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Genie9 Zoolz Cloud 3TB Lifetime Plan

Genie9; is a commercial developer of backup and security software solutions that was established in 2010 It has since been a worldly renowned company in its introduction of simple yet robust backup solutions winning many awards and being one of the top leaders in its industry.

Genie9's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. Sleek, clear interfaces and intuitive wizard-based functionalities make our products the most enjoyable and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.

Alongside its user-friendly applications and dedicated customer support, Genie9 also targets business-to-business (B2B) solutions through OEM partnerships and other mutual-benefit business models.

Zoolz Cloud 3TB Lifetime Plan


Love to Save?
  With Zoolz cloud backup save
your money and save your data



Get yourself 3TB lifetime cloud storage
for €
79,99 only instead of €2000

Plans are not stack-able to get a bigger plan

Lifetime for €79,99

  • 3 TB Storage (1.5 TB Vault Storage, 1.5 TB Cold Storage)

  • One time payment

  • 2 Users

  • Unlimited number of external devices

  • Supports Windows and Mac

  • Mobile Viewer

  • Share folders on Vault Storage with zoolz and non-zoolz users

Trusted by over 5,000,000 happy user worldwide

Believe me you don’t want to miss this offer!

Time is Ticking… Get it Now!

3TB Lifetime Storage for only €79,99
Effortless and secure backup for your computers, external and network drives

Zoolz Cloud Storage offers an elegant solution. You can get 1.5TB of cloud storage for data you access regularly along with 1.5TB of cold storage that lets you store those important files you can't afford to lose. The Instant Vault is easy to use — just drag and drop files via a web browser. The cold storage will allow you to automatically back up.

  • Store 1.5TB of Instant Vault data & 1.5TB of Cold Storage data for life, w/ no additional costs
  • Quickly & easily select the files you want to store w/ Smart Selection
  • Retrieve stored files in approximately 3-5 hours
  • Enjoy great features: bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention & more
  • Preview thumbnails of images
  • Get reliability w/ data stored over multiple facilities & devices

Why Zoolz is the most practical lifetime cloud storage

Zoolz is designed for storing your data from all your external and internal media to the cloud for a lifetime. Your hard drives may die, but your data will live on with Zoolz.

Here are some of the reasons why other solutions are not considered lifetime storage.

  1. If you don't reconnect your external drives, your data after a while can get deleted.
  2. Your data is not encrypted before leaving your machine. Who knows what can happen with data privacy laws in the future?
  3. Your service can limit the number of external hard drives that can be backed up. Over the years you can accumulate more and will have to abandon your older ones to protect the newer.
  4. If you want to retire your computer, your older files must be recovered to the newer one or they will be deleted.
  5. If you delete a file, it will be also removed from your online storage after a certain period of time
  6. No network drive support for home users

Zoolz is a long term storage unit for all data on your external, internal and network drives. Zoolz is designed for storing your data on the cloud for a lifetime; therefore, file retrieval will require 3-5 hours. Why others aren't long term storage?

External and Network drive backup
Zoolz fully supports Network and external drive backup. You can disconnect your drives and store them away and Zoolz will never mark these files as missing or deleted.

Real Security
Zoolz encrypts your files before they leave your machine, securely transfers your files, and stores them on encrypted servers using military grade 256 AES Encryption.

Unlimited Lifetime Storage
This low cost service is designed to keep your files stored for lifetime storage that is rarely accessed. Your files are duplicated among multiple facilities across the globe for the reliability your long term data needs.

Double your backup protection and zero recovery time with Hybrid+. The easiest way to save a local copy of your backup to your server, network or external drive automatically.

No backup limitations
With Zoolz your backup will upload with the full upload speed. All your files, regardless of type or file size are automatically protected.

Packed with features
Set your own schedule, file filtering, open file backup, upload speed limit, and more.

Great for Photographers
Just aim, shoot and connect. Zoolz is designed to backup photos and generates photo previews of all your camera photos (RAW format too) to view from a centralized location on the web.

Archive Computers
If you are retiring an older computer, just archive it to restore data from it anytime without additional licensing.

Simple Restore
With Zoolz you can restore a single file or everything. Just select what you want to restore, after 3-5 hours, the restore will begin without any intervention.

Zoolz Home Cloud 3TB LIFETIME €79,99

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