-mode debugging for combined .NET and Win32 projects x x x
New! Delphi multi-unit namespaces     x x x

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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