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Tilia Labs Tilia Phoenix

Founded in 2012, Tilia Labs is a software company based in Ottawa, Canada that builds prepress applications for print service providers worldwide.

With a keen eye on emerging developments, we are dedicated to developing disruptive technologies that offer real competitive advantage to customers across sectors including packaging, labels, commercial printing, and large format. Our flagship product Phoenix is industry renowned for unprecedented speeds.

Connectivity is the cornerstone of everything we do at Tilia Labs, and ease-of-use a core principle. Built around open architecture for speed, flexibility and integration, our solutions in planning, imposition, and automation deliver a seamless interface between prepress data and production.

For print providers of every size and description, tilia software reduces time, waste, costs, and complexity to help enhance the relevance and viability of print in an increasingly digital world.

What makes us tick?

Tilia Labs was borne out of our passion for information technology, UI/UX, algorithms, automation, and above all, for Artificial Intelligence. We know this isn’t close to everyone’s heart. That’s why we aim to make it as simple and seamless as possible.

We also love to collaborate, whether that’s with customers, partners, or fellow software suppliers. We like to hear how you see things. Which are the sore spots? Where are the opportunities? That’s how we get our ideas and figure out how we can help.

For those who love systems like us, come and get the lowdown on our solutions and learn how they can mold to your needs, habits, and preferences. For those who don’t, rest easy that you’re in the safe hands of a team that eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff! Tell us about your pain points and your production aspirations. Just don’t take offense if we go quiet… we’re picturing it in code as you speak.

Rethink planning and imposition

Blazing Planning
Search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective layouts

Precise, Dynamic Imposition
Create print-ready layouts with ease using fine-grained item control and a rich set of dynamic marks.

Lights Out Automation
Integrate easily and seamlessly with your choice of platform and complementary technologies to achieve lights-out automation throughout your entire production workflow

Built from the ground up to cut costs, tilia Phoenix is a sophisticated open-API planning and imposition application that uses AI technology to improve efficiencies for print service providers in all sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing.

Phoenix Imposition AI takes an entirely different approach to common imposition solutions. Rather than template-driven, it operates according to machine and production requirements to generate print-ready layouts on-the-fly. It factors in parameters, such as job specifications, print devices, finishing requirements, and delivery considerations, to search across potentially millions of possibilities for the optimal layout. When a final option has been selected, tilia Phoenix generates print-ready layouts and JDF or die instructions, and reports, for all devices in the production chain.

Uniting planning and prepress functions, tilia Phoenix can be integrated into your chosen workflow or MIS system to enable fast accurate estimates, shrink prepress time, automate error-prone tasks, maximize media usage, and reduce postpress complexity.

A suite of powerful Phoenix modules delivers the fastest, most intelligent and most versatile cross-platform planning and imposition solution on the market today.

Automation and Integration
Phoenix’s open API architecture provides you with futureproof flexibility. Its simple integration enables lights-out automation throughout your entire production workflow.

Get a taste of how Phoenix handles different planning and imposition requirements in real production scenarios.


A suite of powerful modules combine to make tilia Phoenix the fastest and most versatile cross-platform planning and imposition solution available.

Pick and choose your own dream solution

Because you may not need every advantage immediately but you’re definitely going places, Phoenix has a range of mix and match components. These allow you to tailor your solution for what you want right now while providing potential to extend over time. From full automation to XXL, step and repeat to maximum firepower, whichever modules are selected, there’s always more to grow into. And since we research and develop continually, even if you go for all the bells and whistles, you can rest easy we’ve got your next steps mapped out.

Imposition AI

The beating heart of tilia Phoenix,
Imposition AI brings the industry’s
first and smartest artificially
intelligent planning and ganging
algorithm to your fingertips.

Comprising four tools – Plan, Optimize, Impose, and Populate – Imposition AI heuristically finds the most cost-effective way to combine print products by evaluating millions of possibilities in seconds. Digital printers are able to leverage ‘Just In Time’ planning to reduce waste and human intervention with shorter runs. Conventional printers can find combination layouts on-the-fly to reduce plates, makereadies, press time, material, and waste to print more profitably than ever before

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