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JetBrains Space

JetBrains is a technology-leading software development firm specializing in the creation of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software. The company is widely known for its innovative, award-winning Java integrated development environment, IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper developer productivity extension and dotTrace profiler for .NET developers, TeamCity -- a continuous integration and build management environment, RubyMine -- a Ruby and Rails IDE and others. JetBrains maintains its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, with its R&D labs located in St. Petersburg, Russia and Boston, Massachusetts.
JetBrains Space

Extensible team collaboration solution covering software development, project and team management, and communications.

JetBrains Space can not only make teamwork more efficient, but also communication and the operation of the company itself, since Space covers a wide range of business processes:

  • transparent organizational structure
  • effective communication
  • project management support
  • flexible software development processes

Key Features

Team Management - Everything your company needs to ensure open work and transparent collaboration: the teams, locations, member profiles, roles and permissions, calendars, meetings, vacations, and blogs - all in one place.

  • Home for teams - Find everything you need to know about the teams across your entire organization, including their subteams, members, and everybody’s roles. Get an overview of the projects that each team is working on, their scheduled meetings, and a feed with the team’s most recent updates.
  • Manage memberships and permissions in one place - Define the team once and reuse it across all the areas in Space to provide all the team members with the permissions to version control, code reviews, packages, issues, channels in chats, blog posts, and documents in one click.
  • Team calendar - Consult the team calendar for an overall picture of your teammates' availability and see their collective planned vacation, business trips, and other absences. Use this information to plan your releases, milestones, and general activities, including team gatherings, conferences, vacations, and business trips.
  • Member profiles - Find mission-critical information for each of your colleagues: contact details, workspace location, availability, schedule, vacations, and business trips. Member profiles list each member’s teams and job titles, projects and responsibilities, as well as the manager who they report to. All of this information makes it easier to make sure you’ve found the right person to invite to a chat or join your project.
  • Custom fields - Use custom fields to add more details to your member profiles. Store each member’s preferred languages, date of birth, employment details, and contact information. You control whether this information is visible to everyone in your organization or restricted to authorized members only.
  • Personal calendar - Surf your colleague's personal calendar and see how overloaded they are with meetings and planned absences, like business trips, conferences, or vacation. This way, you can plan for meaningful collaboration sessions when your colleague has fewer distractions and can give you their full attention.
  • Manage vacations - Before you start to plan your vacation, check how many vacation days you still have available for the current year. JetBrains have simplified the process of requesting vacation for everyone. Any vacation requests that you add to the calendar generate notifications for the manager and Human Resources. Once approved, your status is updated automatically. Everyone in the organization is aware of your absence and can plan around it. No more back and forth approval emails and lost vacation requests. Clear and easy.
  • Share your plans - Let your colleagues know if you’re planning to work at the office or remotely, going on a business trip, attending an online event, or not quite feeling well enough to work. Add an absence to your profile and make it clear to everyone who needs to know whether you are available or not. The list of reasons for spending time away from the office is completely customizable.
  • Schedule meetings - When you plan a meeting, add individual members or the whole team to the list of participants with a single click. Space automatically suggests the best time slot available for the chosen date based on the schedule for each participant. If you have recurring meetings, such as daily standups or weekly team meetings, and you aren’t sure whether you will be able to attend one a specific day, you can edit the entry for that particular session to let everyone know. You can also add a description for an individual meeting to let everyone know what it is about.
  • Floor plans - Sometimes trying to find your way around a new office or to locate a colleague that you want to talk to can be frustrating. In Space, you can add an office plan with floors, rooms, and residents to help everyone navigate the office. Find people on the floor plan or take a visual tour of the office. With floor plans available on mobile as well, you will never get lost when looking for someone.
  • Meeting rooms - Because Space already knows the location of each participant’s workspace, it will suggest the closest, most suitable, available meeting room when you schedule a new meeting.

Chats and Documents - Communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge inside your organization. Collaborate in Chats: get personalized notifications, reply and react, perform code reviews, track issues, share articles, and benefit from the smart grouping of channels and feeds. Want to keep a record of something important you discussed in a chat? Move it in an article to reference later or even to shape into a post. Use documents and the internal blog to share knowledge within your organization.

  • Channels - Join a conversation in an existing channel or create a channel of your own, public or private. Invite a team with one click or select members to join it individually.
  • Inside channels
    • Use a wide set of emoji to react to posts or comments.
    • Create threads inside conversations.
    • Get content previews when posting links to external pages and internal resources, like issues, documents, meetings, automation builds, teams, commit messages.
    • Join meetings directly from messages.
    • Paste images from the clipboard or by dragging them.
    • Add polls to conversations.
    • Convert messages to issues or add them to the To-Do list as actionable items with one click.
  • Smart grouping - Catch up on important updates quickly with contacts, channels, and notifications grouped and prioritized based on their relevance. Tune the level of notification you receive by channel: subscribe to all messages, just mentions, or mute channel completely.
  • Personal inbox - Chats is your personal inbox for receiving notifications about everything happening inside Space: new blog posts, comments and replies, absences, vacation requests, code reviews and issues, and CI/CD alerts. Welcome to the world without emails, context switching, and missing important updates.
  • Reply and react in place - Follow up on notifications directly in chats, whether you want to comment on a new blog post, reply to an issue update, or approve a vacation request. Everything happens in place.
  • Distraction-free mode - When you are not available, Space will automatically mute all notifications. Space knows when to cut out distracting notifications based on your absence status (vacations, business trips, or sick leave), working hours, working days and whether you are attending a meeting. Unlike other tools, you don’t need to manually turn the notifications on and off all the time.
  • Review code in chats - When you create a code review and assign it to a colleague, a new channel is created, and the reviewer gets a notification in chats. Further communication about the code review can then happen inside this channel.
  • Share article drafts in chats - You will receive a notification in your private chat when a colleague invites you to collaborate on a blog post or a document draft. Access the draft right from the chat and start editing. No more pings and additional DMs. Everything happens automatically.
  • Integrated with profiles - Member profile data is fully integrated with the chats. Absence status is automatically set in the chat, notifying colleagues when someone is not available and when they’ll be back in the office.
  • Documents - Organize your project-related documents. Make all the records related to your project accessible, transparent, and visible to the project’s team and to other members of your organization. Organize your personal documents using a handy folder structure.
  • Collaborative editing = Work on drafts and share them with your colleagues for collaborative editing before moving them to Project Documents or publishing them to the Blog.
  • teams image
  • Promote open communication - Publish project milestones and important updates in an internal blog. You can also promote company-wide meetings and events, like Town Halls, Hackathons, holiday parties, or internal talks. Limit the target audience by location or team and make sure you deliver the right information to the right people.

Project Management - Plan, manage, and execute your work on the project as a team, optimizing the whole workflow and collaboration process.
Everything development team needs

  • Project Dashboard - The project dashboard is an entry point and a cover page of the project. It gives you a birds-eye view of the latest activity, including its members, repositories, documents, code reviews, and checklists.
  • Permissions and responsibilities - Teams are static entities in Space, but projects are made to be dynamic. Create a team within a project or add any team from your organization. Grant all team members access to all project resources with one click. It is also possible to invite individual collaborators with limited access. Make the project private and only visible to its members, or public and visible to everyone in your organization. Assign members to specific parts of your project and make it clear who is responsible for what.
  • Issue tracking - Enjoy fast and lightweight issue tracking with the basic built-in workflow inside your project. Create an issue with one click or convert an item from the checklist. Plan your iterations and track the progress using the issue list with handy filters and full-text search. Start a discussion with replies and reactions, just like in chats.
  • Issue boards - Use Issue boards to visually organize, prioritize, and track the progress of your tasks. Create boards to fit your Scrum, Kanban, and mixed processes. Plan your future sprints using the backlog that is available directly on the board. Filter the board or the backlog by different criteria to locate specific issues.
  • Top-down planning - Use structured, text-based checklists for top-down planning. Summarize discussion results, build mind maps, breakdown the scope of a project, or structure ideas as a plan. Create personal and shared checklists that contain references to issues, code reviews, or project documents, and organize them by category, tags, or priority. Convert a checklist item into an issue with only one click. Get the information you need, in time Personalized information is delivered to your dashboard, chat feeds, and to-do list, to maximize your productivity.
  • Personal To-Do List - Keep track of your daily personal tasks or the tasks that will need your attention sometime in the future. Add items to your to-do list with a single click: an issue to work on, a code review assigned to you, a blog post you want to read, or even a comment you would like to reply to.
  • Personalized Dashboard - Stay on top of important and relevant updates with your personalized dashboard. A collection of widgets show your meetings, projects, team calendars, absences, recent blog posts, and upcoming events.
  • Quick navigation and actions - Find information quickly using the powerful global search with actions, available anywhere inside Space with a simple keyboard shortcut. Possible matches to your search request are based on your current context. When you’re in Chats, it suggests searching inside channels. Inside Teams, it suggests members, teams, and locations. Simple actions like creating a meeting and adding an absence are also available using /commands inside the search overlay. When you need to dig a little deeper into the message history or article text, switch to full-text search with one click.

Software Development - Commit code and explore changes. Review code, create merge requests. Automate your workflows and CI/CD pipelines. Store and manage package repositories. Connect JetBrains IDEs to Space.

  • Source code management - Experience fast and scalable hosting for private, Git-based repositories with a web-based interface to browse and edit code plus flexible rules for granting member access.
  • Online code browsing - Browse commits and files by change author, branch, or filename. Review the change history and annotations from other developers. Toggle the appearance of side-by-side diffs and discussions to gain insight into what changed and why.
  • Edit files and commit changes - Make minor changes directly in the web-UI, without switching to a dedicated code editor.
  • Monitor commit status from external build servers - Merge and move on with confidence by tracking whether changes committed to the codebase result in success or failure when built by a connected CI server. Space integrates with TeamCity or GitHub Actions and can retrieve status codes, branch details, timestamps, and more.
  • Manage and protect your source code - With Space, you have a choice of integrated security feature support that allows you the maximum flexibility to safely and securely control access to your source code.
  • Push restrictions - Configurable push restrictions make collaboration on the source code clear, transparent, and secure.
  • Protected branches - Set up rules for working with branches using a granular permission scheme.
  • Mirroring - Mirror your repository from GitHub with two-way synchronization. Invite commits from external collaborators while keeping your development secure in Space.
  • Code review - Establish a robust, customizable, and integrated code review process that works for you no matter whether you want formal rules and conditions or not. Review code in the branch before it’s merged to master, or after merging one or more commits. Space supports both workflows with ease.
  • Collaborate on code in place - Start discussions and collaborate with your teammates directly inside the codebase. Contributors can reply directly or react with emoji. In the end, your code remains easy to read, debug, maintain, and extend. The messy conversations are safely contained inside the vacuum of Space.
  • Efficient and effective code reviews - Track discussions between the reviewer and the author with a transparent system for accepting changes and resolving concerns. Review commits and enter comments as you go through each file before collaborating with the author, who can update the code and leave a reply or resolve the discussion.
  • Merge requests - You can restrict direct commits to the master (or any) branch using the permission scheme. Create merge requests that are accepted automatically after automation tests have passed or when a code review that follows a predefined flow is complete.
  • Set your rules - A successfully finished automation job, approval from a designated teammate, a check provided by an external service — any combination of these conditions can serve as a quality gate that must be passed before users can merge their changes.
  • Automation - Modern and intuitive ways to organize your continuous delivery pipelines along with a solution for a broad spectrum of automation tasks.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) - Simple yet powerful CI/CD out of the box: on-the-fly test reporting, parallel execution, local reproducibility (planned), with coverage for major technical stacks like Gradle and Docker.
  • Configuration as code - Automation in Space is configured using scripts. The Automation UI in Space is used to visualize script results: logs, tests, and artifacts. Space uses a Kotlin-based DSL as its scripting language, with plans to support YAML in the future.
  • Integrate with other Space modules - In an Automation script, you have access to the Space HTTP API client. This lets you work with any other Space module: send messages to Chats, create articles, access team directory, and much more.
  • Containers, VMs, and functions - Space can execute automation in a range of environments: Run pure Docker images from Docker Hub or your Space image repository.
  • Integrate with external tools - Get access to an assortment of APIs that connect to external tools and services, including: api.docker: to build and publish Docker images and api.gradle: to build and report tests using Gradle.
  • Package management - Create and use package repositories in your CI/CD pipelines or from your local machine. Share packages between products using Container, Maven, NuGet, and npm repositories.
  • Apps distribution - Use container registries to distribute your apps as container images, and use them during deployment.
  • Package dependencies - Use a local repository (ready) to store and consume packages privately and mirror repository (planned) to mirror an upstream repository, like Maven Central or, to keep the required package dependencies as long as you need them.
  • Powerful search - Find and view package details to understand how it was produced.
  • IntelliJ-based IDE integration - Connect IntelliJ IDEA or any other IntelliJ-based IDE to Space to get access to your projects, repositories, CI builds, and teams.


Team Annual License
  • 4,000 CI credits per month - CI credits correspond to execution time for your automation jobs, CI builds, and deployments on our shared runners. One CI credit in Space is equal to one minute of execution time on the Linux runner (container with default resources).
  • 10 GB of storage per user
  • 50 GB of data transfer per user/month
  • Unlimited searchable messages
  • 20 applications or integrations - Refers to applications or integrations connected to your organization in Space.
  • 2 custom issue fields
  • Unlimited users and projects

Organization Annual License

  • 10,000 CI credits per month - CI credits correspond to execution time for your automation jobs, CI builds, and deployments on our shared runners. One CI credit in Space is equal to one minute of execution time on the Linux runner (container with default resources).
  • 25 GB of storage per user
  • 125 GB of data transfer per user/month
  • Unlimited applications, integrations, custom issue fields, and searchable messages
  • Unlimited users and projects

Enterprise Annual License

  • Includes the JetBrains All Products Pack - Access to all desktop products, including IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, dotUltimate, and other IDEs and .NET tools. One All Products Pack license per Space active user. For a limited time, the JetBrains All Product Pack offered with Space includes a Fallback license, but JetBrains reserves the right to change the parameters of the enterprise offer in the future.
  • 50,000 CI credits per month - CI credits correspond to execution time for your automation jobs, CI builds, and deployments on our shared runners. One CI credit in Space is equal to one minute of execution time on the Linux runner (container with default resources).
  • 100 GB of storage per user
  • 500 GB of data transfer per user/month
  • Unlimited applications, integrations, custom issue fields, and searchable messages
  • Unlimited users and projects
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