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StudioCoast vMix 22

vMix is a powerful software solution for creating professional live video productions on your PC. Anyone can create awesome live shows with vMix! Whether you want to live stream from your garage or produce a multi-camera HD concert that’s streamed to millions, vMix is for you. It allows you to create professional video productions at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast options.

The latest version of vMix is now available and ready to be installed!

Purely Powerful Graphics

vMix 22 has a brand new graphics engine called GT that was built from the ground up! This has allowed us to create an easy to use, high performance, GPU based animated graphics system for your live productions! Alongside this new engine is the GT Title Designer which can create static, animated and ticker titles. You'll no longer need a 4 year university degree to create awesome animated titles and graphics. vMix GT makes animated titles easy to use, and makes life easy for your CPU too as the real-time processing is all GPU based! We've even included 100 animated title templates that can be used in every edition of vMix.

New Multicorder Upgrades!
The vMix MultiCorder now allows you to ISO Record your vMix Calls and your 4 independent outputs. This gives users even more control when creating a new record in post-production or for additional archiving.

Give all of your inputs that PTZ action!
The new Virtual PTZ option in your vMix inputs gives you pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Impress your friends by creating a multi-cam production from a single camera shot!

Ever wanted to pause real life?
The new Live Pause function in vMix 22 allows you to freeze live inputs such as cameras, NDI sources and Desktop Capture. Make adjustments in real time without any one ever knowing.

Picture perfect

vMix includes professional 3-way colour correction with lift, gamma and gain control which makes adjusting and matching your cameras easy and convenient. The in-built vectorscope and waveform monitors will allow vMix users to create the best picture possible for their inputs or their program output. By setting cameras to the best picture settings, vMix users will see a consistent image profile across the entire production and provide the best viewing experience for their audience. All done in real time and GPU accelerated, this kind of colour correction is something that has never been seen before in live video production software!

Customise your MultiView

Now you’re able to customise your vMix MultiView output by selecting what displays in each box. You can choose to display based on the input number or you can choose a specific order number. For example you could choose to show your first 4 cameras, regardless of where they are in your vMix interface.

Independent streaming control

A much requested feature has been the ability to stop and start streams independently! You can create up to 3 streams with different streaming qualities, resolutions and aspect ratios. Start and stop any of the three streams via the streaming settings in vMix.

This means you can choose to stream certain parts of your content to specific platforms which is great for funneling viewers to your desired location. This feature can also be used to do short “shout out streams” to encourage viewers to head over to your main stream.

Hip to be square or going vertical?

Some streaming platforms allow for square or vertical streams and now you can stream with these aspect ratios with vMix 21. In the streaming settings you can set your aspect ratio to 1:1 or 9:16 and you can view your streaming area with the new safe areas. Keep in mind that every platform handles these aspect ratios differently and may not be viewed the same from app to app or website. Don’t forget the 3 rules of streaming…Test, Test and Test some more!

Key and fill

Ever wanted to have Key/Fill for your Blackmagic Design products? Well want no more! If the device supports Key/Fill then a new Alpha Channel dropdown will be available in the External Output settings, allowing you to easily send your graphics out! You can easily use vMix graphics for titling, vMix Social and more, directly into products that support key and fill such as the ATEM.

Count it down

vMix has added a trigger to the countdown clock that allows you to perform a function with the timer finishes. This is great for timed segments in your show or for live sporting event that’s linked to a game clock.

Update says no

To combat rogue Windows updates from bringing your live productions to a screeching halt, vMix has an option to turn off Windows Updates when vMix is running.

Softa SuperStore
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