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SAP Crystal Reports 2020

SAP Crystal Reports 2020

Purchase one named user license of SAP Crystal Reports 2020 for each designer to take advantage of capabilities for report generation.

  • Enable the named employee to create reports
  • A licensed user can install SAP Crystal Reports to more than one computer for their exclusive use
  • Non-expiring production keycode

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Have you ever been in the position where you know that the information exists, but you don't know where to find it, or it's in a format that's not usable? Have you wondered why important information isn't readily available or why it's so difficult to get?

Empower your small to mid-sized business to turn any data into interactive, actionable information - easily and quickly.

  • Connect to virtually any data source including databases, spreadsheets, enterprise systems, and cloud services
  • Create customized, visually stunning reports
  • Personalize reports to your business users' preferred language and format
Easily analyze and report on your business data

Create intuitive reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Build reports without programming using our report design wizards and parametrization capabilities for report design.
  • Leverage built-in sorting, formulas, ranking, conditional formatting, parameters, grouping and search capabilities.
  • Understand your data at a glance with different chart types like bar, line and area charts, funnel, histogram, bubble and radar charts.
Manage security settings for your reporting environment

Define user rights to access, view, refresh, export, or print reports.

  • Identify users with single sign-on capabilities.
  • Simplify user access by integrating with lightweight directory access protocols and active directories.
  • Audit individual reports by tracking changes and usage.
  • Enable mobile access to self-service business intelligence reports.
Understand your business and share the facts

Provide ready-to-consume information, as reports and dashboards, to colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers.

  • Nurture a culture of well-informed decision-makers
  • Create print-ready reports from your disparate data sources
  • Benefit from solutions developed specifically for the reporting needs of small and midsize companies
  • Add flexibility to your reporting with the use of product wizards and parameters
Deliver a flexible report design platform for advanced users

Create intuitive reports with drag-and-drop simplicity and provide guidance on sorting and grouping.

  • Flexible reporting
    Add flexibility to your reporting with the use of product wizards and parameters.
  • Pixel-perfect documents
    Provide pixel-perfect documents and forms with highly formatted contents
  • Embed images and bar codes
    Go beyond regular business reports by embedding dynamic images and bar codes.
  • Sharing and exporting
    Easily report sharing by exporting data to popular formats

Efficiently share your business data

Provide ready-to-consume information as pixel-perfect invoices, letters, statements, sales and operations reports, promotion campaigns and loyalty card reports.

  • User interface in multiple languages
    Benefit from a user interface available in up to 28 languages.
  • Define user rights
    Manage user rights to access, view, refresh, export, or print reports.
  • Mobile access
    Enable mobile access to self-service business intelligence reports.

Access your business data

Connect to nearly any data source in the market and use standard data access protocols.

  • Connect to flat files
    Connect to flat files like MS Excel, Text files, Web Logs, XML, File systems
  • Connect to databases
    Connect to databases like SAP HANA, MS Access, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Connect to data sources
    Connect to JDBC and ODBC data sources as well as specific applications like Sage or Salesforce.
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