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Borland 2005 -tuoteperhe

Borland JBuilder 2005! Borland® JBuilder® 2005
The leading JavaTM development solution
JBuilder 2005 speeds Enterprise JavaBeans,™ Web, Web Services, XML, mobile, and database application development with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to leading J2EE™ application servers, including BEA® WebLogic,® IBM® WebSphere,® Sybase® EAServer, JBoss,® and the integrated Borland® Enterprise Server. Power productivity with innovative JavaServer™ Faces, Struts, and Web Services designers, support for J2SE 5.0 (JDK™ 1.5), UML® code visualization, distributed refactoring, code audits, enterprise unit testing, and support for multiple version-control systems. Build in quality with integrated Borland® Optimizeit™ Suite performance tools and J2EE profiling.

Borland® DelphiTM 2005  - The ultimate Delphi.
The complete development solution for Windows.®

Borland Delphi 2005 Professional is the ultimate and complete development solution for Windows.® With Delphi, C#, Microsoft® .NET Framework and Win32® support for GUI, Web, and database in one hyperproductive RAD environment, every Windows development task is easier, better, and faster. Delphi 2005 takes the power of Delphi to the next level for Microsoft .NET and Win32.

Borland Kylix™
Borland Kylix 3 Enterprise delivers a high-performance C++ and Delphi language solution for rapidly creating database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications for Linux. Compatibility with Borland C++Builder 6 and Delphi 6 enables seamless cross-platform Linux/Windows development, while the power of CLX (Component Library for Cross-platform) facilitates reliable, high-performance applications

Borland® Together® Edition for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET
Complete design solution for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers
An integrated and agile design environment, Borland® Together® Edition for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET helps teams accelerate the development of higher quality applications using the Visual Studio .NET framework. Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET speeds the application development lifecycle by fully integrating the Visual Studio .NET environment with a design-centric solution built to visually model software, reduce the learning curve, and improve team productivity.
CodeWright® 7.5
The Programmer's Editing System™
CodeWright 7.5 is engineered to help speed and improve the overall productivity of development teams with remote communication and file editing capabilities, allowing for real-time sharing of information. This functionality, combined with timesaving features such as the automation of repetitive tasks through key strokes and macros, advanced search and replace, and an editable Difference window, is built to achieve results in higher quality code, developed more easily and in less time.

Borland Optimizeit Enterprise Suite 6
Complete Performance Solution for Java™ Development
Borland® Optimizeit™ Enterprise Suite 6 delivers a breakthrough solution for isolating and resolving performance hazards during the development of J2EE™ applications. Combining award-winning Borland® Optimizeit™ Suite—memory and CPU profiling, thread and code coverage analysis—with Optimizeit™ Request Analyzer, Optimizeit Enterprise Suite offers a unique scope of performance data that extends from higher-level J2EE diagnostic metrics right down to deep code-level granularity.

Borland® StarTeam® 2005
Automated Configuration and Change Management System
For medium-sized software development teams looking to improve collaboration and efficiency, Borland® StarTeam® 2005 Enterprise offers a professional software change and configuration management system. With a single, integrated interface for managing files, change requests, tasks, and topics, StarTeam Enterprise provides a unified repository for key application lifecycle assets.

Borland Enterprise Server, Team Edition
Borland Enterprise Server, Team Edition is an affordable, cost-effective and complete solution for J2EE™ ideal for small and medium sized businesses. It is designed to be one of the most reliable, robust, and high-performance application servers for J2EE, Web Services, and Web applications. A leading certified high-quality implementation of the J2EE 1.3 standard, Team Edition provides the productivity and ease of use required by modern businesses.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore