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Alchemy Lab


Network Monitor

Alchemy Eye

Alchemy Eye is the leading network monitoring tool on the market. This network management tool continuously monitors server availability and performance. When network errors occur, Alchemy Eye can alert the network administrator by e-mail, cell phone or pager BEFORE disaster strikes. If a server does go down, Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the network administrator and writes a detailed log file.

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Network Monitor

On any type of server, Alchemy Eye monitors server functions using a variety of protocols and services, including:

Please refer our screenshots section or Alchemy Eye quick tour for more information about these functions. If the function list above does not contain the monitoring type you need, please check the program's plugins section.

Network administrator alerts

Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the Network Administrator about server malfunction events. In the case of a network failure this network monitor can:

  • Send email alerts [info]
  • Send messages to WinPopup application or Windows NT/2000/XP Messenger Service [info]
  • Restart remote computers or services [info]
  • Execute SQL scripts [info]
  • Execute programs [info]
  • Play sounds [info]
  • Execute VBScript programs [info]
  • Send SMS
  • Send messages to pager
  • Notify ICQ users
  • Fire plugin events
These timely alerts help to minimize network downtime and keep small problems from snowballing into serious, debilitating network issues. If the function list above does not contain the alert type you need, please check out the program's plugins section.
Configurable log files

Alchemy Eye network monitor can log application events to a log file. Different log file detail levels (none/normal/full) and log file formats (text or HTML) can be configured to suit your needs.

Server availability reports

With Alchemy Eye you can build server availability reports showing how long your servers were unavailable, what network errors occured during the monitoring and much, much more. Moreover, with the new version of the network monitor program you can create your own statistics reports or order new reports from Alchemy Lab!

Network Scanner

Network Scanner is a useful feature that allows you to automatically add network devices to your server list and network map. It scans your network hosts in specified IP address range using different protocols and services, such as ICMP, SNMP, SMB, HTTP, FTP, Telnet and others. Based on the scanned data, this utility detects type of the device (server, workstation, switch, router etc.) and suggests to add the detected devices to the existing server list and network map. You can choose different protocols and services to check and specify the device type. Network Scanner is able to make easier the network administrator's work in large networks.

Free maintenance and support

The first version of our network monitoring tool was released in Dec'1999, and since that time we release new versions of the program every month. Once you become a customer all new releases and technical support are free forever!

We never charge for maintenance!

* via e-mail gateway

Bandwidth Monitor

Alchemy Eye PRO

Alchemy Eye PRO is the professional version of Alchemy Eye, network server and bandwidth monitor that continuously monitors network server availability and performance and notifies the Network Administrator in the case of the network errors. In addition to the monitoring types included in the standard version of Alchemy Eye, the PRO version is able to monitor and control processes (running programs) on remote Windows computers.

PRO vs. Standard
The PRO version of Alchemy Eye can do everything the Standard version of the program does PLUS:
Monitors processes on remote computers

The Process Monitor Plugin included into Alchemy Eye PRO package will monitor processes (running programs) on the remote Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista computers and notify the Network Administrator if the process hangs or exits or if the amount of memory used by the process exceeds the specified limits.

Starts and stops processes on remote computers

The Process Control Plugin allows you to start, stop and restart applications on the remote NT/2000/XP/Vista computers as the result of the network problems detected by Alchemy Eye. In other words, you can monitor the activity of an application on the remote server and restart it if Alchemy Eye detects that the process does not respond.

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