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McAfee 2007 -tuoteperhe

McAfee Perpetual Plus Licence Program

The McAfee Perpetual Plus Licence Programme is available from eleven nodes upward and is an enhanced volume licensing programme providing multiple volume discount bands, technical support and the ability re-order licence products.

Features include:

  • Rewards for continued purchasing
  • Starts at eleven nodes
  • One year PrimeSupport Priority Plus including 24 x 7 technical support
    and software updates and upgrades
  • Support for corporate and educational institutions
  • Software deployment via free media packs or downloads
  • Co-termination for PrimeSupport Priority Plus purchases.

The following price bands are available:

Band Number of Nodes
Band A 11-25
Band B 26-50
Band C 51-100
Band D 101-250
Band E 251-500
Band F 501-1000
Band G 1001-2000

PrimeSupport Priority Plus

The McAfee Perpetual Plus Licence Programme combines one year of unlimited incident technical support 24 x 7 and software maintenance in a standard licence. It includes priority telephone access to an experienced technical support team. Telephone access is available in English after business hours when critical operations have been affected. Entitlement is provided to upgrade new versions and DAT files.

Nodal Licensing:

Nodes describe the number of intelligent devices (workstations, servers, mail and other gateways) operated. The numbers of licences required for the relevant product are counted by node. The node price determines which price band applies.

Program Type Transactional
Minimum Order Eleven Node Licences
Re-order Five Nodes at the same price band as the original purchase
Discount Levels Band A-G
Support One Year Priority Plus PrimeSupport as standard (Renewable)
Upgrade Protection Priority Plus PrimeSupport as above
Educational Pricing Yes
Media Media kit or download
Delivery Method Grant letter sent within 48 hours
Returns None

McAfee Active Virus Defense

McAfee Active Virus DefenseThe McAfee Active Virus Defence Suite provides coverage at the desktop, Internet gateway, groupware server and file server levels of a network including automatic updates. All components of the suite use the McAfee virus scanning engine providing double heuristic scanning technology, generic variant detection and compressed file-handling to protect against viruses in e-mail messages by detecting them before users open an attachment including MAPI and POP-3 e-mail formats. It comprises:
  • VirusScan: for desktop protection including floppy disks, personal e-mail accounts and CDs burned elsewhere. VirusScan manages these threats by checking files every time that they are accessed and filtering malicious code before it can spread
  • WebShield: for gateway protection using Outbreak Manager technology and powerful content filtering
  • GroupShield: for Groupware protection in collaborative environments with anti-virus support for Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange groupware
  • NetShield: for file server protection providing real-time scanning to detect and clean known viruses
  • AVERT: for the latest research from the global Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team who detect new viruses before they have a chance to spread.

PrimeSupport provides technical support in Connect and Priority options.

McAfee Active VirusScan

McAfee Active VirusScanThe McAfee Active VirusScan Security Suite provides complete virus protection at desktop and server level with centralised managment by ePolicy Orchestrator Small Business Edition.
It comprises:
  • NetShield: for file server protection
  • VirusScan: for desktop protection
  • ProtectionPilot: centralised control panel.

PrimeSupport provides technical support in Connect and Priority options.

McAfee Anti-Spyware

McAfee Anti-Spyware

McAfee Anti-Spyware utilizes true On-Access scanning and blocking to identify, alert, proactively block and then safely eliminate potentially unwanted programs such as spyware; adware; key-loggers; cookies; remote-control programs including entries in the Microsoft Windows registry; and other areas where programs leave remnants.

Key features include:

  • Protects your identity from being compromised
  • Detects persistent and offensive Internet promotions
  • Monitors your PC for changes in security settings
  • Prevents unwanted programs from reporting your Internet activities
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats

McAfee Desktop Firewall

McAfee Desktop FirewallMcAfee Desktop Firewall protects network desktop clients against new threats that anti-virus software cannot defeat, combining comprehensive network and application firewall capabilities with intrusion detection to prevent clients from sending or receiving traffic or application-borne threats. It precludes trusted applications from being used to spread attacks across the network and is integrated fully with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator to provide scalable, centralised management and reporting.

PrimeSupport provides technical support in Connect and Priority options.

McAfee Internet Security Suite

McAfee Internet Security SuiteMcAfee Internet Security helps to safeguard data, prevent viruses, stop unauthorised computer access, filter spam from inboxes and block pop-up advertisements. Automatic updates are available.
It comprises:
  • McAfee VirusScan: protects PCs, e-mail, attachments, downloads and networks from viruses, mass-mailing worms and backdoor Trojans when the user is online and includes anti-virus updates
  • McAfee Personal Firewall Plus: block hackers and prevent malicious code from stealing data, hijacking a system (often to send spam) or planting malicious code that can compromise privacy over a dial-up connection, DSL or cable connections
  • McAfee Privacy Service: shield individuals from unwanted content using parental controls and filtering options
  • McAfee SpamKiller: prevent junk e-mail including credit card phishing scams, virus hoaxes and foreign language spam from entering an inbox including anti-spam filter updates, enhanced spam detection technology, personal filter editor and white listing.

McAfee SpamKiller for Exchange

McAfee SpamKiller for ExchangeMcAfee SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange Small Business scans incoming e-mail as it reaches the Microsoft Exchange server. Spam e-mail can be quarantined to a server-based junk mail folder or into the user's junk mail folder.

Features include:

  • SpamAssassin engine rating system that scores e-mail based on a series of tests
  • Five levels of protection
  • Tiered routing for quarantining messages depending upon the score that the e-mail receives
  • Detailed reporting
  • Synchronisation with Exchange Contacts
  • Customisable editing rules.

PrimeSupport provides technical support in Connect and Priority options.

McAfee SpamKiller for Mail Servers with ePO

McAfee SpamKiller for Mail Servers with ePOMcAfee SpamKiller for Mail Servers offers growing businesses great spam protection and performance for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino mail servers. By keeping your network free of spam, McAfee SpamKiller ensures high productivity, blocks inappropriate content from reaching users, conserves network bandwidth and keeps spam-related security risks to a minimum.

Key benefits include:

  • Instant, proactive spam detection Spam is stopped cold through advanced, rules-based scanning and scoring plus six levels of intelligent spam detection, enabling out-of-box detection and a very low false positive rate
  • Personalised detection rules You can easily modify the default rules, and users can create their own black- and whitelists to control what they do and don't receive
  • Multiple quarantine options Potential spam can be selectively routed to different quarantine folders, where users can then check to verify its authenticity
  • Centralised management and detailed reporting SpamKiller includes McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, the industry-leading tool for complete system security management and reporting
  • Integrated anti-virus protection SpamKiller may be augmented with McAfee GroupShield® for complete, comprehensive anti-virus security and content filtering.

McAfee SpamKiller integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator for comprehensive policy management and detailed graphical reporting. (ePo)

McAfee Total Protection for Small Business

McAfee Total Protection for Small BusinessTotal Protection for Small Business Advanced and
Total Protection for Small Business
are single, integrated software services that include virus, spyware, spam, phishing, and desktop firewall protection, all in one easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution.

Both McAfee solutions make it easy to simplify your security with proven technology:

  • Single management console a single, easy-to-use, Web based, McAfee SecurityCenter—for remote monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated desktop and file server anti-virus and antispyware automatically secures your systems from known threats and potentially unwanted programs, and also provides basic e-mail protection for Outlook applications
  • Centralized desktop firewall offers an immediate barrier between your critical data and malicious intrusions
  • Advanced e-mail anti-spam and anti-virus service provides always up-to-date e-mail protection that improves availability and assures business continuity
  • Advanced e-mail server protection stands guard over your mail servers with virus protection and content filtering Single management console

  • McAfee Virex

    McAfee VirexMcAfee Virex utilizes the McAfee scan engine for complete, proactive anti-virus protection for Macintosh systems. Virex guards against all types of viruses and malicious code including new and unknown threats using the familiar Mac OS X user interface.

    Key features include:

    • Complete, proactive threat protection Based on the McAfee scan engine, Virex employs comprehensive "find and fix" solutions to stop all types of viruses and other threats
    • Protection from tomorrow's threats Virex uses heuristic analysis and generic detection to protect against new and unknown viruses
    • Easy-to-use interface Using the Mac OS X interface, the Virex DropScan feature allows users to drag-and-drop files for convenient on-demand scanning
    • Reliability and accuracy With a proven track record and battle-tested technology, McAfee Virex provides reliable, accurate scans without a false alarm problem
    • Always up-to-date Easy one click updating ensures virus protection is always current with the latest updates.

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