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Pomfort LiveGrade Pro

For more than 7 years, Pomfort has been one of the upcoming companies for information technology in the field of professional film production. Pomfort specializes in developing high-quality and cost-effective software products for file-based camera workflows. Customers in more than 100 countries work with Pomfort’s innovative products. From film set to postproduction Pomfort enables cinematographers, camera assistants, DITs and editors to maintain control over the organization of movie data and the creation of camera looks. Pomfort is internationally renowned for its well designed products Silverstack and LiveGrade.
LiveGrade: The Reference for Professional Look Creation on the Film Set

LiveGrade is a powerful on set solution for the right image at the filmset. The software enables DOPs, camera assistants and DITs to interactively adjust and preset colors of SDI-images coming directly from the camera. All color adjustments arranged in LiveGrade are viewed in real-time and give the production team a tool to visualize color corrected images on set for e.g. director’s or client’s immediate review. Further, it helps to communicate the director’s and the cinematographer’s intent for postproduction and dailies requirements.

The LiveGrade Pro version integrates a iPhone app for remote control and comes with a variety of grading modes like "CDL Grade”, “ACES”, and ”Alexa Looks" which are specifically tailored to a variety of camera setups. To cover a wide range of different production workflows, LiveGrade Pro offers comprehensive import and export capabilities in 3D LUT, ASC-CDL, Alexa Looks, and XML file formats.

LiveGrade Pro combined with the common tools like the panel controller from Tangent and AVID, as well as Teradek’s COLR, Flanders’ BoxIO devices, Blackmagic’s HDLink or Fujifilm IS-mini devices results in a complete on set solution for the creation, manipulation and management of looks. LiveGrade PRO also supports the CDL capabilities of ARRI Alexa XT, Varicam, and SONY F65 cameras.

LiveGrade Basic provides all essential tools for adjusting colors on the live images. It exclusively supports LUT devices from Blackmagic Design’s HD-Link family, and supports the CDL and Alexa Look grading mode. It is ideally suited for users who just need need basic preview and pre-grade features in a low-cost standard workflow.

1. Easily Create and Apply Looks
LiveGrade Pro offers unmatched freedom in working with looks in real-time.

LiveGrade allows to interactively apply color corrections to HD-SDI signals going from camera to the on-set monitor – either via LUT box devices or by controlling capable cameras directly. This allows the production team to create, preview, and compare looks directly on set. The digital look becomes part of the image creation process on set – together with camera setup, light, and art department – in order to follow one creative intent.

2. Exchange Created Looks
Communicate colors on set and with post production facilities.

Using the collected look metadata in the dailies creation process ensures that the look concept of the DP and director is carried on to editorial and viewing. Therefore LiveGrade covers a wide range of color management workflows with comprehensive import and export capabilities. Color correction settings can be annotated with metadata (e.g slate information) and exported as standard look exchange files such ASC-CDL files or 3D LUTs. Together with LiveGrade's new PDF reports and ALE export, matching looks and camera source media for dailies creation is now as easy as ever.

3. Powerful and Flexible Color Filtering
Benefit from a node-based color pipeline and project-specific grading modes.

LiveGrade Pro supports grading modes that are specifically tailored to a broad range of workflows. Covering "log" material of specific digital cinema cameras, ASC-CDL grading, the Academy's “ACES” color space, and secondary grading options makes LiveGrade Pro a versatile color correction system for any project.

4. Capture and Display HD-SDI Signals
Use live images, recorded movies or frame grabs as reference.

LiveGrade Pro combines the flexibility of live image manipulation with the traditional, file-based approach for color grading. The powerful video input interface enables to capture multiple camera’s live HD-SDI signals. Movie clips or single frames can be recorded as reference for creating new looks and for maintaining the consistency of an entire project's look. A new split screen view makes the comparison of looks even more convenient and accurate.

5. Choose your Hardware and Setup
LiveGrade supports a wider range of devices for live image manipulation.

LiveGrade Pro unifies the color creation workflow by supporting LUT Box devices such as Blackmagic Design's HDLink or Fujifilm's* IS-Mini as well as cameras with color correction capabilities such as Panasonic Varicam 35. You can use panel controllers from Tangent and Avid with LiveGrade Pro and control the software remotely via Wifi with the free app "LiveGrade Pro Remote" (works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). For capturing HD-SDI live signals, Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Recorder and Decklink cards are supported.

It’s not often that you have the chance to work on a film set where actors in space suits walk around, interacting with a massive robot. DIT Chris Bolton experienced exactly that during the production of the Netflix show “Lost in Space”.

As main unit DIT, Chris managed live color and camera metadata on set. In a recent interview he shares some details on his workflow, and explains why for him as aSci-Fi fan this production was particularly memorable. Read the Full Interview!

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