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OpenGenius Ayoa

We are Ayoa, a Software as a Service tool created by world leaders in innovation, OpenGenius.

Do you know what it means to innovate? Really think about this. You’ve probably heard the word “innovation” knocked about in business like it’s an old tennis ball, but the truth is, the meaning behind that word all too often gets lost.

Innovation is not some elusive ability bestowed upon a selected few; it is a skill, a tool – one which takes businesses from being just a dream in a garage to a fully-fledged worldwide brand.

This is where Ayoa comes in. We are the appliers of innovation.

Look, there is a lot we can’t do: we can’t give you a world-conquering business idea, we can’t hire you a team of bright and capable people – we can’t even do your work for you.

But here’s what we can do.

We can give you a tool that takes your dream, your team, your work and provides each of those areas with everything they need to thrive.

We have an incubator for your best ideas, we have the space for meaningful collaboration, we have the first class stamps to deliver your projects on time – and we have all of this in one place.

Innovation can be applied to any kind of work – it can be applied to your work. And that’s our mission, to make innovation mean something to you by making it a part of your process.

The next evolution of Mind Mapping
– turn ideas into action

iMindMap has become one of the world’s most popular Mind Mapping software tools. However, we felt Mind Mapping could go further, so we’ve been busy implementing all of the best bits from iMindMap and adding a host of new features into our latest tool, Ayoa.

What is Ayoa?

OpenGenius are the creators behind iMindMap, DropTask and Ayoa. In the beginning, there was iMindMap. Then, OpenGenius launched DropTask – a visual Task Management tool.

We’ve learned a lot over the years about what our iMindMap and DropTask customers value in our products. After many years of development, feedback and experience, we made the decision to create Ayoa – a tool that combines the tech & knowledge of our two software products, so you can not only create amazing ideas, but turn them into reality.

An idea remains just an idea until actioned. Ayoa brings together the creative power of the Mind Map, with visual task management capabilities, communication and real-time sharing to take Mind Mapping to another level in personal or team productivity.

Read on to discover all the features available with Ayoa Mind Maps…

mind map great ideas

Quick and powerful ideation

Unlike other Mind Mapping tools on the market, Ayoa allows you to add ideas as soon as they’re generated. Speed is one of our strong points in Ayoa, especially when it comes to creating and editing your Mind Map. Quickly arrange your thoughts as branches and then turn them into tasks, all from one place.


Formatting, color and style

Enhance your work and bring your ideas to life by adjusting the appearance of your branches and branch connectors. Ayoa contains a varied color palette, ideal for creating both professional and creative Mind Maps. Adjust the size, color and style of your branches so you can differentiate between different areas, whilst keeping a clear and easy-to-navigate appearance.

Adding images and files

Add images and files

A picture speaks a thousand words. Add images directly onto your branches to represent key themes and spark further ideas. Upload your own images or select an image from the Unsplash gallery within the branch editor. You can also turn your Mind Map into a powerful resource hub to support your ideas by adding files to your branches, including documents, audio files and web links – so you can take your ideas to the next level.

Notes and Comments

Add notes and comments

Develop your more detailed ideas by adding notes onto your branches within the Branch Editor, providing you with a space to expand on your thoughts. Ideal for discussing ideas with others, add comments to your branches where you can talk through your work, ask questions, give feedback or simply show your appreciation for a great idea.

mind map great ideas

Emoji reactions

Add emoji reactions to branches in your Mind Map as a great way to bring a bit of creative fun to your Mind Map, whilst letting others know that you have seen their contributions and what your initial thoughts are on their ideas.

mind map great ideas

Idea Bank

The Idea Bank gives a home to all of your stray thoughts until you’re ready to bring them across into your Mind Maps. Easily enter your ideas as quickly as they strike, so you never lose a train of thought. Then simply drag these across onto your Mind Map branches wherever they fit best, sparing you the worry of adding them to your brainstorm right away.



Organise your map with ease by placing categories around your branches. These allow you to highlight different areas of your Mind Map and place them into groups that share similarities. Categories are represented by neat boxes around your branches, to clearly indicate when different ideas fit into a particular group. There are no restrictions when naming your categories, so these can represent anything that’s of value to you.

Ideas to Tasks

Turn your ideas into tasks

An idea remains just an idea until you bring it to life. Turn your ideas into action by turning your individual branches into a task. You can then easily send this into a Task Board, your Planner (or both!) so you can organise your workload and priorities efficiently and watch your ideas blossom into reality.



Autohide lets you focus your attention on specific areas by hiding away the rest of your map when focusing on a particular area. Ideal for larger maps or presenting your ideas to others, Autohide means you can tuck away the clutter and focus on what’s important.

Show Creators

Show Creators

Ideal for collaborating with others, the Show Creators function adds you and your colleagues’ icons onto the branches that they created, so you can see who’s ideas are who’s at a glance. This will help you keep track of everyone’s thoughts, allowing you to easily discuss and plan them as a team.

Mind Map Templates

Invite people to your map

We all know the saying ‘two heads are better than one’. Get more out of the idea generation process and invite others to join your Mind Maps, so you can start collaborating with friends, family or colleagues on new ideas. With Mind Map permissions, you can also control who can edit the map once you share it with them.

Invite People

Mind Map Templates

Choose from a variety of Mind Map templates to help you get started with ease. Ayoa’s Mind Map templates cover multiple topics, from meeting agendas and business growth, to book reviews and essay planners – so no matter what you’re working on, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Import iMindMaps

Link between Mind Maps

Using Mind Map links, you can easily share your maps with your Ayoa contacts and locate sections of Mind Maps within Ayoa. You can also ‘link’ branches together from different Mind Maps, allowing you to quickly re-visit branches that relate to each other. You can also copy the link of your current Mind Map, which you can then add as a link elsewhere on your other maps.

Connect your other maps

Import your iMindMap files

Instantly import all of your existing Mind Maps from iMindMap (and from iMindMap Cloud) into Ayoa. With the touch of a button, watch your iMindMap creations appear in our exclusive Mind Map View. With this brand new functionality, there’ll be no limits to your productivity and creativity.

Import iMindMaps

Export your Mind Maps

Easily export a whole Mind Map, a group of branches, or just one branch to a PDF image or a PDF text document. This will allow you to print your work, save it for safe keeping, send it to friends and colleagues (even if they don’t have an Ayoa account), and even share on social media!

Organic Mind Mapping soon in Ayoa

Tony Buzan-style organic Mind Maps coming soon!

We have plenty more exciting features to come in Ayoa, including Organic Mind Mapping and Presentation Mode.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore