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Markzware is a software developer in the graphic design, publishing and print industry sectors. Specialising in the ability to read and write complex DTP (Desktop Publishing) file formats, the firm often does the impossible. The companies products include FlightCheck, Q2ID, PDF2DTP, and MarkzTools2 to name a few. Markzware became a sole-proprietorship in 1992 and incorporated in California in 1995.

Markzware was issued patent #5,963,641 - A device and method for examining, verifying, correcting and approving electronic documents prior to printing, transmission or recording (preflight for print). Essentially, Markzware helped to create the digital prepress industry and is still a leader in that field today. Markzware develops:

DTP Conversion Tools. Q2ID (converts QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign), ID2Q (converts Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress), PDF2DTP (converts multi-page PDFs to InDesign)

Quality Control Tools. FlightCheck is the preflight tool for the graphic arts, printing and publishing industries. FlightCheck will check verifies all standard PDF/X output settings. Items inspected include document size, fonts, colors, images etc., all these and other elements of the job are ‘collected’ and ‘packaged’ . Creators, printers and publishers of PDF files and those that use Adobe, Microsoft, Quark, Corel products will find that FlightCheck ensures supreme quality control before printing. Also, check out our popular freebie for InDesign users, ID Util!

Prepress Services. We have services to convert files online for you. Also, we can fix bad or corrupted InDesign and QuarkXPress files. We even have fixed non-opening Illustrator and PDF jobs for customers.

Our target audiences include: graphic designers, publishers, printers, advertising agencies, marketing departments and users of Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Publisher for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Specialties. Convert Quark To InDesign, Convert InDesign to Quark, Convert Publisher to InDesign, Preflight for Print, FlightCheck, PDF to InDesign, Fix corrupt InDesign or Quark files, prepress, graphic design, Corrupt InDesign files, File Recovery, and graphics software

Markzware publishes these popular preflight and conversion tools: is a stand-alone macOS application that checks native and PDF files for printing quality. This is a must-have for documents destined for commercial printing. FlightCheck is the essential preflight tool for digital print and publishing professionals. FlightCheck collects and packages required print elements, to ensure that jobs print as expected. Take control of your creations with IDMarkz®, the first of our next generation of conversion and preview applications. You likely have years of work locked away in InDesign files. This amazing piece of magic gives you both the ability to preview those files and the power to move those documents to your preferred editing application. Take control of your creations with PDFMarkz®, our next generation PDF conversion and preview application. You likely have years of work locked away in PDF files. This amazing piece of magic gives you both the ability to preview those files and the power to move those documents to your preferred editing application. PDFMarkz enables users to convert PDFs to many other file formats! PDF to InDesign, PDF to QuarkXPress, PDF to Affinity Publisher, Unlock QuarkXPress documents with QXPMarkz®, our next-generation QXP conversion, and preview application. Many designers have and receive QuarkXPress files, with no way to open them. This stand-alone application gives you the ability to both preview those files and the power to move those documents to your preferred editing application. QXPMarkz enables users to convert QuarkXPress 2022 through QuarkXPress 3 to many other file formats! OmniMarkz® is a powerful combination of Markzware’s three popular conversion tools. QXPMarkz, IDMarkz, and PDFMarkz are now combined, along with a complete File Inventory reporting feature. With OmniMarkz, you can now Preview, Report, and convert QuarkXPress, InDesign, and PDF documents all via a single stand-alone application.

OmniMarkz enables users to capture file inventory and convert Adobe InDesign 2022 through CS4, QuarkXPress 2021 through QuarkXPress 3, and PDF documents to many other DTP file formats! Conversion possibilities include:

PDF to InDesign • InDesign to Affinity Publisher • QuarkXPress to InDesign • Illustrator to InDesign • InDesign to IDML (lower versions of InDesign) • And much more

MarkzwareTV on YouTube:

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