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ArCADiasoft ArCADia BIM PLUS 12

ArCADiasoft came into being in Łódź in mid-1997. Its founder Jarosław Chudzik has obtained his MSc degree in Construction from Łódź University of Technology.

Shortly after his graduation, Jarosław Chudzik moved to Germany and started a traineeship at Institut für Baumechanik und Numerische Mechanik (Universität Hannover) under professor Erwin Stein, with the intention of writing his doctoral thesis. Tempted by an offer from mb programme, one of the biggest German IT companies dealing in the field of construction engineering, which was searching for a construction engineer with the knowledge of computer programming languages at that time, he started working in the Software Development department. After 10 years, he returned to Poland and made use of the experience gained in Germany in order to found a company, which turned out to rapidly achieve financial success. It later allowed for the creation of the comprehensive, object-oriented ArCADia BIM system – the company’s flagship product that enables various designers to cooperate among their locations.

ArCADiasoft Chudzik sp. j. is the biggest Polish manufacturer of software for building engineering. Its programs are sold in Poland, as well as in Austria, Brasil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Indie, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia the UK and Turkey.

The programs are written in the BIM technology and they include modules for architecture, constructions and installations. The company has got its own distribution network and uses it to sell its author’s programs and also other manufacturers’ programs, such as IntelliCAD, whose distribution is allowed by membership in the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, and ArCon, among others.

ArCADiasoft also produces programs on request, and specialises in writing software for building engineering, while applying its IT expertise. We have cooperated with companies such as: Henkel, BALMA, PAROC, Sanitec and Saint-Gobain.

ArCADiasoft equals +22 years of experience in creating computer applications for the construction industry and more than 100 products for architects and engineers. Our programs range from structural design to interior and installation design to energy performance of buildings calculations to buildings’ surroundings design. ArCADiasoft is the author of the ArCADia BIM system.

This whole huge -50% promotion until 31.12.21 is related to
COVID-19 and difficult year 2021 for many companies.


The flagship of the Company’s offer is the object-oriented ArCADia BIM system. It is a user-friendly tool for comprehensive calculation/graphics support of a building engineering design process, which allows communication between individual fields, including collision detecting

ArCADia-Import/Export (IFC,DXF,DWG,ACP)


Increase your productivity.
Integrate your design workflow into an integral BIM project.

Functionality which allows you to do projects according to BIM technology.

The ArCADia BIM PLUS software has all the features of the ArCADia BIM LT and ArCADia BIM software and, in addition, is enhanced with the following functions:

  • The option to create and fully edit ACIS solids. ACIS files are based on the block modelling format developed by Spatial Technology Inc.
  • It allows for precise work on full solids, penetration, sums, differences, etc.
  • File import and export in the SAT format.

ArCADia is a program supporting 2D and 3D design. Due to its operational philosophy and the same data format, namely DWG, working with it is analogous to working in other CAD programs available on the market, such as ZWCAD, GstarCAD, BricsCAD or AutoCAD.


  • Layered drawing with the ability to use groups, blocks, external references and raster backdrops.
  • Precise drawing: Cartesian and polar coordinates, characteristic points and tracking.
  • Work on a real-world model and the print at any scale from a specified sheet of paper.
  • Support BIM technology, object-oriented architectural design.
  • Ready-made architectural elements: multilayer walls, stairs, bases, columns, chimneys, windows and doors.
  • Comparing and merging documents.
  • Automatic floor entry, additional support for Teriva ceiling design.
  • Generating statements
  • Ability to create and fully edit ACIS solids.
  • Supporting the IFC format.

Download trial:

  • ArCADia BIM - CAD software for the construction industry, supporting 2D and 3D design, based on the IntelliCAD program.
  • ArCADia BIM LT - Program that allows object-oriented creation of 2D building documentation and saving files to the 2018 DWG format.
  • ArCADia BIM PLUS - Software for the construction industry, supporting 2D/3D design, option to create and fully edit ACIS solids.

Additionally any industrial modules (ArCADia BIM ELECTRICAL, GAS, WATER INSTALLATIONS etc.) can work on any of the basic modules above and communicate without any data lost.

System requirements:
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon II (preffered min. Intel Core i5-6500)
  • RAM: 3GB (preffered min. 12 GB and OS 64-bit)
  • Graphics Card:
    • for basic view: 1GB GPU compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    • for advanced view: 3GB GPU compatible with DirectX 11
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (preffered Windows 10 64-bit)
  • Free disc space: 5GB (preffered SSD)
ArCADia BIM videos:

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ArCADiasoft ArCADia BIM PLUS 12 - 40 tuotetta
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ArCADia Add-On Module: HEATING INSTALLATIONS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 375,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: HOTEL LIBRARY 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 115,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: IFC RVT 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 285,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 115,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Library 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 70,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: PALLET FURNITURE Library 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 115,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: POWER NETWORKS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 355,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: RAMA 19 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 1230,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: REINFORCED CONCRETE COLUMN 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 260,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: REINFORCED CONCRETE COMPONENT 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 520,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 315,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 320,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: SEWAGE NETWORKS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 730,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: SURVEYOR 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 215,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 810,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS 2 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 415,00 €
ArCADia Add-On Module: Ventilation Systems Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 750,00 €
ArCADia BIM 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD 1053,00 €
ArCADia BIM 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD Upg < 12 170,00 €
ArCADia BIM LT 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD 688,00 €
ArCADia BIM LT 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD Upg < 12 110,00 €
ArCADia BIM PLUS 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD 1206,00 €
ArCADia BIM PLUS 14 (IE) Win10/8/7 ESD Upg < 12 190,00 €
ArCADiasoft EuroConnections 5.0 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 1518,00 €
ArCADiasoft R3D3-EuroFooting 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 400,00 €
ArCADiasoft R3D3-EuroReinforceConcrete 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 590,00 €
ArCADiasoft R3D3-EuroSteel 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 500,00 €
ArCADiasoft R3D3-EuroWood 1 Win10/8/7 (UK) ESD 445,00 €
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