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Pomfort Silverstack

For more than 7 years, Pomfort has been one of the upcoming companies for information technology in the field of professional film production. Pomfort specializes in developing high-quality and cost-effective software products for file-based camera workflows. Customers in more than 100 countries work with Pomfort’s innovative products. From film set to postproduction Pomfort enables cinematographers, camera assistants, DITs and editors to maintain control over the organization of movie data and the creation of camera looks. Pomfort is internationally renowned for its well designed products Silverstack and LiveGrade.
The new Silverstack:
Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Silverstack covers all essential media management activities on set from the very first moment data is loaded off the camera. The core of Silverstack is its comprehensive clip library. It is automatically filled with clip metadata during the copy and backup processes and forms the basis of information for the entire production team. For film productions with a strong focus on digital looks, Silverstack offers a clearly arranged look library with intelligent features for an automated integration in the workflow. This simplifies the creation, management, and transfer of looks on set and beyond.

The powerful software tool enables high-speed and checksum-verified copy processes to multiple destinations for all kind of camera and file formats. Transcoding functionalities and a professional report center for generating clip and shooting day reports help to distribute media and clip information in a way, so that the production team always has a quick and detailed overview about all relevant production data.

Silverstack offers advanced support for handling movie data coming from professional ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, Phantom, Panasonic, Blackmagic, and GoPro cameras as well as from AJA and Atomos field recorders. For these cameras, Silverstack includes extensive metadata and media management features, professional playback controls and further tools for quality check. For backing up media to LTO tapes, Silverstack is optimized for copy processes via LTFS.

Silverstack provides features that maximize the efficiency of technicians responsible for reliable and managed backup as well as comprehensible media and color handling. It simplifies media and look management in the emerging field of digital production environments. Silverstack is successfully used worldwide in digital film productions of all budgets.

  1. Automated matching of media and color information coming from LIveGrade
    The clearly arranged clip and look library connects professionals with their media in a more powerful, efficient and collaborative way. The latest Silverstack generation comes with grading controls, automatic matching and import options for single look and archives and easily performs tasks to efficiently supply looks for QC, dailies creation, and for editorial.
  2. Capabilities to seamlessly transfer clips and color to common dailies tools
    Silvestack’s powerful integration with common third-party tools like DaVinci Resolve or AVID Media Composer enable to transfer media and color information in a streamlined way so that customers save time without having to go through confusing paper stacks.
  3. Enhanced QC with HD-SDI Monitoring and Frame Lines
    The newly built-in output for HD-SDI monitoring meets common requirements for checking source material and enables teams to review clips in full 10-bit quality. Frame lines can be used to display clips with a variety of aspect ratios in the Silverstack Media Player, on HD-SDI monitors, and in transcoded clips.

It’s not often that you have the chance to work on a film set where actors in space suits walk around, interacting with a massive robot. DIT Chris Bolton experienced exactly that during the production of the Netflix show “Lost in Space”.

As main unit DIT, Chris managed live color and camera metadata on set. In a recent interview he shares some details on his workflow, and explains why for him as aSci-Fi fan this production was particularly memorable. Read the Full Interview!

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore