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FastTrack Admin By Request (ABR)

Admin By Request is developed by FastTrack Software, which is a global leader in developing tools for systems administrators. We are headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark with major offices in United Kingdom and United States and smaller satellite offices in a number of other countries.

FastTrack Software is a global developer of tools for system administrators, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark with major offices in United Kingdom and Unites States. The company was founded in 2006 with the basic idea of creating simpler tools for systems administrators. In 2008, the first public version of FastTrack Automation Studio was released, which is a management tool to manage endpoints and end user profiles in an organization. A few years later, Admin By Request was released, which offers a radically different approach to the local admin rights problem. Customers today count many of the world’s largest companies, such as Disney, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Goodyear, KPMG, Toyota, Komatsu,, CBS News, Red Cross and the US government.

Eliminate local admin rights

Your users will never know they lost their admin rights.
No one in IT has to install software or create whitelists.


Admin By Request (ABR)

You are probably reading this, because you know you have a problem. Either your company allows users to maintain local administrator rights or you have to do countless remote installs. We can solve this for you with little effort and at the same time free up your IT resources with just-in-time (JIT) privileges, as recommended by Microsoft here.

We have customers with tens of thousands of computers, who have tried to implement whitelisting solutions, but failed and came to us, because this way you can only see the world in retrospect. Your users will hate you for blocking their workday. Even with unlimited resources, no one can predict what your users need today. Instead of speculating on this by creating whitelists and software packages ahead of time, Admin By Request works proactively the other way around. If your user starts to install software, the client software intercepts this and installs the software - without the user being administrator. It's like the self-checkout at the supermarket.

You can allow the install or pause the process in real-time and require IT staff to evaluate the request via the portal or real-time push to the app. Once an install finishes, you have a full audit trail. You can also grant advanced users like developers a time-limited local admin session with security restrictions to perform advanced tasks.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore