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Mindsightstudios Artisan 2 - SketchUp Plugin

SketchUp plugins for Professionals
mind.sight.studios is a small software company located near the city of Saskatoon in Canada founded by Dale Martens. Dale has been one of the most prominent SketchUp Extension Developers since 2006. In 2016, he founded mind.sight.studios, left his career as a structural engineer, and became a full-time Software Developer.

mind.sight.studios has created many of the most well known and successful SketchUp extensions including Artisan, Skimp, Profile Builder, Quantifier Pro, SketchPlus, Bevel, and PlaceMaker. They are committed to delivering top quality extensions that are also easy to use.

Artisan Organic Toolset

Artisan is an extension for SketchUp that lets you do the impossible! With powerful tools for subdivision, sculpting, soft selection, free-form deformation, extrusion, and more, Artisan will supercharge your ability to model terrain, characters, furniture, and other complex organic forms.


New in Artisan 2 is the ability to model using real-time subdivision modeling where the subdivided surface gets updated in real-time as you make edits.


Perform soft transformations and maintain quads using automatic folding and healing, all in real-time.


The improvements to the sculpting tools have to be seen to be believed! Auto-Add Detail, new brushes, and easier symmetry give you the ability to sculpt anything you can imagine!


The Artisan 2 Grade Brush is a revolutionary new tool for accurately grading terrain in SketchUp! Easily control both slope and direction!

Download trial!

Artisan 2 Pro License Single Seat 1-Year Subscription
  • Real-Time Non-Destructive Subdivision Modeling
  • Professional Subdivision Tools
  • Quad-aware Transformation Tools
  • Dynamic Sculpting and Terrain Tools
  • Free Form Deformation Mode
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • First Class Support and Maintenance
  • Free Updates and Upgrades for 1 Year
  • Licensed for Commercial Use
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