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EaseUS Partition Master 13

Established in 2004, EaseUS always takes the responsibility for better serving great users to protect their data security as its destiny and never stops moving forward on the path of solving troublesome data cases over 180 countries and areas. As an worldwide renowned professional software developer, EaseUS always takes the lead in solving users data troubles with data backup, data recovery and storage management solutions.

What makes EaseUS unique is that we take the goal to make your life easy as our eternal mission so that we’ve produced multiple excellent softwares to solve data problems on PC, Mac, iOS & Android devices.

EaseUS Partition Master 13

Easily create disk partitions and manage data storage space with the most popular partition managment software for Windows

Manage Your Hard Disk Easily
EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the most popular disk partition manager software for Windows that can easily resize, create, move, merge, delete, format, split, hide, explore and even check disk partitions to maximize PC performance

  • Resize / Move Partition
    Resize disk partitions and make partitions of different capacity well organized. Specially extend system partition on C drive for Windows 10 installing
  • Merge Partition
    Help to merge partitions or merge unallocated space into one partition to expand partition capacity with all original data safely kept
  • Delete / Format Partition
    Carry out partition deletion and formatting carefully that puts data security at first place. It’s much better to back up your data before deleting or formatting partition
  • Hide / Wipe Partition
    Deliver the best protection for data stored on partitions. Allow you to hide or wipe partitions to protect sensitive data from unexpected errors and free up much disk space
  • Check / Explore Partition
    EaseUS Partition Master software makes users easily check errors on selective partitions and explore contents on specific partitions. Useful for disk monitoring
What's New in Version 13.0
  • Revamped user interface: more streamlined and intuitive.
  • New feature: fast rollback protects data when move/resize processes are interrupted.
  • Now create WinPE bootable disk in any supported language.
  • Download 30-day Trial

Advantages of Partitioning

  • Partition a new hard disk for well-organized storage
  • Create a partition to store copies of data
  • Extend nearly full partitions to improve hard drive performance

EaseUS partition management software partitions hard drives in Windows and improves disk performance in just a few clicks. Computers access well-organized data on partitions faster than having everything in one large drive; so keep your ever-growing data organized and speed up your PC.

Partition Recall Protection

In the event that a NTFS partition resize or move procedure is disrupted by a hardware issue or power off, this fail-safe technology will engage to prevent partition errors. It will automatically revert your hard drive partition scheme to its previous state to ensure its safety.

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD

  • Transfer OS to another SSD/HDD
  • Extend the system drive to make Windows run faster
  • Clone the system to an HDD/SSD to use as a backup

Transfer your data and Windows operating system along with all configurations to a new SSD/HDD with this easy disk partition software. Quickly set up a new computer's Windows environment just the way you like it, without reinstallations.

Convert Disk/Partitions

Change disks/partition properties and maximize performance

  • Primary and Logical Partition
  • FAT and NTFS Partition
  • Dynamic and Basic Disk
  • MBR and GPT disk

Format a Hard Drive/Partition

When you install a new hard drive, create a new partition, or wipe your drive/partition clean, you should format the drive. Formatting will check the disk for errors, and prepare it for use. EaseUS Partition Master gets your disk/partition properly formatted in just a few minutes. You should back up important data before the operation.

Manage Your Hard Disk

Zero risk! DIY disk space management: resize, create, format, clone, merge, delete, check…

  • Clone disk/partition
    Clone an entire disk or select partitions to a new disk for hard drive replacement or upgrade
  • Recover lost partitions
    Quickly restore deleted or lost partitions from various partition-loss cases
  • Merge partitions
    Merge space into one partition to increase the partition capacity. The original data is kept safe.
  • Check partition
    Select a partition to check for errors and examine the contents of the disk.
  • Hide/wipe partition
    Hide or wipe a partition to protect sensitive data and free up disk space
  • Change Partition Label
    Rename select partitions or change drive letters for more intuitive organization

More Management Tools

A range of features are available to improve disk management and performance

  • SSD 4K Alignment
    Align SSD partitions correctly to speed up your PC
  • Disk Optimizing Tool
    Clean up junk files, extend C drive, rebuild MBR to fix booting issues, defrag disk, conduct a disk surface test, and more
  • Support Command Line
    Manage your disks or partitions directly through input commands
  • Create WinPE Bootable Disk
    Create bootable media to restore your Windows system when the OS fails
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